• Tomas T

    My top 12 TD finalists

    October 14, 2017 by Tomas T

    It was a long time since my last blog. and because i love to rank stuff (LOL) i decided to to my top 12 Total drama finalists.

    This ranking considering few aspects:

    1. How much i like (or dislike) the character

    2. How the ending was written

    3. if the finalists was deserve to win or at least deserve comparing to the other one

    so it won't be objective at all (well... considering the fact that this is an opinion blog so it make sense XD).

    one thing to remember: this blog represent my owen opinion. and if there are few point that you are not agree with it's fine. it's just that our opinion is not the same :)

    note: I won't count the surfers and the cadets in this blog becasue i don't see RR as a TD season. so...

    let's get started!!!

    The think that make …

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  • Tomas T

    So this is my last blog in the "who i want to return" trilogy (XD). i won't make any blog about the RR cast because i think they all should stay in the RR universe (even it share universe with TD... you know what i mean)so let's start!enjoy and have fun :)

    While i hate this girl so much, i want her to come back. i think the twins storyline is the most wasted storyline in TD history (along with noah-alejandro rivalry). all she was in TDPI was bully her sister (or with another words: female duncan and harold) i still think that with the right writing she can be pretty decent antagonist. the rist move to do to make her better player is put her and sammy in two different team. this way amy have to be a good player with good strategic.

    possible f…

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  • Tomas T

    So in my last blog i wrote with of the gen1 characters i want to return for the new season. so this time is the same blog but with generation 2 (+ Blainley who i forgot to put in the gen 1 blog)

    Have fun :)

    Actually yes. she was pretty funny in TDRI. i liked her voice and the way she talked. one of her Characteristics that i really respect is her willing to get respect. as long you don't make a fun of her or try to humiliate her she will be fine with you (thing that 99% of the mean total drama characters should to learn) so i wouldnt have a problme for her returning.

    possible friendships: well... i don't know. i can see her befriend with the meaner TD girls but for now it's pretty hard to tell...

    possible conflict: there is one possible confli…

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  • Tomas T

    So a new season is coming and a lots of us create blogs about their predictions about the cast. but in this post i'll write the characters that i want to make a return. each one of them i will write possible friendships, love and conflicts.

    lets get started

    NOTE: it's obvious that everyone has diffranctes opinion about the characters. and it's ok. so let's respect the right of us to have an opinion.

    Alejandro... my favortie male villian in TD franchise. i really don't mind if he will be back or not. i like him, he is enjoyble to watch, funny time to time and he has nice hair (XD) but from the other hand his story is pretty over and i can't see him doing something elase. maybe finish his unsolved conflict with noah but... i dont know. But: i w…

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  • Tomas T

    Note: English is not my native language. so there is a chance to see some grammer mistakes. and i I type very fast so maybe you will see some typing error.  Just some thinking that i had today.

    did you noticed that ella and sugar are the pure opposites of noah and owen?

    this is why i think it:

    noah and owen became very close friends since TDI (judging by the first two episode when they shared a lot of screentime together). while ella want to be sugar's friend (while sugar hate ella for some reason). but this is not why i think that ella and sugar are the reverse of noah and owen

    owen is a fat guy who is also nice person that almost everyone likes. he loves to eat (even strange things) and he had a lot (but a lots) toilet humor. sugar is pretty…

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