lml908 and EpicLuna, we hardly knew ye. Oh well, can't say I'm surprised they were eliminated, but now that we're down to 14, this game is hotter than ever!


Mainspace Maniacs

Stryzzar - Stry, you are still leading your team to victory, man! I got nothing to say to you besides enjoy the merge!

Codyfan12 - Your team is getting an awful lot smaller,. You can't rely on slackers being eliminated anymore. You've got a good edit count, but you better watch out for Jax and BarBar!

BarBar - You and Codyfan12 are probably tied for this team's second best editor, but still, him and Jax are not to be underestimated.

Jaxswim - The team's underdog! Jax, I have great faith in you, but you need to make more edits. Show them what you're made of!

Grammar Gurus

FedoraKid - Welp. You have established yourself as this team's greatest editor and you don't seem likely to come in last any time in the future.

Numbuhthreefan - 20 edits? Second lowest on your team! Your team may not be likely to lose, but you better edit more just in case.

Kgman04 - 2 edits? You must have been pretty busy this week, hopefully you can get some editing done now, eh?

TotalDramaNaruto - Decent edit count this week, but it seems as if your team is relying on Fedora's editing a bit too much.

GODuncan - Congrats GD, you made the second highest edits on your team this week and more than double of everyone on your team, besides FK of course. Keep up the good work!

Sunsummer7 - Same as TDN. You seem to be relying on your other team members a bit too much!

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Breakingmikey - MIKEY! You slacked off a bit this week, but I understand you were busy so we will let it slide for now.

Mygeto - 64? Highest on your team and a decent edit count overall, but not enough to save you from last place this week. 

TDA15 - No edits? I understand you have a job, but hopefully you can edit more like you said you would on the blog!

BatmanTDI - One of the few people not to slack off on your team. Good work BatmanTDI! You better keep it up or your other teammates might get some ideas...


Who will win the challenge?: Grammar Gurus, as long as they don't let their victory go to their head.

Who will lose the challenge?: Crystal Blue Persuasion, you may have the coolest name in the game, but you seem to have lost the energy you once had.

Who will be eliminated?: My money is on either TDA15 or BatmanTDI to get the boot. Sorry, guys, but you just don't have the heart of your other teammates.

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