Hey everyone,this is my first blog post on this wiki so it probably won't be the best.Now let's move on to the topic of this blog post. How do the creators of Total Drama handle finalists? Well I will try my best to explain.

Let's start with the finalists of season 1,Owen and Gwen. Owen had a great time on TDI and made some friends and he beat Gwen to the final prize. Owen then qualified for TDA along with 13 cast mates. Owen surprisingly made to episode 13 but then someone debuted and practically eliminated him. Courtney. He then came back to TDA to cause "mischief" for the one and only Chris. He then got eliminated again at 3rd which is really high for someone who won season 1. Owen then qualifies for TDWT and does really good yet again but this time he  is eliminated right at the merge at Niagara Brawls. He gains 8th place but it's still pretty good. Owen had fun and got far and he can only go farther.

Now we will review Gwen's time on Total Drama. Gwen didn't sign up and wanted to leave early but ironically made it to the final 2 but Gwen was beaten by Owen but after the whole experience she had a new boyfriend Trent and a friend Leshawna. She qualifies for TDA but this season goes down hill for her. She breaks up with Trent and she was eliminated really early unlike Owen. TDA sucked for Gwen but it will get worse. Gwen and Courtney had a beatific friendship that is until Duncan and Gwen kissed! Courtney got so mad and tried to eliminate Gwen and it finally worked because of a tie and Gwen was gone. Gwen came back for TDAS and made it farther then any other original contestant. She had to endure Courtney but they became friends then they weren't then they were but then Courtney was eliminated sealing their friendship. Gwen did great most of the time but still she did good.

I will do Duncan and Beth next soon.

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