So in my last blog i wrote with of the gen1 characters i want to return for the new season. so this time is the same blog but with generation 2 (+ Blainley who i forgot to put in the gen 1 blog)

Have fun :)

Anne Maria

Anne Maria Reunite Hairspray

Anne Maria: so i bought 50 hair spray for the new season. i can't let my hair to look bad.

Actually yes. she was pretty funny in TDRI. i liked her voice and the way she talked. one of her Characteristics that i really respect is her willing to get respect. as long you don't make a fun of her or try to humiliate her she will be fine with you (thing that 99% of the mean total drama characters should to learn) so i wouldnt have a problme for her returning.

possible friendships: well... i don't know. i can see her befriend with the meaner TD girls but for now it's pretty hard to tell...

possible conflict: there is one possible conflict that i think will be suprising and intresting. you will see what i mean in her rival's section. you will know who it will be ;)

the awkward moment when you realize that Anne Maria and derective perez from SAW series are the same person XD




... look he was pretty cool but let's face it: he won't serve anything. just will be there and won't say any word. sorry B.



Blainley: NO!!! you can't make me return to the show.

Am i the only one who like her? yes she is not one of my most favorite character but i think people over-judge her. yes it was odd when she became contestant but come one people. it was just for two episodes. but honestly i dont want her to come back. i prefer to see her host the aftermath again.



Brick: Brick McArthur is ready to return sir!

Brick Countdown This user is a fan of Cadet Brick and his plans for fashion school.

Of course YES!!! this guy i a true hero. he risked his life and his challange to save the lives of "the trio". they wanted him to be in Total drama (F)All Stars but he replaced with Sam. so this is a true chance to bring him back. his main story could be his conflict with jo. and i can see tham as the final two. but not now because i want now two girls in the final two.

possible friendship: the most obvious: Tyler and Sky. they are all the "nice athlets" character so i can see them get along. and for some reason i want to see brick and noah became friends. i don't know why XD basicly i think almost every nice character can beecame brick's friend.

possible conflict: before we start a new conflict let's solve his existent conflict: Jo.

possible love intrest: look i really like the idea about Dawn and Brick as a couple (maybe becasue they are my top 2 from the second generation...) but i really want to see brick with jo. just imagen it: Brick and Jo attracted to each other since day 1 of season 4. but they did not want love to disstract them so they denied it by hating each other. but the truth is that they just want to kiss each other. just like inyasha and kagome (i admit it: i was Inuyasha's fanboy...)



Cameron: You can't make me return. my mon locked me in the bubble.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had enough of "the trio". even he was fine during pre-merge episodes in TDRI, for me he is the lamest protagonist off all total drama history. i really don't want to see him again. just leave him with zoe, mike and gwen.



Dakota: Guess what? Im human again!!! now i can reaturn.

Yes. look she is one of my favorite gen 2 characters. and i hate how she became dakotazoid (for me it was the worst total drama moment EVER). i still hope dakota will turn again to normal and return to the next season. there was so much place for a character development. by the way, i love her orenge sunglasses. poor girl :(

possible friendships: Lindsay of course. since i don't want beth to return lindsay had to find a new BFF and dakota fit so well for this role. just imagne dakota along with lindsay and beth during shopping spree: a pure joy.

possible conflicts: i guess jo and anne maria. the thing is that dakota did not had the time to create enemies so...


Dawn Countdown This user is a fan of Moonchild Dawn and her aura-whispering.
Finders Creepers (2)

Dawn: What did you said little one? this time i will make it to the merge?

Like duh of course i want her to come back!!! she is one of the most intresting character in TD history (and my favortie gen 2 character) . she is so special and mysterious. i really want to know why she has supernatural powers and how did she got them. for dawn, i can see her get along more with character from the other two generation becasue... i don't know just feeling. i also have an idea for dawn's main plot in the new seasom: Dawn with her aura reading powers sense that there is somebody evil among the contestants but she don't know who it is. so her main story can be her attampt to find out who is the evil contestant and to find a way to stop him/her. another two ideas for plotline for down are her love story and her nemesis. But first:

possible friendships: it's easy Bridgette and Ella. they all can be the "animals lover alliance" or something like that. they all sweet and nice girls with love for the nature and animals. it's easy to see them became good friends. also i want to see her befriend with noah for some reason.

