Note: English is not my native language. so there is a chance to see some grammer mistakes. and i I type very fast so maybe you will see some typing error.  Just some thinking that i had today.

did you noticed that ella and sugar are the pure opposites of noah and owen?

this is why i think it:

noah and owen became very close friends since TDI (judging by the first two episode when they shared a lot of screentime together). while ella want to be sugar's friend (while sugar hate ella for some reason). but this is not why i think that ella and sugar are the reverse of noah and owen

owen is a fat guy who is also nice person that almost everyone likes. he loves to eat (even strange things) and he had a lot (but a lots) toilet humor. sugar is pretty similar to owen. just like him she loves to eat strange things, she is fat, she has blonde hair and just like owen she uses a toilet humor (a lots). but the main difference is in the personlity. owen is a nice guy and good friend. while sugar is narcissist, bad tempered and almost everyone disslike her. so we have here a character share a lots of similarity with julie but in the same time has the opposite personality.

now let's move to the "little buddies" of the "big guys". let's start with my favorite character with the perfect hair: Noah!!! so noah is a realistic person, he knew how to read people (along with heather, noah was the only one who knew about alejandro's true nature). he is pretty pessimistic ("life why are you hate me so?") and his sarcasm can annoy people sometimes (not me). and about ella: she is so the opposite. she is living in a fairy tails, she is happy most of the time, she see only good in other people (she never realized that sugar hates her). but just like noah's sarcasm, ella's songs is the thing that annoy people.

yes by far we see that these girls are not like owen and noah but it doesnt mean that they are the "reverse" of them becasue we can easliy can say the same thing about other characters with the oppsite personlity.

but the fact that ella all the time trys to be sugar's friend, this is the thing that gave me that thinking. i mean we have an evil female version of owen who most of the time spend with a girl who is the pure opposite of noah. it's really make me think that the relationship between sugar and ella created just to be the reverse of noah.


Nice fat guy and his pesimistic "little buddy"


Ella and Sugar goodbye

Evil fat girl with her optimisic "little enemy" (who doesn't know she is her enemy)

what are you thinking about this?

do i think too much or there is someting about it?

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