So a new season is coming and a lots of us create blogs about their predictions about the cast. but in this post i'll write the characters that i want to make a return. each one of them i will write possible friendships, love and conflicts.

lets get started

NOTE: it's obvious that everyone has diffranctes opinion about the characters. and it's ok. so let's respect the right of us to have an opinion.



Alejandro: I love you guys but i prefer to stay home.

Alejandro... my favortie male villian in TD franchise. i really don't mind if he will be back or not. i like him, he is enjoyble to watch, funny time to time and he has nice hair (XD) but from the other hand his story is pretty over and i can't see him doing something elase. maybe finish his unsolved conflict with noah but... i dont know. But: i would love to see him hosting the aftermath along with heather. so...



Beth: i have nothing to do with TD anymore. i'll just sit home and root for Lindsay.

No! she was fine in TDA but she is so forgettable. she was just there to be lindsay BFF. i really don't think she will serve any porpuse in a new season unless she is one of the early elimination. so... no.



Bridgette: This time nobody is gonna to stuck me to a pole(Except Eva)

Bridg This user is a fan of Surfer Girl Bridgette and her make-out sessions.

Yes!!!!! this girl was pretty strong player in season 1. but since season 2 she became... female ezekiel? i mean she was the first female to be eliminated twince in a row. after her boyfrined got a season for himself, to prove himself as an individual character, i think this is Bridgette's time to do the same. I thik she can be decent protagonist (or at least lead female if we have male protagonist).

Possible friendships: Dawn and Ella. they all love nature and animals so i can see them become good friends. i think that coutney and bridgette should show their friendship again because i liked their scene back than in TDI.

possible conflicts: Eva of course. thei conflict never solved. so i think this is a good chance to finish it. since No Pain, No Game i called them "The leshawna and heather of the killer bass". and so really think this time we need a two female final two and they both can be great finalists.



Cody: Please don't tell sierra than i'm coming back to the new season.

180x180 profile tdwt cody 01 This user is a fan of Geek Cody and his not-so-smooth moves.

Yes. i really like cody and i think he is very cool and cute. but i think he finished his story in season 3. i don't want sierra to come back so i can't imagne a new story for him but i can see him as a suppoter character. so i wodn't mind to see him eliminated before the merge.

possible friendships: Noah and Harold. i always wanted to see a friendship between them. they are all nerdy/geeky and i think they can be great friends. and i was a NoCo shipper (back than when i was 13 XD).

possible conflictsi: i can's see him bigan a new conflict with other character so... 


Courtney gets shocked

Courtney: OK i'll return. but please don't let Duncan and Gwen to Distract me

The only "big 5" member that i really want to come back. while she is not one of my favortie characters i really want her to come back and finally get a redemption. you see, i feel bad for her. during the seasons she screw up all the time. it seems she can't fix anything. and during TDAS it felt to me that this time she will get any redemption. but then you know what happened? Sundae Muddy Sundae. and again she ruined everything. and she lost everything. the last time we see her she is in the middle of the ocean, covered with shark's puke, and crying. this girl lost everything. her friends, her boyfriend, everyone hates her. it's pretty painful. because most of the time the villian find any happynes. Heather and Alejandro finally can be  together (yes fang chased after them but im sure they are fine), justin is a member of succeful band, it seems that scott was able to fix his relationships with other characters. but courtney is still the punching bag of the writers. dear writers: please let this girl to find her happy ending.

possible friendships: just like i said before, i really want to see again the friendships between courtney and bridgette. but i think she can be a good friend with sky. they both did huge mistakes that screwed up their lovelife so i guess they can comfort each other.

possible conflicts: Jasmine. Jasmine is a great leader but courtney who is a bossy person won't let other people to steal the leadership from her. and if they will be at the same team they will figh... a lots. another option is Noah. i don't know why but it sounds me so fit. and of course i didn't forget Lindsay. i will be happy to see lindsay and courtney as the final two. a battle that should have happned since TDA.

i think the best thing that the writers can give to coutney is a fresh start. no duncan, no gwen, no harold! a fresh start (with lindsay)



DJ: i love the taste of coming back.

Look DJ is one of my favorties. he is cute, funny and fun to watch. but besides his friendships that already existence it's hard for me to think about more friendships and/or conflicts with the character from the other two generations. but still i want to see him again but not as a huge part of the main story. just as a minor character who eliminated before the merge. but i have one possible love intrest:

love interest: Dawn. i don't know why but it feel to me so true, so right. i mean they have a lots thing in common: their love for animals, they seems to be connected to the nature and stuff like this. even they appear in the same location in the opening. I don't know why but i really can see them fall in love with each other.



