Hey you all I need some help.....

Ok the other day I was browsing the wikia and I found a user who shares similar interests with me....the thing is the browsing history on my phone was deleted and I completely forgot the users username...

All I remeber is that the user was a guy whose real name is Jerry,he placed 7th in TDI, he placed 7th again in TDA, and he placed 1st in TDWT. Also on his page he has a section of his character rankings and couples that he opposes or support, and on it I remember he supported the Sierra and Cody possible relationship, but he opposes the Duncan and Gwen relationship because he found it "predictable".

Thats all I can remeber so if you know who the user is or if you are the user please respond here on the blog or on my talk page because I'd like to ask for a friend request..

Thanks :)

P.S. for those who think this is a stupid blog don't blame me its my first blog lol XD

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