With All-Stars starting to wrap up it's run on Teletoon in Canada and with Pahkitew Island set to premiere on Cartoon Network here in the US sometime this summer (likely June) I've decided to come up with a way to erase All-Stars from existence since I like many fans will say that this season did more damage to the entire Total Drama franchise than the entirety of Action and the Executive Meddling-induced love triangle from World Tour both could have ever done.

All-Stars turns out to be nothing more than a dream that Chris had during his time in prison after the finale of Revenge of the Island

The first episode of Pahkitew Island (which would take place a year after the events of Revenge of the Island) would open similarly to Heroes vs. Villains except that Chef would now tell Chris that none of the 1st or 2nd Generation cast members agreed to come back for another season leading to the current 3rd Generation cast as well being told that the season would take place on the new island since Camp Wawanawka is ruled out for one of two possible reasons:

1. The Canadian government had to sink Camp Wawanawka to get rid of all the toxic waste due to the contamination being far beyond their heavy cleanup efforts.

2. It's still under quarantine and nobody aside from the Canadian government is allowed to set foot on it.

I know what your thinking, what about the few good things that All-Stars offered? Are they wiped out as well? Yes and no, most of the events of All-Stars are wiped out too (despite liking the Mal plot up until it's payoff in The Final Wreck-ening I am willing to wipe out his existence as well due to how he was hated by most fans) but here are a few things that I've decided would still happen even with it's existence terminated:

During the year between the two seasons Gwen breaks up with Duncan due to getting into constant fights as well as realizing that choosing him over Courtney in World Tour was a mistake which then leads to her and Courtney ultimately make up in a way similar to Suckers Punched. A couple of the friendships formed between the two casts also remain intact as well such as Zoey becoming friends with Gwen and Courtney and Gwen starting to bond with Zoey due to the two of them having similar lives prior to competing on Total Drama.

Post what you think of these ideas in the comments below.

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