Hello ladies and Gentleusers, I have got news for you! After reading the hate-mail Chris got from All-Stars, he decide to give it another go, but he is using people from all generations of the show. However after RR aired, in order to one-up Don he plans to use some people from RR too. But before he could start he was met by many angry parents of his competitors. However, in order to avoid a lawsuit, Chris strikes a deal with the parent. If the parents don't sue, he will tone down the challenges and the elimination method. The parents agree and Chris picks the cast.


Our charming season 3 villain is back for another go. He and Heather have learned from their
mistakes in the last all-star season and plan to team up to get every one out. He sticks to his words, but a new villain may change all that. However he manages to befriend an old villain but, still keeps most of his old foes.


Friends:Heather, Scott

Enemies:Everyone else


Tdri brick 174x252
The army man Brick is back for another go at the million dollars. After rewatching the seasons and seeing Brick's heroic action. Chris signed him up on the spot. During the show, Brick's conflict with an old foe grows and he gains a new one with a rebel. However he and another mistreated girl end up falling in love and start dating. With that action he earns the respect of the girl's close friends. He befriends a another cadet with a code of honor


Friends:Sammy, Jasmine, Shawn, MacArthur

Enemies:Duncan, Jo


Brody not smile
Geoff's main man Brody is the first RR contestant to show up. After winning in RR, Brody heard about TD from Geoff and was called in by Chris to compete. A another show with the prize money on the line, sign him up. He and his love interest finally start to date after a while. He befriends an old friend of Geoff's as well as an old love interest of the friend.


Friends:Duncan, Geoff, Gwen



Cameron Corriendo
The bubble boy is back and ready to go! Well not really but, he wants to see how long he can go as he does not think we will win again, but wants to try.

Friends:Gwen, Zoey, Mike



Carrie hands
After Devin recovered from his injures, he and Carrie offered by Chris a chance to try and win on his show. Feeling cheated last time, both enter to increase their chances. Along the way, Carrie makes friends with another girl who had to work for her boyfriend(now fiance)


Friends:Devin, Zoey, Mike, Kitty



DaveHurt TDPI Ep01
After last year, Dave returned in hopes of a better season. Right off the bat, he and his old lover, make up and agree to date after the show ends. Also he makes friends with another snarker and his girlfriend, as well as Shawn.


Friends:Sky, Noah, Emma, Shawn



After seeing Dawn's popularity with viewers, Chris signed Dawn up on the spot. She wasted no time saying yes as she wanted her revenge on Scott for what he did to her it the first time see played. Because if this, she makes friends with Zoey and Mike. She also is the first one to learn of Jo's evil ways, which put her at odds with the evil jockette. She makes friends with Gwen to due to Dawn telling her something important.

Friends:Gwen, Mike, Zoey

Enemies:Jo, Scott


Devin-Stages of love pose
After Devin injuries make him and Carrie lose the race.  Devin feels that he let Carrie down so he plans to make it up to her by wining Total Drama. However he gets himself injured a lot by doing this. He still tries very hard and believes that  he and Carrie will go to the end together. However he befriends another boy who is trying to impress his girlfriend.


Friends:Tyler, Carrie



Duncan - Flag
The juvie is back for another go. Duncan fully plans to humiliate Chris for what happen to him in All-Stars. However, he keeps his friendship with Zoey and makes one with her fiance. Also he and another trouble maker form a friendship. Much to the shock of everyone, Duncan makes friends with a cop and enemies out of an army man. He and an old lover fix things but agree to wait before going back out.