Duncan: what do you mean "your contract is over"?

Badge002 This user is a hater of Delinquent Duncan and his bad behavior.

NO!!!! JUST NO!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO!!! Judge me but i don't care. i dont want him to come back EVER. this guy deserve to be called Screenhog or writer's pet. He merge every single time (the only generation 1 to do it), he was on the final five three times in a row, great characters such Lindsay, Leshawna and Noah eliminated in the most unfair ways (especially lindsay) just to keep duncan on the game. Please writers give other character a chance to shine. we see enough of duncan. and if you will bring back duncan please eliminate him before the merge. thank you. 


Eva Fails

Eva: i'm coming back. and nobody will stop me. do you here me? NOBODY!!!

YES!!! JUST YES!!!!! ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!!!!!! Eva is not one of my favorite but i like her a lot. she is so funny and she has a potential to be great character. while i can see why katie and sadie never came back to season 3 i still don't know why eva didn't i mean she fit so well in team chris is really hot (noah and izzy in this team and even tyler). but now this is a great chance for comeback. 

possible friendships: like duh: Noah and Izzy! team E-scope was the best part in season 1 special. they have to reunion. another friendship that i can see is with sky.

possible conflicts: bridgette of course. just like i said in bridgette's section their conflict never had a real ending. and again: i would be happy to see her and bridgette as the final two (we need female final two!!!!). another conflict is with jo (obvious). and for a male rival we have tyler. in TDI opening we see her defet him in arm wrestling and when i saw the opening for the first time i was so sure that they are goinf to be enemies. but it never happened.

possible love interest: Lighting. belive me or not but i started to think about it becasue of a fan-art. i think it would be so hilarious to see him fall in love with her and try to impress her but he keeps annoy her and eventually she fall in love with him too and deny it. 

By the way: Forget this!!!!!



Ezekiel: but why? i return to normal again.

No. His all chances to return just were killed when he becaeme feral. i hope someday it will be reavel that he return to normal but i really don't want to see him come back. 

well... it was fest...



Geoff: i had my own season. but Bridg really nees support.

No. look i love geoff (the geoff who isn't TDA geoff) but i don't want him to come back for the simple reason that i want this season to be Bridgette's chance to prove herself as an individual characters. Geoff got a chance in the RR so this is the time of his girlfriend. so geoff, honey, you are cute and you have cool pink shirt but please i want bridgette to be in the final two. if she will win you both can be super rich (well... at least in the countries that you and brody wom...)


Gwen first pick

Gwen: Coming back? no. i had my happy ending i don't want chris to ruin it.

No. i like gwen but i don't want to see her again. her characters became one of the two punching bags (the other is courtney) and unlike courtney gwen got a happy ending. she has now new friends and maybe she had a new boyfriend (cameron? really gwen?). so it's the time to leave gwen for a life of happiness.


Harold Yes

Harold: YES!!! Mad skills are coming back.

Yes. i really like his character and i think he is so underatted (geeks rules!!!) and i would be happy to see more of him. and i really want to see him with leshawna again.

possible friendship: Cody and Noah. just like i said in cody's section i really want to see a friendships between all of them.

possible conflict: i think his conflict with duncan is pretty over. so i think it's time for new confclits with the bad guy from the other two generation (jo, scott, lighing, amy etc.)


Heather Gruvias Rank

Heather: For some reason im coming back. It's pretty odd consider that the last thing i said was "I hate this show"

Heahter... the queen of mean. actually she is the only chracter from "the big 5" that i really love. she is so iconic and unlike another "big 5" member heather deserve it. but i don't really know what they can do with her in the new season. but i want to see her. i wouldnt mind if she will eliminated before the merge. so yes i want to see her back

possible friendships: well... i can see her and amy became friends so...

possible conflicts: every characters who consider as the "nice girl" (dawn, sammy and ect.)



Izzy: Izzy is coming back. and so E-scope. and Explosivo. and Brainzillia.

180x180 profile tdwt izzie 01 This user is a fan of Psycho Hose Beast Izzy and her insanity.

Izzy/E-scop/Explosivo/Brainzillia. i miss this crazy girl. she is the funniest character to me. she makes me laugh every time. in season 3 she eliminated in stupid way. i really want to see her craziness again. and i really want izzy and owen to become a couple again. they were soooo cute. and i really want to know why she is so crazy!

possible friendships: Noah and eva (team e scope) of course. and i really want to see her develop much more her strange friendship with lindsay.

possible conflict: it will really sounds weird but i can see scarlett as izzy's mortal enemy. they are both crazy, one is good and one is evil.


