WARNING: My grammar is poor, but the truth must be told.

At first I thought about keeping this theory to myself, but after watching the first couple of episode of this season I have come up with the conclusion that Total Drama All-Stars is taking place in pugatory.

I know what you are thinking, has TDF lost his mind? No, I have not. The clues are all there and I am going to go through each of them.

1. The All-Stars are all dead.

This is a pretty wild acusation, isn't it? But the proof is all there. Sam, Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Scott, Lightning and Jo all died on the boat ride back home at the end of season four when Chef crashes the boat (we will get back to why he crashes the boat later). Now you are probably wondering, "What about the veterans? How could they possibly have died?" Well this is currently not confirmed, but I do have a few theories. After the end of the third season Gwen became a criminal, she mostly robbed banks and commited other heinous crimes as well. Duncan was most likely her accomplish until both suffered gruesome deaths at the hand of the law. This is why Gwen so desperately wants to be a Hero, she feels guilt for her past deeds in the after life. Sierra could not deal with Cody's rejection so she killed herself, she still has not come to terms with his Cody's rejection in purgatory which is why she constantly talks about him. Alejandro we can assume was in acoma after the lava burnt his skin off and he died while the other contestants were in purgatory, which is why he debuted later in the episode. Lindsay, Heather and Courtney's deaths remain ambiguous, but one thing is for sure: They were gruesome. The theory the All-Stars are all dead is supported by the fact no other contestants have appeared this season because they are all still alive. I mean, why else wouldn't Owen be an All-Star? But now I bet you are asking "What about Ezekiel?" We will get to that next.

2. Chris, Chef and Ezekiel are demons.

This theory has been sitting in my mind since the middle of the third season. Sometime in the third season the Chris, Chef and Ezekiel we know were possessed by demons (Perhaps maybe in the Amazon? At Machu Picchu?). Chris and Chef were obviously able to keep their demons dorment for a while, but Ezekiel was not. Ezekiel was quickly taken over by the evil spirit within and this explains why Ezekiel's changed appearence and how he can appear in the fifth season without being a contestant. At the end of the fourth season Chris and Chef could no longer control their demons and are taken over by them. The demon Chef crashes the boat and kills most of the Revenge of the Island cast so he can send them to purgatory where Chris gets to play his grandest game yet with them.

3. The winner gets into heaven, the loser......

Is sent to hell. Thats right, Lindsay, Lightning and Jo have all been sent to hell. This is all part of Chris's ultimate plan to send all the contestants to hell. And what is the gateway to hell? The Flush of Shame of course. Chris cleverly disgused the gate as a giant toilet, so the contestant would unknowingly take a trip to eternal damnation. You are probably asking "Why would Chris want the contestants in hell?" and the answer is pretty simple: He is a demon. They do this kind of stuff. Of course, only the winner can make his or her way to heaven, but Chris already has this covered because......

4. Evil Mike is a fallen angel.

Evil Mike is a fallen angel who has possessed Mike. Chris plans on Evil Mike winning and taking down the weaker contestants along the way.

I know some of you will disagree with my opinion, but you are stupid if you don't. This theory is the only way of explaining half the things going on in this season. If you have any thing to add please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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