Okay, as a Countdown veteran, I have decided to make a season three prediction blog.


First 10 Power Rankings

Right now, I will only put the official 10, I will not input the other 4 until week one unless I feel like it.

10. Kenzen11: I haven't seen much of this guy, and thus will not be able to expect much of him. Also considering his last MS edit was in July.... and moving on.

9. TdiAlex: I really wanted to put you higher, but other users have been here for less time, and have more edits.

8. Phil123: I believe others can edit more, sorry.(Will use this exuse a lot)

7/6. MTDITF: I can't decide between these two, she has a high edit count, but, I don't know if she can go that far.

6/7. Aimers: This guy seems determined, thats it.

5. BB: These next three spots are close, but BB announced in a blog I can't(wont) find the link too, that he was "leaving" and thus has been kinda inactive.

4. Bigez: I am not sure about this guy. He can edit for sure, but like MTDITF, I don't know how far he can go

3. Jam7: She claims to have the ability to easily access the wiki, which could be a huge advantage, if she uses it right.

2. Codyfan12: Second highest edit count, and I know he really wanted a spot so he will edit. The only keeping him from number 1 IS the number 1 who is...

1. WM!!!!!: This guy is the man with the plan. No, he really does have a plan, and he has the highest mainspace, and total, edit count of the WIKI.

Additional 10/10/10

4. TDO: I know this guy can edit, but I think the others have more power

3. Codyfan9000: This guy had to WORK to be in this, I know he can last for a bit

2. NN666: I know you will edit, but Musou has much more power.

1.Musou: You always edit and will be November's FU, but, where did your username come from?!?!?!?

Combined, 10/10/10

14. MTDITF: You supposedly quit, how can I rank you higher.

13. Kenzen: I STILL haven't seen you edit, let alone MS.

12. TdiAlex: Same as before.

11. BB: You haven't been active a lot, and thus, I can't rank you higher.

10. Phil123: You have been editing more, so, you move up.

9. TDO: I WISH I could rank you higher, but others have determination and high edits.

8. Codyfan9000: I just think the above can outlast you, but work to prove me wrong(really nobody can prove me wrong, BE THE FIRST!!!)

6/7. Aimers: These next two guys are tied because I don't know what they can do yet, but both seem determined.

6/7. NN666: Above.

5. Bigez: I am seeing your edits more, probably in preparation for this.

4. Jam7: You are a co-president, and I don't know if you will use that advantage I mentioned earlier.

3. Codyfan12: You can edit, I know it. You have determination, I know it. You can make the finale, I'll just have to see.

2. Musou: Musou and WM, more likely than not, will be the final 2, as they can both edit, and edit fast, but I don't know what she will do yet. The only thing I see that can keep her out of the finale is her not editing.

1 WM: WM, a likely winner, he has a plan and it is good. I actually think he can lose a spot in the final 2 with a little strategy.

Week 1

Was never updated due to to school, and naps, but I can say I was not shocked at who went, as I had lost hope in Jam after I passed her in MS, and Kenzen, look above.

Week 2

Now, you have seen my thoughts on the elimination, so, I will go straight to the

Power Rankings

12. BB: You only escaped elimination by 1 edit, so I think you will go this week, unless you pick up speed.

11. Alex: It is nice that you are getting to the IRC more, but that can be a distraction. I also understand your computer/internet was down, but you were the only other who didn't hit 100 MS. On an unrelated note, congrats on winning Potenza's contest, which through that, your Total Drama counterpart is Sierra.

10/9. TDO: You may have thought Bigez would be here if you were checking last week's edits, but TDO recently said(at the time of this update)this was going to be a tough week for him, and he didn't make much more edits than the competition, but I think he will escape the B2. Now to that fact you are 10/9, because that person is...

10/9. Seth: You may get banned, or kicked out due to your fluffing.

8. Duck boy: You don't have much confidence, from my POV, but you have that determination, so Duck boy's S2 counterpart is TDAddict

7. Little C: You can edit, no doubt, I just think these guys(and girl) can do better.

6. Bigez: You just edited a storm, and I honestly think you will go farther than 6th.

5. Codyfan12: Despite your slow start, you edited a lot, and were the highest who didn't get to 200.

4. Phil: This guy, I think he schocked ALL of us with his over 200, good for you.

3. WM: You JUST missed 300, but now your goal is higher.

2. Musou: Congrats on your THRID 2nd place ranking, it is just that NN666 made a bunch of edits. However, I can see S1 and S2 equivalents of you in CD-TDA and Mygeto.

1. NN666: Congrats, you did the opposite of what I told you to do, now that you are this game's biggest threat, your counterparts are Blaze and KG.

