On my last theory blog we talked about how Total Drama could possibly be purgatory. Although this theory could be true we can't leave out any other possible theories on the dark side of the Total Drama universe which is why I have come up with another theory which I think explains a lot about the last two seasons of Total Drama: Total Drama is all just Mike's imagination.

Just to clarify, I don't mean all of Total Drama, just the last two seasons, Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. Now lets go behind the clues of this theory.

1. All The Original Cast Are Dead.

At the end of Total Drama World Tour we saw all are beloved contestants, Chris and Chef paddle to safety, right? Wrong. The last time we see any pre-season four character in Total Drama World Tour is swimming away from an  volcanic eruption. Now most people would believe it is impossible to get away from a volcanic eruption that is so close, those people would be right. None of the contestants, Chris or Chef surived the eruption, they all died fiery deaths. Now you are probably wondering how this could be possible, considering we see all the characters again next season, but this is where it gets interesting.....

2. What Mike Really Is.

The real Mike is.....well just Mike. He is a bland teenager with no personality what so ever and shockingly, does not suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder. You see, Mike didn't have many friends due to his lack of a personality and the only thing that made his life worth living was Total Drama. When the news struck that all the cast and crew of Total Drama had died, Mike literally lost his mind. He could not deal with the fact that his favorite thing in the world was over, so he blocked the news out like it never happened and created in his mind his own seasons of Total Drama, which he believed to be reality. All this is supported by the fact that we can see inside Mike's mind in the show, but no one elses.

3. Creating The World.

Since Mike had very little imagination he could not think of a new setting for the fourth or fifth season so just placed them back on the Island. Mike knew that he would also need to make himself more interesting in order to fit into the Total Drama world, but since there was no possible way of making his personality more interesting he created other personalities and lead himself to believe he has had M.P.D. all his life. Now Mike decided to create twelve new contestants to compete with, all of which you can tell were made by Mike as they were all bland compared to the original cast. Of course since this is Mike's fantasy world, he could get whatever he wanted and all Mike has ever wanted is a girlfriend and best friend that are dumber and blander than he is. Thus Cameron and Zoey were created. Now that he had a cast and location Mike let his imagination run wild and the results were Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. Mike's involvment can be seen throughout the seasons by how bland the humor, challenges and characters had gotten. This also explains why the original cast appeared to be more out of character this season, as they were just figments of Mike's bland imagination.

So what do you think of this theory? True or definetly true?

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