Hello everyone so as you my know we have gotten no TD info for almost a year now. However I fear for the worst because as you may know, Regular show, The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure time are mot being played as much any more and I think the first two are set to be cancelled soon. And what show are this ones being replaced by? F***king Teen Titans Go!!!!!!!!!! So where does this leave TD? Nowhere! So in order to get our beloved show back, we need to show CN that we want the show! It is CN fault that we are not getting anything because I read somewhere that Fresh TV wants to make a new season. So I don't care what you do, let just show them we care!(Just don't too crazy)


Team Pimapotew Kinosewak trying to get a new season


Team CIRRRRRH trying get CN to but them in a season of TD

Look at that! TWO teams want a new season, lets help them out!

P.S:If anyone cares Prison Breakers is running, I haven't really been updating due to school, will try finish over the weekend. Here's the link:

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