As you may have noticed I gave people counterparts, do they matter of course they do not at all.

That concludes this week's instalment of, TDAddict's better than TDAwesome's Countdown blog.

Week 3

Thoughts on eliminations

I am saying what is on my mind, C-Fan12 better be doing his homework, his quitting was a shock. C-Fan9000 getting eliminated was a shock as well. I called it on Al(last week Sierra, now Al. o_o. Don't worry, he won't be getting a Blaineley comparison anytime soon.)

Power rankings

Red Team

5. Phil: You have been making pointless edits, which might be irritating your team, and they could vote you off in a loss.

4. Aimers: IMO(that is, in my opinion), I think you are your teams weakest editor, sorry, just be glad on who your team is.

3. Bigez: You can edit no doubt about that, just WM and Musou have proven themselves more.

1/2. Musou: Congrats with FU, now on to the Countdown stuff. You and WM, it is a real toss up, so I give you the same ranking, HA-ZAH. You both can edit, plain and simple.

1/2. WM: Above, minus the FU part.

I honestly think this team has the upper hand.

Beige Team

4. Seth: You just got banned. No further explaination required.

3. TDO: You have determination, but that doesn't stop you from being the lower in a team that is basically down to three.

2. NN666: Only reason you are not at 1, you said you could not edit as much due to a trait we share: Procrastination. Thus, you stay at 2.

1. BB: MAJOR improvement from last week, you rised against the odds and are still editing strong.


9. Seth: Above.

8. TDO: I think by next week, Beige will lose again, and you are in the lower half of Beige.

7. Phil: While I think you will go farther than this, others have more power.

6. Duck king: You are not that strong compared to the 5 that remain.

5. NN666: Look at his first ranking.

Now for something strange. :D

3/4. BB: You and Bigez and really close, so close, I can't rank either higher.

3/4. Bigez: Above

1/2. Musou: Look at Red's rankings.

1/2. WM: Above

That concludes my laziest rankings ever. Will I do better next time, check and see.

Weeks 4 and 5

Went un-updated, but I was not shocked on those eliminations.

Week 6

Power Rankings

Red Team

Given recent events, it is to close to call for Red Team, who I think will lose.

Beige Team

3. TDO. I honestly think Beige can easily survive without you, sorry.

2. BB. I remember thinking how you would go home in Week 2, boy was I off.

1. WM. You out-edited the entire Red Team, as soon as you hit B2, you're out.


6. TDO. I haven't seen you much, sorry.

5-3. Red Team: Above

2. BB. You edit a bunch, and I think you and WM could be the final 2 now.

1. WM. Look at your summary in Beige's rankings, you're in it to win it.

That concludes this update :).

Week 7

Elimination Thoughts

Saw it coming, TDO was not editing at all this week.

Power Rankings

Red Team

2. Musou. Obviously when Red Team loses the person with more edits will move on, I think that will be Aimers, with your exams and all. Although you did pull off an impressive edit count.

1. Duck King. You finally made your way to number 1, you have been working hard and did the best for your team last week by almost 100 edits!

Beige Team

3. Bigez. While all of the Beige Team is strong, you have not done as much compared to the other two members.

2. BB. You've really proven yourself throughout this competition, straight from almost going home in Week 1, to the final 5.

1. WM. You broke a record, out-edited Red Team again, and I think right now, you have the best chance of winning.


5. Bigez. Least edits made last week, can't say much more, although I do think you won't go home this week.

4. Musou. I honestly think you will go home, looking at your ranking from your team.

3/2. Duck King. While you can edit a lot, I can't decide between you and BB.

2/3. BB. Above.

1. WM. Is in it to win it. That is all.

Also on a topic unrelated to Countdown, I can't go on the IRC for now, and will be on less, my sister's laptop broke, and it is the only computer in my house that has any possibility of accessing the IRC, it also was only being used by two people, but the other computer, is shared by most of my family.

That concludes this week's update.

Week 8

Thoughts On Results

Both things surprised me, the fact that there was no elimination, and that Red Team won.

Power Rankings

5. Bigez. You have been editing less the past few weeks, you probably would've gone home last week.

4. BB. You do have power, you just were the only other one who didn't hit 100 edits.

3. Musou. You made the 2nd most amount of edits last week, and I think you could easily survive this week.

2. WM. It is close, but I am placing you here because you seemed to have known Red Team was out-editing you, and your team still lost.

1. Aimers. You made the most edits last week, even with your busy schedule, great job.

Honestly, I think anybody could be eliminated at this point, this is the vote that could change the game big-time. We will find out who goes on Saturday.

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