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    The elimination is maybe one of the most important elements of the show. While sometimes they are good, some of them are very sad, unfair and awful.

    In this blog i will give my opinion about the best and the worst elimination from each TD season.

    Note 1: English is not my native language. so you maigh see some gramer mistakes (and i'm typing too fast so...)

    Note 2: the RR won't be here becasue i don't see it as TD season.

    Note 3: i won't count here finalists. becasue all of them are winners so...

    Note 4: Please respect my opinions.

    Note 5: If duncan is one of your favorite characters so... you won't like this blog

    Admit it we all wanted to see her gone after all the troubles she did. And the person who actually cause to her elimination is Lindsay w…

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  • Tomas T

    The killer Bass was the inferior team in TDI. It's not secret. But what if they were the superior team? 

    This blog is the answer for this question. in this blog i'll write my alternative universe, an universe that the KB is the superior team. few rules:

    1. In the episode that SG won in the original universe, the KB won in this universe

    2. in the episode that SG lost in the original universe, the KB lost in this universe.

    3. This is relevant even after the merge. if someone from the KB eliminated, in this universe the eliminaion victim will be someone from SG (with means our final three are from KB)

    4. I'll try my best to keep it close to the original. but i'll have some changes in the storylines (one example: Duncany never happen)

    Nothing change…

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  • Tomas T

    We all know that the deaths is not exist in TD universe among the main characters. But what if the death was exist in this universe? who would survive it? who would not?

    so as Final Destination (and horror films) fan i decided to write this blog series and check how Total Drama Island would look like if the death was exist. I'll do it for TDI, TDROI and TDPI (and maybe TDWT if i'll find time).

    so let's start!

    note: episode that are not mentioned in this blog are not exist in this canon

    nobody dies.

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  • Tomas T

    My top 12 TD finalists

    October 14, 2017 by Tomas T

    It was a long time since my last blog. and because i love to rank stuff (LOL) i decided to to my top 12 Total drama finalists.

    This ranking considering few aspects:

    1. How much i like (or dislike) the character

    2. How the ending was written

    3. if the finalists was deserve to win or at least deserve comparing to the other one

    so it won't be objective at all (well... considering the fact that this is an opinion blog so it make sense XD).

    one thing to remember: this blog represent my owen opinion. and if there are few point that you are not agree with it's fine. it's just that our opinion is not the same :)

    note: I won't count the surfers and the cadets in this blog becasue i don't see RR as a TD season. so...

    let's get started!!!

    The think that make …

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  • Tomas T

    So this is my last blog in the "who i want to return" trilogy (XD). i won't make any blog about the RR cast because i think they all should stay in the RR universe (even it share universe with TD... you know what i mean)so let's start!enjoy and have fun :)

    While i hate this girl so much, i want her to come back. i think the twins storyline is the most wasted storyline in TD history (along with noah-alejandro rivalry). all she was in TDPI was bully her sister (or with another words: female duncan and harold) i still think that with the right writing she can be pretty decent antagonist. the rist move to do to make her better player is put her and sammy in two different team. this way amy have to be a good player with good strategic.

    possible f…

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