Hi there

so becasue im pretty new here you maybe dont know this. but i am an amateur screenwriter. my biggest dream is to be a successful screenwriter. for now i only write a simple screenplay most of them for horror film.

few days ago i had a discussion about the new season with my cousin. and then she asked me "how do you think TD would look like if it was a slasher film?" this gave me a idea to write a new script: a total drama slasher film.

so just to get any inspiration i want to ask you how do you see Total drama if it was a slasher film?

who do you see as the killer(s)?

who do you think will be the best final girl?

who won't survive?

what is the order of the victims?

for now i have some direction. i want to write a script with two killers (one male and one female) and at least four survivors (two guys and two girls. noah and bridgette are two of them). the first victim is (of course) zeke. and of course this script will take place in alternative universe

so feel free to shere with me your opinion about slasher version of total drama. and what the roles of the chractars in this universe.

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