possible love intrest: as much i like the idea about Dawn with brick, i feel that there is another guy in TD universe who is much more fit for Dawn: DJ. it's feels to me so true and beautiful. i strated to feel that since i watch the firs episode of TDRI. why? becuase of the opening when they both appears at the same place.

possible conflict: remember Anne Maria's conflict that i did not wrote who is her enemy? so now it's time to know: Dawn. why would Dawn and Anne Maria became rivals? it's becasue they are the exact opposite of each other. Dawn has connection to the nature, to the earch and animals. most of the time she is Calm and peaceful. while Maria is a metarial person. most (or even all) her look it's just fake. her hair look like that becasue she uses hairspray. and so her tan skin is spray. and i won't be suprise if she had botox in her lips and she has breast implants. and let's not forget that if someone annoys her she will spray them. so their diffrances is a great base for conflict. i can see them both as final two.

by the way, i don't know about you but i think dawn is the most beautiful TD female character EVER.


Merge Jo

Jo: I'm the best! im the strongest and im the meanest! (until i met Heahter...)

YES! Jo is really a great character and i really enjoyed her run on season 4. Jo is really a potancial antagonist and i really think she should be an atagonist someday. and i can see her in the final two vs brick. BUT NOT NOW! NOW I WANT FEMALE FINAL TWO!!!

possible friendships: every mean female character who is not heather. i can imagne it: jo and amy's friendship. it can be pretty nice from my POV.

possible conflic: Total drama (F)all stars started a conflict between heather and jo. but it was just fot three episodes. so i think this time they can brig it back. and of course: Eva.

possible love intrest: Brick. i wrote everything i have to say about it in brick's section. feel free to read it again :)

note about eva: it really depents on eva. she had really short run in TDI and we can't really know if she and jo will be friends (because they have a lot in common) or they will be sport rivals. by now i can see them more as enemins instead of friends.



Lighting: Sorry but lighting has something more importent to do. so sha good by!!!

he was fine (and funny time to time) and i wouldnt mind if he return. but he is not one of my favorite (and his "sha" thing really annoying me) so...

but if he return, i can see him and eva as a couple.


Mike up close

Mike: you see... i can't return without my personalities so...

NO NO NO NO NO. this character never was that great to me. in season 4 he was fine but without his split personality thing he is nothing. i had enouhg of him and zoey. so i think the best thing to do with him is not to see him as a contestant again. EVER!!!


Sam Funny Noises

Sam: all right all right im coming back. just let me finish level four.

i pretty like him. so i pretty want to see him. but only if dakota will return as normal. i think the best thing to do with him is let him be one of the earlier elimination.

possible friendships: i can see him befriend with Harold, Noah and Cody. i really want to see all the geeks as friends XD

possible conflict: well i can see him involved in a conflict with one of the mean guys so...


TDAS Scott

Scott: Courtney think im cute. so i have to return. because im soooo cute.

he is not one of my favorite characters but i really want to see him again. while i hated him in TDROI he was decent in (F)all stras and along with courtney he did something decent with this horrible season. so i really think if courtney return scott should return too. and let him and courtney be a couple again. becasue they were so cute (much more cute than duncney).

possible friendship: just like courtney he has much more enemies instead of friends. so i really think he can try to redeem himself and create a few new friendships. with who? i don't know.

possible conflict: he has so much enemies. it's useless to begin a new one. but i really want to see his conflict with dawn again. a scene that i want to see: this is the elimination cermony, scott and dawn are in the bottum two again. chris has deja vu, dawn and scott look at each other with hateful expression. and then chris bring the marshmellow to dawn and scott is eliminated. dawn is happy about that poetic justic. i love dawn XD



Staci: Yeah, my great great half Aunt Laurie was the firt person who eliminated in the first reality sho ever.

staci is basically a female ezekiel (Femzekiel?). she eliminated first because she talked too much. i don't hate her or something but i find it pointless to bring her back. just for make her the first one who elimiunated again?



Zoey: What do you mean "she-duncan"?

The last one from generation 2: She-duncan. oops i mean zoey. there is a reason why i think zoey is the female counterpart (distaff counterpart) of duncan. this girl got too much screentime. she was in every single episode of the second generation, win in her second season, godplayer and stuff. and of course: she is bland. if i don't want to see again duncan make sense if i dont want to see zoey/she-duncan.


only half memebers of the second characters i want to come back. i am not suprised because the two seasons with them are my least favortie season (action was pretty bad too but at least the characters that saved this season stay long time). i really think these characters deserve for second chance (especially that magic girl named Dawn XD)

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