Introduction Edit

WOW! Stryzzar is gone! Shocking! Jax is gone! Not so shocking! TDA15 had the quickest elimination ever! BACK TO SHOCKING! And now we have reached the second week of the merge and only 9 remain! From now on, I will be ranking you from most likely to win to most likely to be eliminated. Let's go!

Predictions Edit

1. Kgman04: You are my number one pick to win because you usually make just the right amount of edits. Not too much, but not too little. You're probably thinking "Shouldn't making edits be a good thing?" Well, I'll explain it below!

2. BatmanTDI: Same as KG; you make just the right amount of edits! Keep it up.

3. GODuncan: Same as the previous two. Man, I'm just repeating myself now, aren't I?!

4. BarBar: Once again, someone who flies under the radar. Need I say more?

5. TotalDramaNaruto: Now for something different! You are making too little edits. Now, I know what you're thinking "But doesn't take make me fly under the radar?" Somewhat, I guess, but what if there is an auto-elimination challenge down the line? You might be hosed!

6. Codyfan12: Same boat as TDN,. Not enough edits, bro. Time to kick it into high gear-ish!

7. Sunsummer7: Hey Sun, looks like you and Codyfan are rowing this boat while TDN sits back and relaxes! I christen thee "The Plain Jane!"

8/9. Fedora Kid and Mygeto: Now I know what you're thinking (Three in a row! I am psychic!), "Why am I last!? I make the most edits!" WELP YOU JUST THOUGHT IT. You two are the most powerful players in this game and only one of you can get immunity. The other will be sent home. Seriously, it would be pretty silly of your fellow contestants not to vote out which ever one of you don't get immunity. Just a thought.

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