I think that Izzy on TDI should not have been Voted off because she

Is amazing and deserves to stay on TDI. Just before Izzy dramatically

Exited the show Owen asked if Izzy wanted to make out with her.

It was cute but why wasn't Heather voted off instead. I mean

look at how upset Linsay was on numerous occations. I am so happy

that TD is not real because if it was I would be in tears on numerous

occations like Lindsay. Now Izzy was obiously my favourite because she

is a physco just like myself. But I find it sad that Izzy was such an amazing


I trust I have shown my point.

Message me to see what you think.

Thank you.

Sorry for any mistakes in grammer

because I have been out of school

for 6 years and have let my talents

in literature fade.

Sorry for any inconvinience.

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