• TotalDramaAddict

    A Whole Year.

    June 20, 2011 by TotalDramaAddict

    Well look at that, TDAddict's lasted an entire year. xD Yep, its my wikiversary.

    I remember my early days on the wiki. xD I was very inexperienced, and didn't understand a lot of what happened. My grammar was very poor, among other things. I also was close to being banned for fluffing, but even after that, I continued to edit, even going as far as joining...

    What I think really got me noticed on the wiki. xD I joined season two of the already very well-known editing contest not knowing what I was getting into. I was placed on the Green Team, and my parter, quit on week one, and I was forced to edit alone for the remainder of my time on the competition. I really think the main things that got me through to Week Five, my elimination week, were…

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  • TotalDramaAddict

    Okay, as a Countdown veteran, I have decided to make a season three prediction blog.

    Right now, I will only put the official 10, I will not input the other 4 until week one unless I feel like it.

    10. Kenzen11: I haven't seen much of this guy, and thus will not be able to expect much of him. Also considering his last MS edit was in July.... and moving on.

    9. TdiAlex: I really wanted to put you higher, but other users have been here for less time, and have more edits.

    8. Phil123: I believe others can edit more, sorry.(Will use this exuse a lot)

    7/6. MTDITF: I can't decide between these two, she has a high edit count, but, I don't know if she can go that far.

    6/7. Aimers: This guy seems determined, thats it.

    5. BB: These next three spots are close, …

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