Justin uses his powers

Justin: I don't have anything to say. so i took off my shirt.

Not so much. Justin never was one of my favorite characters (not in TDI and not in TDA) actually justin is one of my least favorite characters from generation 1 (he is my 4th least favortie character) so i don't want him to come back (we have Alejandro who is improved version of justin so we don't need justin anymore). but i would not have any complains if he will be back just to eliminated early. the only terms that i will be happy to see him is if there will be answers about his mystery conflict with Noah.

Katie and Sadie


Katie: so there is a new TD season. do you want to come? Sadie: No thanks. i prefer to wait for RR.

When you can't wrote to diffrent sections about them as an individual characters you know there is a huge problem. While i think katie and sadie will fit nicely in the next season of the ridonculous race, fot total drama they are pretty bad characters. all they do is just make their "EEEE" thing, find a cute guy who will be their fangirling victim and fight with each other. i can't see these stupid and annoying girls do something elase. bakc than in season 1 there was a huge potencial for decent storyline for sadie: when she and lindsay became friends. but after Phobia Factor she never talked until her elimination episode. So i don't want to see them in a new Total Drama season but it will be nice to see them in a Ridonculos Race season.



Leshawna: Leshawna is coming back (i had to stop talking in 3rd person)

I love Leshawana and im still hate the way she was eliminated in season 1. i will be happy to see her again. but i can't think right now for a new storylines so i woundt mind if she will eliminated early (she made it to the merge twice so...)

Possible friendships: i really want to see her friendships with Team Victory members. for the other two generation, i can see her befriend with Jasmine and Brick.

Possible conflict: Anne-Maria. they both the "in your face" girl so i guess somehow Anne Maria say something about leshawana and then they became enemies.



Lindsay: if chris won't be mean this time maybe i'll find myself in the finale along with my worst enemy, Courtney. i hope Tylor will be there. i mean Tyler.

Lindsay This user is a fan of Dumb Princess Lindsay and her tendency to forget... everything.

Yes! i mean she is my second favorite character from the first generation (and the first favortie female) so of corse i want to see her. there are few more reasons (beside the fact that she is one of my faves). one of them is the fact that since season 1 her eliminations were so unfair. in season 1 it's because she was the second (and last) one who crossed the line while most of the other characters never crossed it (keeping duncan on the show...) in season 2 she vote for herself by accident (again: for duncan.) and it was so shame becasue she was the protagonist of the season. and in season 3 chris didn't let DJ to quit so he eliminated lindsay (why? DJ wanted to quit) and in season 5 courtney made the baby carriage to heavey. so the best way to give to her a justice is: make her one of the final two along with courtney.

possible friendships: im already happy with lindsay's existence friendships but i really want to see more of her and bridgette. if dakota will ever be human agian i really think she can be lindsay and beth new BFF. and of course Sammy: they both were at the same place so....

possible love intrest: Tylor! oops i mean Tyler! i still can't belive that they brocke up off screen. they were so cute and happy. why writers? why? it's because she keep forget his name all the time? it's not fair. Lindsay and Tristan should be together. Lindsay and Tyson are so cute. Lindsay and Timothy are the best.

possible conflicts: Courtney of course. this conflict is still unfinished and the best way to finish it is to make them final two. more conflicts can be with any mean girl from the other two generation. but still i think we should focus on Courtney.


Noah falls for emma

Noah: What did you said? you will let me to made it to the merge? thank you chris you are the best (no)

180x180 profile tdwt noah 01 This user is a fan of Schemer Noah and his dry sense of humor.

What do you think? of course i want my King to come back! Noah is my:

1. favorite character from generation 1

2. favorite male character

3. favortie character from all the franchise (not count RR).

he is funny, smart, cute and has perfect hair. he never did it to the merge so i think this time he really should. moreover: i will be happy to see him in the final five or even in the final two (against Jasmine?). but i would mind if he will make it to the final five but please dear writers: let him merge and then you can eliminat him (but after the merge). i think noah did really good job between TDI to TDWT. this guy learned from his mistakes in season 1 and in season 3 he became really a teamplayer and did it so well. and he and owen even one a challange but guess what happend? right! screenhog happened and the writers eliminate him for duncan (just like they did to leshawna in season 1 and lindsay in season 1 and 2). so i really want to see him again. even more good player. becase he is my favorite i can write a whole blog about why i want him to come back but still i have to keep place to others so...

