Hello readers! I'm TotalDramaFan1000 (TDFan1000 for short) and I am the co-creator and co-host of Mainspace Race! The purpose of this blog is for me to share predictions, tips and other neat stuff to give the contestants and people following the game a little info on what is going on!


Blogger Hoggers

Overachiever: TdiAlex -- Definitely his team's most powerful editor. Being a former contestant of competitions such as Countdown make him a force to be reckoned with.

Underdog: BarBar -- Sorry, bro. You may not be the least skilled editor in the competition, but your team has some users capable of overachieving. My advice would be to keep an eye on your teammates' editcount and try to avoid having the least edits on your team in case you come in last.

Plain Janes: Bigez620 -- You are an admin but you have been pretty inactive lately. Perhaps the competition can bring you back to life and out of the Plain Janes section, eh?

Codyfan12 -- a wiki veteran and a fine editor who I can see being this teams overachiever if he can out edit TdiAlex!

Stryzzar -- Another fine editor who could also take Alex's position as the overachiever of this team.

Gliding Sliders

Overachiever: Mygeto -- Being an admin should be a dead give away that this user is a skilled editor and one to look out for.

Underdog: BatmanTDI -- I put you here because out of all the users on your team, I know of you the least. That doesn't mean you are a bad editor, though. Heck, you might out edit your whole team for all I know and kick Mygeto out of the overachiever spot!

Plain Janes: Breakingmikey -- You were one of the powerhouses on the previous season of Countdown, but lately you have been a little lazy. Perhaps the competition will get you back in groove? 

TDA15 -- If Mygeto wasn't on your team, you would probably be the overachiever. Maybe you will take his spot after the first challenge, hm?

EpicLuna -- Similar to BatmanTDI, I don't know you very well, but you've got a decent edit count and you could be another big surprise in this game!

Monster Uploaders

Overachiever: Kgman04 -- Not only do I think he is the best editor on his team, but I think (dare I say it) he is the best editor in the game right now. His determination to be successful and his past experiences as an editor could lead to the potential downfall of others, but, hey, the game hasn't even started yet. Can he be dethroned?

Underdog: GODuncan -- Kgman04 may be the game's most promising editor, but you are one of the game's biggest underdogs. You were one of the two contestants allowed into the competition without the required 175 MS edits. You will need to edit like crazy once the game starts to prove that you are a useful user to your team. Good luck. man!

Plain Janes: Fedora Kid -- If it weren't for Kgman04, you would be this team's strongest editor. If I were your teammates, I'd keep an eye on you! 

Numbuhthreefan -- You're a Rollback, so that is enough proof that you're a capable editor.

TotalDramaNaruto -- If it weren't for GODuncan, you would be this team's underdog, so you better make a lot of edits or your team might consider eliminating you!

Preadtor Editors

Overachiever: TDIFan13 -- You are definitely the most powerful admin out of the three competing and a threat not to be taken lightly. 

Underdog: LandryC -- You were the second user allowed into the game without the required 175 MS, which is why you are the underdog. But unlike GODuncan, you have been here much longer, so perhaps you could get the help of some allies to avoid getting eliminated too early?

Plain Janes: Jaxswim -- You have been here a very long time and are a consistent editor. I could definitely see you snatching away TDIFan13's overachiever position. 

Sunsummer7 -- Same as Jaxswim; you have been here a long time and you have a good edit count. Keep up (and maybe surpass?) with your teammates and you should have no problems. 

Iml908 -- You may not be the strongest editor on your team, but you have a decent edit count and if you work hard, you should avoid elimination for the first couple of weeks.

Overall Predictions

Who will win the first challenge?: Monster Uploaders seems to be the most likely to win the first challenge, but only time will tell.

Who will come last in the first challenge?: Right now my money would be on Gliding Sliders. This is their opportunity to prove me wrong!

'Who will be voted off?: ' BatmanTDI : Sorry bro, but if my prediction is correct you are the most likely to be eliminated first on your team. Edit hard and prove me wrong!


For the team that has to handle interactions, your best bet would be to add more images to the gallery, remove unnecessary trivia and just make the pages look nicer overall (a lot of pages have too many or too little images).

For the team that has to handle characters, I have noticed that a lot of the contestants' Total Drama Island sections are very small compared to their other sections, so it could be a good idea to add to them. Also, a lot of the appearance sections have incorrect information, so take a look at that!

For you episodes people, you should definitely proofread the summaries and add some info, especially for the TDPI episodes.

Lastly, you miscellaneous peeps have a lot of selection, so I don't think you will have any trouble finding edits.

Oh and one overall tip is: GRAMMAR. Every page has at least some poor grammar on it, so keep your eye out for it, folks!

And for you users out there afraid that you won't be able to out-edit your teammates, it would be wise for you to get some allies to help keep you in the game!

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