In about two weeks, it'll be a year since Season 6 of Total Drama (not that Season 5.2 crap) first aired in English in the US and it's already been roughly a year since it made it's world premiere in Italy.

After it finished, many fans had helmed it as one of the greatest seasons especially in comparison to All-Stars.

Many would place it as the 4th best or as high as the Top 3 and thought the characters introduced were the best since the original cast.

But something I've been noticing as of late (moreso on DA) is that some fans have gone back and realized that the season wasn't as spectacular in retrospect as when it premiered (mostly due to the fast airings of the episodes not giving them enough time to let everything that happened in any given episode sink in).

So the main point of this blog is to ask the following question: Has your opinion on Pahkitew Island changed for the better or worse since it's intial airings?

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