UPLOADERS win the second challenge! Nice to see the Hoggers have a bit of competition for that first place spot. Not surprisingly, the Predator Editors came in last and with two votes against him Jax was eliminated (although Jax was unable to submit a vote before the deadline for reasons unknown)! Jax's elimination surprised me, as he did not make the lowest amount of edits on his team, even though he only made one. Anyway, on with this week's predictions!

I have now abolished my "Overachiever," "Plain Janes," and "Underdog" format. From now on, I will now just give my general thoughts on each competing user.


Blog Hoggers

Stryzzar - I don't think there is much point in repeating what everyone knows: You are the best editor in this game. Watch out for him guys; he is on fire!

TdiAlex - You made four more edits than last week, but it still isn't a lot. Your team is in a good place right now, so you don't hav much to worry about.

Codyfan12 - I was expecting more from you, but you still did pretty decent and like I already said, your team is in a good place.

BarBar - The former underdog is now the second best editor on his team. Congratulations BarBar, you have earned it.

Predator Editors

Sunsummer7 - Surprisingly, you only made 25 edits this week. However, you voted off Jax. I wonder what game you are playing....

LandryC - It should have been you who went home instead of Jax. 0 EDITS? You better have a good excuse, Landry, because with Jax gone, you are officially this team's weakest link and you don't have too much time left in this game...

lml908 - Wow, look who stepped up their game! A fine performance this week my friend, but unfortunately it won't be enough to save your team from certain elimination.

Monster Uploaders

FedoraKid - Once again you are second banana in the overall game, but the head honcho of your team. Keep up the good work!

Numbuhthreefan - I guess you made a decent amount of edits. Perhaps a bit more this week? Still, your team came in first, so you should be safe from elimination.....for now.

Kgman04 - 24 edits!? Sure, it's fine.....FOR LESSER USERS! I had my money on you to win KG! You think you can coast by on this team? Well, you are going to learn a valuable lesson soon enough!

TotalDramaNaruto - Daaaaaang, 68 edits? What an improvement! Keep up the good work TDN!

GODuncan - 32? Nice bro, you are shaping up into a fine editor.

Gliding Sliders

Breakingmikey - Another great performance! I wonder how long you will keep it up for.

EpicLuna - You made one edit last week, but now you have made 16 this week. Perhaps you will make 32 this week and 64 the next week? Only time will tell.

Mygeto - 45 edits? Some damn fine editing there, keep it up and we may just see you in the merge. 

TDA15 - Come on man, you are better than 11 edits! Maybe you were busy over the last few days, but I am confident you will do better this time around.

BatmanTDI - Wow, you almost made triple the amount of edits you did last week. Well done, man. Your life span in this game has grown significantly.


Who will win the challenge?: This is a tough one but my money is on the Monster Uploaders. The Sliders and Hoggers could prove me wrong, though.

Who will lose the challenge?: Do I even need so say it? Predator Editors, you are the Team Victory of Mainspace Race.

Who will be eliminated?: If the Predators have any sense they will eliminate Landry, unless he ups his game this week.


No tips this week guys, just follow my tips from the last two blogs for help!

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