Introduction Edit

Looks like you guys decided to pair up! Or more like we MADE you pair up. Oh well, time for this week's predictions!

Predictions Edit

Team 1: Fedora Kid and Sunsummer7 Edit

Well, Fedora, you have been leading your team to victory for quite some time now. However, Sun has been slacking off a bit lately. Hopefully Fedora won't have to edit for the both of you!

Team 2: Mygeto and GODuncan Edit

This team has a good chance at coming in first. Mygeto is a powerhouse and GODuncan has been showing major improvement lately. Hopefully they can both keep it up.

Team 3: Stryzzar and Jaxswim Edit

If I had to put money on anyone to win it would be this team. Stryzzar is clearly the best editor in this game and Jax is....pretty good too! This is an interesting pairing for sure.

Team 4: Kgman04 and BatmanTDI Edit

You two are about evenly matched. Although I don't think you will win, you will probably be safe from elimination, unless one of you ends up slacking off!

Team 5: BarBar and TotalDramaNaruto Edit

Hate to say it, but if both of you don't kick it into high gear, your team could end up going home. Both of you will need to edit like you've never edited before! Go, go, go!

Team 6: Codyfan12 and TDA15 Edit

Welp, if it wasn't for Team 5, you guys might be heading home this week. Edit hard and hope the other teams get lazy. That's all the advice I have!


Who will win the challenge?: Team 2

Who will lose the challenge/be eliminated?: Team 5

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