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  • ThomasVeggieDramaFan

    In about two weeks, it'll be a year since Season 6 of Total Drama (not that Season 5.2 crap) first aired in English in the US and it's already been roughly a year since it made it's world premiere in Italy.

    After it finished, many fans had helmed it as one of the greatest seasons especially in comparison to All-Stars.

    Many would place it as the 4th best or as high as the Top 3 and thought the characters introduced were the best since the original cast.

    But something I've been noticing as of late (moreso on DA) is that some fans have gone back and realized that the season wasn't as spectacular in retrospect as when it premiered (mostly due to the fast airings of the episodes not giving them enough time to let everything that happened in any giv…

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  • ThomasVeggieDramaFan

    With All-Stars starting to wrap up it's run on Teletoon in Canada and with Pahkitew Island set to premiere on Cartoon Network here in the US sometime this summer (likely June) I've decided to come up with a way to erase All-Stars from existence since I like many fans will say that this season did more damage to the entire Total Drama franchise than the entirety of Action and the Executive Meddling-induced love triangle from World Tour both could have ever done.

    All-Stars turns out to be nothing more than a dream that Chris had during his time in prison after the finale of Revenge of the Island

    The first episode of Pahkitew Island (which would take place a year after the events of Revenge of the Island) would open similarly to Heroes vs. Villains except…

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  • ThomasVeggieDramaFan

    For anyone who's seen my profile page, they'll know that I've done quite a few drawings of stuff relating Total Drama.

    Anyways I've decided to ask anyone that's interested if they want to request a drawing for me to do, I've already done a request for Brigi34 which was Bridgette.

    All you have to do is leave in the comments which character(s) you want to see me do (I'll even the ones that I don't like.) and I'll notify you as soon as it's done.

    Also, beginning now I'll be doing a poll every now and then to see the fan's opinions on certain things on the show. My first poll is concerning "The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean", an episode that a lot of people like but I personally can't stand and think is highly overrated because of it's popularity…

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