Blog Hoggers win! BLOG HOGGERS WIN! And as my prediction suggested, the Gliding Sliders lost and WOULD have had to send someone home if it weren't for the surprise double elimination of TDIFan13 and Bigez620. Now, I'm not shocked Bigez620 was eliminated, as he is a lazy daisy, but TDIFan13!? Man, what a shock! He even made 80 edits; that doesn't seem like a quitter to me! But what's done is done - now on to this week's predictions and tips!


Blog Hoggers

Overachiever: Stryzzar! DUDE, you were a machine this week! You are the biggest threat in this game now, but you are going to lead your team to victory many more times so I don't see you going anywhere for a while.

Underdog: TdiAlex, my how the might has fallen. Alex, buddy, I had you pegged for this teams top dog but you only made 5 edits! Maybe you were busy this week and didn't have enough time to edit, but hey, you better get some allies or edit more or you may get the boot!

Plain Janes: Codyfan12 - You got second most edits on your team this week, proving you to be a capable editor who I can see making it to the merge and beyond!

BarBar - last week's underdog is now the plainest of Janes. With Bigez out of the game, you are now in the top three editors of your team. Congratulations!

Predator Editors

Overachiever: Sunsummer7! Although you are by far this team's most powerful editor you have no time for celebrations. With TDIFan13's elimination, you have lost a substantial player, and it looks like you may have to carry some members of your team if you don't want to come in last this week.

Underdog: LandryC - I know what you're thinking "Why am I here? I didn't make the least edits on my team." Well, that my be true, but the person who did make the least edits on your team was on vacation and he is back, so if you don't edit more you may be following TDIFan13 and Bigez.

Plain Janes: lml908 - On any other team you would be consider an underdog, but due to Landry's performance, you get a pass this week, but watch out because Landry could get more determined in week two!

Jaxswim - Dude, you couldn't make one edit? Oh well, hope you enjoyed your vacation, but you better pick it up!

Monster Uploaders

Overachiever: FedoraKid! Congrats, man. You have made the most edits on your team and second most overall. You should have no problem making it to merge.

Underdog: Numbuhthree - Well, you and GODuncan are tied for the lowest edits on your team, which may or not be intentional. I put you were because you are a rollback. You should be getting more edits than this!

Plain Janes: Kgman04 - I had my money on you to win, which you could still do, but I am not as inclined to back you now. But hey, you are still the least plain of these Janes, so you have nothing to worry about!

TotalDramaNaruto - 14 edits? If it weren't for the other two slackers on your team, you would still be an underdog, but for now you can rest comfortably.

GODuncan - You only avoided being the underdog because of Numbuhthreefan, I'd edit more if I were you.

Gliding Sliders

Overachiever: Breakingmikey - What a performance! Too bad the rest of your team isn't like you, or maybe you would stand a chance.

Underdog: EpicLuna - You made one edit. Need I say more?

Plain Janes: Mygeto - You were on vacation and you still made 33 edits. I can't wait to see what you do now that you're back.

TDA15 - You did pretty good, you may want to make a few more edits but you are alright... for now.

BatmanTDI - 16 edits? That ain't gonna cut it. If Luna works harder than he did on Week 1, it could be bad news for you.


Who will win the challenge?: Blog Hoggers may just have a winning streak on their hands

Who will lose the challenge?: Predator Editors, you will need more than Sunsummer's skills to win.

Who will be voted off?: This one is going to be a tie. It will either be Landry or lml, depends which one ups their game more.


Hey, guys. Wanna see something neat?

That's right. Our pal WM has provided us with a lot high quality images that have just been lying around. It's about time they were added to pages, right?

Not many tips this week, but for you character peeps out there I'd take a look at the appearance section, as there's a lot of wrong information on almost all of them. Good luck!

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