quick note: while im good in english, this is NOT my native language. so sorry if you will see some gramger mistakes. and i type really fast so you migh see some typing error XD

each season of total drama had two finalists. one of them is female and the other one is a male. well... every season except one: Revange of the Island. this season really had bad treatment for the female characters. so i wasn't suprised when zoey eliminated and she made camreon andl ighting, two guys, in the finale. and i did not liked it!

while ROTI was the sole season with two male in the finale unfortunately we never had a two girls as finalist yet.

i think this is the great timing to hope for all girls finale. in this blog i write my ideas for female finale and explain why i think it will be great!

Lindsay VS Courtney

Come on lindsay

Corutney: in the finale? with you?!!! i can't belive chris doing it to me! Lindsay: look at the bright side Courtney, we finally agree with each other.

a lots of Total drama fans want to see this finale since season 2. I mean this conflict never had any decent ending. we need to solve this confilc.

More Over: since season ONE lindsay eliminated in so unfairly way (and twince it was to keep duncan in the game). This girl really need a justice. and to be a finalist is the best way to give her a decent justice.

Sammy VS Amy

Amy pushes samey

Amy: I WILL CRUSH YOU SIS!!! for what you did to me in season 6! Sammy: i promise you that nobody will like your alternative ending!!!

I think almost EVERYONE can agree with me. A twins rivels as the two finalist it will be EPIC ending for a season. i really think amy could be much better antagonist than sugar and as much i love TDPI i still think the season could have been better if amy was the antagonist and sammy was the lead female instead of sky. but they didn't do it. so now is the great timing for it.

Dawn VS Anne Maria

Backstabbers Ahoy (52)

Anne Maria: this is my time to revange the claptomanic who stole my hairbrush!!! Dawn: firs of all it was scott! he framed me. second of all: you have a metal hair!!! why do you need a hairbrush?!!!

Dawn and Anne Maria? really?

yes!!! really!!!

while they never had any interaction in their first season (beside when anne maria yell at dawn when she though she stole her hairbrush) i think there is a potenatcial for great rivalry between them


just think about it: they are totally opposite of each other. Dawn is the nature girl. she connect to the nature, mother earch and animals. most of the time she is a calm person and you need to work really hard to make her angry. but Anne Maria is the pure opposite of her. she is pretty shallow, she use spray for making her hair to look like this. her tan is fake (also spray) and i wont be suprise if she had a breast implant and botox in her lips. and anne maria had a short fuse (but not like eva) and even the most little thing can make her spray you!

The big difference between then can lead us to a decent rivalry. they can be the heather-leshawna of generation 2.

Bridgette VS Eva


Bridgette: There is no reason to be so angry. i finally had a chance to prove myself and you finally compete in other season and made it to the finale. Eva: i mad at chris. Bridgette: oh... so do I.

Bridgette and Eva. the "heather gwen" of the killer bass.

i think a finale between them is a great chance for them to shine. because these girls need it!

bridgette was a great character in season 1. she was a strong player and she was the only female killer bas who made it to the merge. but in her next two seasons she was the frist female to be eliminated. TWINCE!!!

Geoff, her boyfirned got a chance to shine again in the RR. and he prove himself as an individual characer who deosn't need his girlfriend for a decent role in the series. so i think bridgette desrved it just like geoff. so we don't need geoff in the new season!!!

and about Eva: well its pretty obvious. she never compete since season 1. and i really don't know why. i can see why katie and sadie never return (even i think they could be decent for the RR) but why ever never returned? she easliy could be great character for team chris (i mean noah and izzy are in this team). becasue they said thete some of the character from season 1 will return this is maybe a clue that eve returning. maybe Fresh TV saw how may fans want eva to come back.

a finale between Bridgette and Eva is a decent way to solve their conflict once and for all.

youre ideas

who do you think is the beset pair for all girl finale?

we have only three rules:

1.  girls that were finalist can't be finalsit for the second time

2. non of the RR characters

3. explain why

have a good day :)