• Tomas T

    In May 2017 i wrote here a blogpost about slasher version of Total Drama that i want to write.

    After almost a year i decided to begin it. And now i want to preset you "Total Drama - Camp Blood Wawanakwa" my first Total Drama slasher. Based of Friday the 13th franchise.

    Camp Wawanakwa was the most popular summer camp in canada of the 80's. Almost every kid wanted to be camper and almost every teenager wanted to be camp counselor. It was place of joy, fun and happyness. Untill one friday the 13th. The chef of the camp, Chef Jarome Hatched murdered five camp cousler. The police find Chef and after few days he was executed. Nobody wanted to go to the camp anymore. the reputation was ruined. for years the camp was empty and the island was abonade…

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  • Tomas T

    in my attempts to improve my english i decided to to a series of posts about my top 10 worst elimination for each season. This blog will be about TDI sicne it is the first season.

    Note 1: This post is only about my opinion.

    Note 2: English is not my native language so i hope you will survive my errors (if there will be errors...)

    1. The elimination victim (if i like the character or not)

    2. How much fair or unfair the elimination was

    3. The writing of the elimination

    4. The other events of the episode

    • Sadie - While Sadie is really not one of my favorite, her elimination was so unfair. Dj cost the challange not her. The main reason that KB is not a team that i would like to be: it doesnt matter if you do good in challanges. You will voted off if y…

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  • Tomas T

    It was really fun to write "my way" blogs about the actual seasons. but I really want (and need) to practice on my english. So i here my little fan season: "Total Drama Action - Take two" this is basicly a remake of TDA but with ROTI characters plus guest character from PI. So i hope you'll have fun to read this :)

    The story of this season take place at the same film studio from TDA. While Chris hosting the merge in pahkitew island, Blainely hired to host the season "Action Take two" with all the characters from the second generation. Just to balance the number of the contestants the first episode will give second chance for all the seven TDPI contestants who eliminated before the merge (Leonard, Beardo, Rodney, Sammy, Ella, Max and Sugar)


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  • Tomas T

    My last "my way" blog for now.

    Just like the TDROTI post, i add a new episode.

    The first four episodes are pretty much the same as the canon (with one change) but right at episode 5 it will turnt to something new with the new antagonist.

    Note: i will use the english names for the teams

    Have Fun :)

    Note: The episode is exact as the canon.

    Winners: Floating Salmon

    Bottom 2: Leonard and Beardo

    Reason for being in the bottom 2: His sound effects annoyed Leonard and Sugar

    Eliminated: Lenard

    Reason: It was his idea for the wizard tower. And he annoyed everybody (excluding Sugar)


    • Beardo, Dave, Ella, Shawn and Sky voted for Leonard
    • Leonard and Sugar voted for Beardo

    Comment: I guess you can see it coming. Leonard is the character that i hate the most in to…

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  • Tomas T

    In my first "my way" post i said that i'll skip TDA, TDROTI and TDAS but i decided to make version for TDROTI.

    Because this season is pretty short i did multiple changes in it. One of them is adding a new episode. I did not wanted to do it but adding a new episode was the best choice for me to write this season. So have fun and enjoy :)

    Note: This is made up episode. The challange is race challange. the 13 new contestants have to reach to the finish line in the other side of the island. They have to deal with bunch of dangerous obstacles during their way to the finish line. Just like TDA, the first two who cross the finish line will get immunity and they will choose their teammates.

    Winners: Jo and Lightning

    Bottom 2: Staci and Mike

    Reason for …

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