Audition Tape

Tyler is seen in a gym. His face is seen, but his body is not. "97.....98.....99......100!" Tyler says. It appears that he is benching weights until the camera backs away and reveals he was just spotting for someone else. The other person leaves and Tyler lies back on the bench with the weights still above him.

"Yeah that was pretty impressive, but I could do better." Tyler explains. "I'm kind of like a legend around these parts. They even put me up on "The Wall of Infamy" under every category!"

Tyler points to the wall, showing pictures of him failing at almost every sport. "I still don't known what infamy means, but it has to be good, it has the first three letters of fame in it!" He pauses, "I think..."

"Speaking of fame, if you let me come on your show, I can promise you that you will be letting in a real winner. Trust me! Now if you would excuse me, I have weights to bench."

Tyler then proceeds to try and lift up the weight above him, but accidentally drops it on his neck and begins to choke.

"!" Tyler says, gasping for breath. The camera fades to black.


"I'm glad to be back on the show, this time winning is all thats on my mind! Oh, and Bridgette, she has been pretty distant lately, I guess I should focus on that as well. Now that I think about that new girl Sierra has been acting weird around me, better keep my eye on her to........My head hurts. I've never had to think about anything besides sports and trackpants before, this competition sure is though on the old noggin'!"

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