So this is my last blog in the "who i want to return" trilogy (XD). i won't make any blog about the RR cast because i think they all should stay in the RR universe (even it share universe with TD... you know what i mean)so let's start!enjoy and have fun :)



Amy: What do you mean "nobody likes your ending?"

While i hate this girl so much, i want her to come back. i think the twins storyline is the most wasted storyline in TD history (along with noah-alejandro rivalry). all she was in TDPI was bully her sister (or with another words: female duncan and harold) i still think that with the right writing she can be pretty decent antagonist. the rist move to do to make her better player is put her and sammy in two different team. this way amy have to be a good player with good strategic.

possible friendships: i can see her pick at least two characters as alliances (just like heather). for some reason the best alliances that i can see are rodney and anne maria.

'possible' conflict: of course sammy. i can see her and sammy in the finale. and if she will be an antagonist i think almost every good characer (especially nice girls such dawn and bridgette) will be her enemy.

love intrest: i can't see her falling in love (at least not at this time. maybe in future season). but i can see her playing with rodney's heart.



Beardo: i can't return. i have to learn how to do the sound of falafel.

No. what is the point to bring him again? i can see a scenerio when ezekiel or staci are coming back but beardo? he is a pure gimmik. and we have a beatbox guy (harold) so... sorry beardo. and i really don't know whay his name supposed to mean? i won't be suprise if someday Geoff will sing his second song "His real name isn't Beardo"


Forever totally dave

Dave: Yes!!! now is time for revenge!!!

the fact that i see Amy as the main antagonist it doens't mean that i can't see others. actually i have a four ideas for antagoist: jo (with i mentioned in the generation 2 blog), amy (with i mentioned before) dave and another guy that i'll mention in the end of the blong (LOL).

so why i can see dave as the antagonist? just remember how he went crazy in the end of Lies, Cries and One Big Prize and tried to kill Sky and Shawn. so he comes back and now he want to destoy every happy couple and/or every person who is in relationship. but i think the best thign to do is to write him as a secondary antagonist who has alliance with the main antagonist (with can be Amy, Jo or the 4th person that i'll mention in the end of this blog).

but i think that his guy deserved to not be that miserable so i want him to turn good again.

possible friendship: i would say that friendship with cody and noah will be nice idea but it's pretty destroy his potential to be antagonist so...

possible love intrest: belive me i suprised myself. but i think dave with courtney can be very odd idea but very original. i mean they both began good their debute season and they both became bad in some point and when it seems that they are going to fix everything they ruin again and the last time we saw them they are in their most sad moments. so they have a lot in common so... yes...

possible conflic: every person who is in happy relationship


Ella TDPI Rank

Ella: Someday my Trent will come...

I like Ella a lot. i think she is the most innocent character in the entire series. she is so cute and sweet and even she is not part of my top ten (but defently part of the top 15) she is the only one who somehow made me feel what she feel (when she find out that dave likes sky and not her, i really felt bad for her). i think the best thing to do with her is make her less gimmiky. so it mean change her clothes to normale clothes and make her more self-aware. great potential of character development is that she learns that not everyone is good and that there are bad people aroun her. she learn that she should not trunt everyone.

'possible' friendships: Dawn and Bridgette. they all the love animals and naure girls so i can see a great friendship among them.

'possible' love intrest: Trent. as much i love Trent with Gwen, i think thier chanc to come back together is pretty dead. so i really think the best guy for Ella is a person who have in common the same hobby: Trent. they both love music. their love for music can make them a decent couple.

'possible' conflict: every mean girl.



Jasmine: Of course i will return. this show needs a strong female character.

Yes. out of every character from total drama universe, i think Jasmine is the one who most deserve to win. i really want to see her in the final two. she is a great leader, strong woman and smart person. she really desreve the million. i can see her in the final two along with noah (ironic: they are my favorite character from their generation). but since i want two female in the final two this time so... next time?

possible friendship: i can see her become popular among the other characters. to be more spesipic i think she will be good friend to the nice girls.

possible conflict: every mean characer. but the biggest conflict will be with courtney. they both begin their conflict for the leadership of their team. the team want jasmine for her being a good leader but bossy courtney won't let it happen.



Leonard: you don't want me back? but i have polyjuice!!!

if there is one male character that i hate much more than duncan is leonard. this is the most stupid, useless and annoying character in the entire series!!! no espectro patronum for you honey.


Max evil face

Max: I'll control this show. and nobody can stop be! (but most likley the antagonis will get ride of me so...)

Yes but eliminate him before the merge. you see, max along with ella was the character that suprised me the most in TDPI. yes his character was so bizzare (well... almost everyone in this season was bizzare) but he was really funny and i liked the way he talked. so i woudn;t mind to see him again.

possible friendship: i can see him fall again to "scarlett trap" and again he find one of the antagonist as his sidekick.

possible love intrest: Scarlett! i think the only thing that i can agree with sugar is that max and scarlett are so perfect with each other.



