Total drama, After the drama...

Before we start I would just like to say that you guys are free to post comments on things I can do better with in the seires as I am new here and am still getting used to things. Anyways, here is the basic run down of the blogs I´m going to start doing: this shows some adventures or activities that they do when they are not on the show and this will also show them living together, but now lets get going!

(Geoff and Brody are standing in front of the TD and RR casts and in front of them is an old hotel)

Geoff:Ok dudes, so as you can see me and Brody bought us all a big hotel to stay in.

(The casts start cheering)

Duncan:But, unfortunately it looks like we will need to clean the place up.

Kitty:I was just going to say that.

Brody:But in order to make this more fun for you guys, me and Geoff came up with a thing that will make things more fun for you guys!

Shawn:Which is?

Geoff:If you guys find anything cool and that like you can keep it.


Mike:I hate to be rude, but could we get started.

Duncan:I second that.

Geoff:I was going to say you could start anyways, so go!

In the garage (People here are Duncan, Zoey, Gwen, Noah and Mike)


Gwen:You got that right.

Noah:I wonder whats under all of these tarps?

Mike:I´ll look under this one.

(Mike lifts up a tarp and finds a trunk filled with books)

Noah:Mike, is there any way I could talk you into giving those to me.

Mike:You can take them, I don´t read much.


(Duncan lifts up another tarp and finds a black jeep)

Duncan:This is so mine!

Zoey:I don´t want to sound rude, but do you have a driver license?

(Without awnsering, Duncan reaches into his pocket and pulls out his license)

Noah:You have a license!

Duncan:Not awsnering that. I am going to check out the engine so if you here loud booms that will most likely be me.

(Zoey, Noah, and Mike start to walk away but Zoey sees Gwen walking back over to help Duncan)

Zoey:Gwen, are you coming?

Gwen:I need to have a word with Duncan.

Zoey:Ok, I think Mike and Noah need some help with books anyway.

(After Zoey walks off,Gwen walks over to Duncan)

Duncan:(Without looking up) What do you want.

Gwen:I just wanted to talk about how things ended in All Stars.I´m sorry...

Duncan:No(he stands up)I´m sorry, if I had known you wanted to be friends with Courtney again, I would not have acted they way I did.

Gwen:It´s ok, I forgive you and I am willing to start over if you want to.


(Duncan stands up and pulls Gwen into a kiss)

Gwen:I had a feeling you would do that. Anyways, you do know that the spark plug is not hooked up to the engine, right.

Duncan:What?(sees that the plug is unconnected) Yeaaaaa, I knew.

In the kitchen(people here are DJ,Scott,Owen,and Dawn)

Owen:I wonder if there is still some food in here that won´t posion me.

Scott:I don´t think that is a good idea

DJ:I think I need to agree with Scott here, Owen but you are free to look.

Dawn:Owen, why don´t you look in the cabin to the left of you.

Owen:OK(he looks and finds a bag of sugar)thanks Dawn!

Dawn:No problem

DJ:(to Scott) is she always like that?


If I said what everyone found or did we would be here forever so I am going to list some things that happen while the casts are checking out the hotel

  • Mary, Ellody, Cameron, B, Emma, Cody and Courtney find a room with a bunch of blueprints and computers, which they decide to turn into a study for the group.
  • Jo, Eva, Brick, Ryan, Stephanie, Shawn, Sanders, MacArthur and Jasmine find what looked like the gym for the hotel when it was still running and plan to make a gym for the casts.
  • Duncan and Gwen find a ring while looking in the garage other stuff, but decide to hold onto it as they think a certain boy wants to propose to his girlfriend
  • Geoff, Brody, Bridgette, Dakota(normal),Taylor, Kelly and Justin find the pool area and decide to fix it.
  • Geoff and Bridgette also reveal that they are now married and Brody backs that up as he was the best man
  • Ezekiel(normal), Sam, Harold, Lorenzo, Chet, Rock, Spud, Junior, and Dwayne find what looked like a game room and decide to fix all of the stuff in it.
  • Harold wonders into the garage and finds Duncan´s car and thinks that no one claimed it until Duncan comes in and trys to beat him with a wrench.
  • Everyone ran to the store to get what they need for their room

We now return to the show where the people talk!

Duncan:Hey Geoff can we pick our roomates now?

Geoff:Sure thing dude! Oh and you need to be with someone your gender unless no one wants to be with you.Oh one more thing, has anyone seen Anne Maria

Zoey:She did not want to come 

Brody:How bout Max and Scarlette

Jasmine:Both are in prison

Geoff:Back to rooms then

Here is who everyone picked:

  • Chet/Lorenzo
  • Emma/Courtney(Courtney was thrilled to meet another lawyer as she wanted a friend with the same goals as her and Emma was happy to accept Courtney as Kitty picked another person to room with)
  • Kitty/Carrie/Sky(Due to their friendship in RR and let Sky in as she had no roomate)
  • Brody/Geoff
  • Topher/Justin/Alejandro(The 3 hottest boys thought they should be together)
  • Heather/Amy(Both bully people)
  • Duncan/Scott(Both are trouble makers)
  • Noah/Owen
  • Rock/Spud 
  • Dawn/Ella(Both love animals)
  • B/Beardo(Both are shy and don´t talk much)
  • Eva/Jo(Both are jockettes)
  • Mike/Cameron
  • Gwen/Zoey
  • Lindsay/Beth
  • Mickey/Jay
  • Shawn/Dave(Dave is back to normal and he and Shawn fixed their friendship )
  • Tyler/Cody(They are friends)
  • Samey(Sammy)/Jasmine
  • MacArthur/Sanders
  • Mary/Ellody
  • Laurie/Miles
  • Dwayne/Junoir
  • Pete/Gerry
  • Brick/DJ(With Duncan and Geoff having roommates, DJ was left alone until Brick offered to be his roommate which DJ happily accepts)
  • Leshawa/Bridgette/Dakota(With her two other friends already having roommates Bridgette turned to Leshawa as a roommate and Leshawa accepts and let and Dakota to be nice)
  • Harold/Ezekiel/Sam(They became friends)
  • Lighning/Rodney(They were the only boys left)
  • Trent/Devin(they have similar personalities)
  • Sierra/Staci/Sugar(They were the only girls left)
  • Katie/Sadie
  • Taylor/Kelly
  • Izzy/Josee(They are both crazy)
  • Ennui/Loki/Crimson
  • Tom/Jen/Jacques(Jacques did not want to be in a room with Josee and Tom and Jen forgave him)
  • Tammy/Leonard

DJ:After all the work we did today, can we just go to bed

Noah:I second that

Geoff:I guess lets hit the hay then goodnight eveyone.


So what did you guys think? Also just to get this out of the way, I know my grammer is bad so don´t bring it up. Anything else I will accept. I hope you guys like this.

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