I know you're all going to probably chew my head off for this, but I'm against the Cody+Sierra prospect. Yeah, he considers her a friend, but that's no excuse to be on his back constantly. Like, mentioning things about him that would normally be personal affairs that she should not know about, let alone half the globe. And, well, he's obviously annoyed by her presence. He don't need to say anything for me to know what the heck's going on there. I'm sorry. I say let the boy breath and stay out of his face. Keep a respectful distance too. She tells Courtney to respect Cody, but she ought to follow her own advice. Hugging him against his will is not exactly respect. At least Courtney knows to respect his space.

It annoys the heck out of me when Sierra does that stuff. I mean, she's a nice addition to the Total Drama cast, but really, she should just let Cody decide for himself who he wants to date. And, pushing him like that isn't going to make him like her as anymore than a friend. A one-sided relationship isn't really a relationsgip at all.

Is this somehow pay-back for him hitting on Gwen in the first season. If it is, it seems like they went a bit over the top. Cody's got more sense than that, and you can tell he's matured a bit since he was last on the show. And, he wasn't nearly as obsessive with Gwen as Sierra was with him. At least he didn't kiss Gwen against her will, and he wasn't forceful about wanting her to date him. He let her follow her heart, he let her decide for herself who she wanted to date. And, most of all, he didn't have any hard feelings when she chose Trent instead of him. He was hurt, but he had no hard feelings. He had faith in her, he had hope for her. No matter how bad things got, he remained loyal to his cause. He was one of the only characters who stuck by Gwen, even when he found out about Duncan. He even said so himself,

"I'll do anything for Gwen...She has to kiss me eventually."-Cody, Greeces Pieces

That may sound one-sided, but you could see the meaning of hie words. Unlike the other characters, Cody knows the meaning of forgiveness, and he's willing to let any mistakes Gwen makes slide, if only to keep her as a friend, if not more than that. That's what a true friend does. Maybe Sierra could learn a thing or two from this.

Me? I'm a total Cody+Gwen fan. I don't care what any of you say!

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