Rodney: I wonder with of my girlfriends will return

Well... yes. i don't have much problem with him like a lot's of people. i think he is a sweet guy who wants love. i can't see lots of storylines for him. but i can see become one of Amy's alliances and basicly she uses him. when i saw the opening of TDPI for the first time i really though that Rodney is in love specifically with Amy. so i think it will be nice to use this storyline (in case if amy is the antagonist)



Sammy: Of course everyone hate Amy's ending. I'm the nice one :)

Yes!!! just like i said in Amy's section the twins storyline is the most wasted storyline in total drama universe. so i really think that there is a place for Sammy to become the main protagonist in the new season (while amy is the antagonist). they both are placed in two opposite teams and after the merge their rivalry come to the climax in the finale. i think they both can be pretty decent final two. and once and for all Sammy will prove herself as stronge person. but i wonder, if somebody will like Amy's ending? or her ending will be banned forever along with Alejandro's ending (seriously i hate his ending)

'possible' friendships: of course keeping her friendship with Jasmine and Shawn. but i think she and Lindsay can be good friends. they both were at the same place (the minion of the mean girl) so it's easy for lindsay to support her during the season. even harold. i mean a lots of people see amy-sammy relationship as the female version of duncn-harold.

'possible' conflic: Amy. in case Amy is the main antagonist so i think this one conflict it's enough for decent season.


Scary Scarlett

Scarlett: put me in the new season. or else...

Yes!!! i love scarlett so much and i'll always would love to see her agian. but the problem is that i can't see chris let her reutrn after what she did so...

by the other hand maybe scarlett can return under disguise so nobody will know the new character is scarlett until her reavel.

'possible 'friendship: honestly: NO BODY!!!

'possible' love intrest: Max

'possible' conflict: everyone. but i think to see her vs dawn in the finale will be great. pure evil vs pure good.


Shawn Rank Lulu

Shawn: Oh no!! Zombie!!!

Yes. we have only two male protagonist (shawn and cameron) and shawn is the best of them. he was funny and cute and i liked him. i think in the new season we should learn all his zombie thing and why he became obbssed with it. i think we can keep him to the merge and eliminate him.

'possible' friendships: i really want him to strat a friendship with harold. i don't know it sounds so righ. 

'possible 'conflicts: the antagnist of the season.



Sky: Hi. I'm sky. and if i will be in the new season i will really miss my boyfriend Jason.

YES! her storyline with dave is not over yet. if dave will be the new antagonist Sky can be his main traget. we can keep this storyline until the middle of the merge (or even until the final six). how this is gonna end? i don't know. dave and sky will forgive to each other and became friends again (or couple) or dave will be total crazy and he will get his karma scene...

'possible' friendship: Bridgette. they both in the trope of the normal girl and it look like they can be friends. and i can see sky befriended with courtney. they both messed up in their last season so they can support each other.

'possible' love intrest: i really don't want sky and dave to be together. i think the best thing to do now is to keep her boyfriendless or at least her boyfriend (not Keith) is off-screen (like brady).

'possible' conflict: of course we have dave. but i can see a rivalry between her and Jo. and even conflict with Eva (but it's depend how much eva is angry this season)


So long Sugar

Sugar: What? i will not return but you still put me in the canon?

Salt... oops i mean Sugar. i DONT WANT HER AGAIN. sorry for all her fans but to me she was annoying most of the time (even she had her funny moments). i can't see new things for her.



Topher: I'm telling you. Chris someday, somehow will be my boyfriend. i just need get ride of Chef somehow...

Am I the only who really like him?

i think topher had a potential in TDPI but the writers never used it. but i really enjoyed him. for the new season i think topher can be decent antagonist (or at least minor antagonist). for revenge of chris he want to do the best to make Chris appreciate him. and when i say "want to do the best" i mean to play dirty. develp a stratigic to get ride of everyone. actually in my fanfic that i began to wrote few years ago (and even everything plan i never finished it) topher is the main antagonist and i think i did nice work with him.

'possible' frienshialliances: if he will be antagonist, i think he can make allainces with the mean characters. if he will be a good guy i can see him befriend with lindsay or dakota.

'possible' love intrest: Chris. i really like the idea about topher being in love with chris and i think it can be his main story (in case he is not antagonist).

'possible' conflicts: Chef. chris and chef are SO into each other. add topher and we can get a cute gay love triangle.

by the way: am i the only one who think Topher is the most handsom guy in the TD universe?


I have to say that it was pretty hard to do this blog (as much i love this generation). the reason is the main problem of TDPI. while i really like this season (my 3rd favortie. after WT and TDI) i think the problme is that almost every character had only two or three main interaction with other characters. so it was pretty hard to know them better and try to think about new storylines. so i really think that this cast deserve one more chance :)

of course you can shere with me your opinion :)

have a nice day