possible friendhsips: just like i mentioned in izzy and eva's section i want a reunion for team E-SCOPE. In addition i really enjoyed noah and tyler friendships so i would mind to see it either. and trent! yes people trent! if you take a look in the first two episodes of TDI you will find out that noah and trent shere a lots of screentime. it make me think that in their original plane was noah to stay longer on the island and supposed to be trent's friend. i think they really should bring it back again. few more: shawn, dawn, brick and sky (don't ask me why i just want them to be friends) and of course: cody and harold XD

possible conflicts: noah has three unsolved conflicts with screenhog duncan, boring jusin and heather with social skills alajandro. bring at least one of them back is a good chance to finish their conflict (especially justin. they conflict is still mystry). and i can see him became topher's nemesis.

"Come to new season with us. come to vote for justin with us"


Sweden owen thinks of noah

Owen: What do you mean "not merge this time"? well just becasue you gave me those delicious coockies i accept it (and for my little buddy Noah)

Well i really don't know about him. yes he is fine and yes i really love his friendship with Noah. but i don't want to see him that much. but if i want to see Noah i have to want to see owen. i think the best thing to do is owen and noah will be both in the new season but eliminate owen early (before noah) so noah has to be depend on hiself. this is opportunity for him to develop his friendships with other charachers, opportunity to be a better player. so i want to see Owen but just tu support Noah. because owen made it to the merge two season, was on the final three twice (and basicly stole Lindsay's place in the final five). so we had enough of this toilet humor buddy.


Easter island sierra not loyal

Sierra: I can't belive nobody told me that cody is coming back. It's not fair.

Look, Total drama (f)All stars took with it multiple victims and unfortunately Sierra was one of them. i liked her in TDWT. it's true she was crazy cody fangirl/stalker but she was strong player, she has good heart, she is loyal and i really liked how she cheered the cast in TDA special and gave them motivation. but all her potencial wasted on cody story. in TDAS she has an opportunity to be a developed character and to prove she can still be strong without cody. but she became much more crazier. so im sorry but after TDAS there is no point for her character anymore (for me at least).



Trent: I wonder if this Ella girl will return.

Yes. this guy was pretty decent character in season 1. but in season 2 (the second worst TD season) he got ruined and became crazy and then became the 4th person to eliminated. and then we never saw him compete anymore (and it was odd since season 3's main theme was music and trent is musician). so i think this guy deserve to second chance to prove himself. and i like his hair XD

possible friendships: i think he has decent frienships on the show so there is no need to create new. but still i think it will be nice to develope his friendship with noah.

possible love intrest: as much i loved gwen and trent, their chances are ruined now. so i think the best character who can be his new girlfriend is Ella. i mean he is a musician, she is a singer. it's easy for them to fall in love with each other.

possible conflicts: every mean character


Tyler the Gummy Man

Tyler: Im coming back? Awsome!!!! i hope lindsay still remember me (for some reason my arms are too long)

Badge004 This user is a fan of Jock Tyler and his klutziness.

And the last one from the firs geneartion: Thomas. oops i mean Tylor! no no no his name is... Tyler.

this guy is my 4th favorite character from generation 1 and my second male favortie.

i think he is really nice and funny and i was so mad when he eliminated before the merge (first bridgette then noah and now tyler?). so i this this is his chance to do it finally.

what i like about tyler that he never give up. he love sports but he is also clumsy. but he never let this fact to kill his hobby and his passion. he keep on try to to his best even if it's hard sometimes. as a person who gave up too many times in my past, i really appreciate tylor i mean tyler.

possible friendships: i already mentioned that i enjoyed his friendship with noah (in noah's section) but i really think he can get along pretty well with brick and sky.

possible love intrest: Sugar becasue she is the best rapper EVER!... just kidding of course i want him and lindsay to come back together. Fresh TV what was on your minde when you confrimed that lindsay and tyler brock up? pleas fix it and bring back together the cutest TD couple.

possible conflicts: let's begin with eva. the opening for TDI gave me that feeling that they are going to be rivals but since eva was the second person to be eliminated it never happend. now it's perfect time to bring up this off-screen rivalry. and i can see him being rival with jo and lighting.

so give him a chance. becasue this is great guy... tyler?


i hope you enjoyed to read my blog. feel free to write a comments and shere your opinion. have a nice day :)

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