Okay, I know I usually have a more professional layout, "Introduction",  "Predictions" etc. but for my last prediction blog I shall just share my thoughts with you all.

So, Mygeto was eliminated. And I can honestly say out of final seven contestants he deserved to win the most. Now that we are down to the final six I can honestly say I hav no idea who deserves to win anymore. This is an extremely odd final six and by odd I mean everyone here has flown under the radar. I wouldn't consider any of them power houses, at most they are decent editors. I honestly don't think any of them deserve to win, They either have not worked for it or have had a bad/annoying attituded throughout the game. I guess to humor people I could predict the final six eliminations now:

6th: Sunsummer7. You don't edit. You are probably out next.

5th: BarBar. You are probably the biggest threat left on the show (not saying much) so you will likely be voted out.

4th: GODuncan. IDK this final four is weird.

3rd: TDN. This final three is even weird.

2nd: BatmanTDI: Who would have thought this would be the final two!?

Yeah, my money is on Codyfan12 to win but knowing this game he will probably be out next.

Anyway, I can't say I am very fond of this final six, but hey, its just a game. I wish all you contestants luck!

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