Friends:Gwen, Zoey, Mike, MacArthur, Geoff, Brody, Jasmine, Shawn

Enemies:Brick, Jo, Max


Emma mad
After learning about Noah's new girlfriend, Chris sent her an offer asking her to be on his new season with her boyfriend. She said yes, unaware Chris wanted to use them for drama. However she outwits him. However she makes a friend out of Sky. Noah also tells her to never trust Alejandro or Heather no matter what


Friends:Noah, Kitty, Sky, Owen

Enemies:Chris, Jo, Alejandro, Heather


Geoff happy
You can't have one Geoff without the other. Geoff was planning to host the aftermath, but Chris told him that will happen if he gets the boot. Geoff is thrilled to be back with Brody and the duo plans to win again without returning this time. Geoff makes friends with most people in the cast, but still hopes to win.


Friends:Everyone but..

Enemies:Jo, Heather, Alejandro, Max


Gwen TDAS Pose 11
Much to her horror, Chris forces Gwen to compete due her All-Star status. But she guess that making up with an old boyfriend will be good as well as seeing some friends. She also wants to win the money.

Friends:Duncan, Cameron, Zoey, Mike

Enemies:Alejandro, Jo, Heather


The Queen of Mean has returned! She and her boyfriend have agreed to work together this time. However some work from Jo my change all that. Heather plays to win and plans to take the money home this time.



Enemies:Everyone else


Izzy is back to being crazy and plans to win herself some money. She and Owen become a couple again as she broke up with him as brainzillia. But she is still crazy.


Friends:Owen, Noah

Enemies:Chef, Jo


Jasmine 2
Jasmine believes she was robbed of the finals and plans to take her revenge on Sugar. Her and Shawn see how well Duncan does the challenges and come to respect him for it. Her and Brick also get on each others good sides after Brick starts dating a close friend. She and Zoey also hit it off well for having odd love partners.


Friends:Shawn, Samey/Sammy, Duncan, Brick, Zoey.

Enemies:Jo, Sugar


Jo TDAS Pose 10
After going very early in All-Stars, Jo came back at full force this time. Now ready to win, she plans to boot anyone in her way. However she finds it hard to make alliances with this idea and makes alot of enemies.



Kitty upset
Despite not being able to bring her phone, Kitty is more the ready to win TDAS:TT. Like her sister, Noah warned her not trust Heather or Alejandro. However Kitty is more worried about the challenges and them being FUN! However she thinks she can go all the way with her sister. After a while she makes friends with a dizty girl who is a little smarter then normal

Friends:Emma, Noah, Owen, Lindsay

Enemies:Jo, Heather, Alejandro, MacArthur


Everyone's favorite Ditz is back to prove she is still hot. Her and TodTyler plan to go all the way to the final 4 , no wait the final 20, what was the question?


Friends:Tyler, Owen, Kitty



MacArthur laugh
Everyone favorite officer is back to get some money. Somehow she manged to befriend Duncan as well as Owen. Her fellow cadet also made friends with her rather fast.


Friends:Duncan, Owen, Brody, Geoff, Brick

Enemies:Jo, Kitty, Max


MaxEvilThinking TDPI Ep03
Max thinks that without Scarlette, he will laugh all the way to the finals. But he underestimated his fellow players, as four begin to pick on him fast. He also annoys everyone fast.

Enemies:Duncan, Geoff, Jo, MacArthur


Mike TDAS Pose 3
Mike is thrilled to be back mainly because he and Zoey are now engaged. He manged to make a friend out of Duncan after a while. He also befriends Noah over girlfriend stuff.

Relationship:Zoey (Engaged)

Friends:Zoey, Cameron, Gwen, Duncan, Noah

Enemies:Scott, Jo


Noah is back and ready to win. He plans to win with the help of Owen, Kitty and Emma. Noah befriends Dave fast due to them both being snarky. He also befriends Mike over girl stuff.


Friends:Owen, Emma, Kitty, Mike, Dave



Everyone's favorite tub of fat is back for another go at the million. He and Izzy hook back up and plan to go all the way to the end with Noah, Emma, and Kitty. However someone may change that.


Friends:Everyone minus..



Samey audition by original58-d8605n5
After learning Amy was not coming back, Samey signed up for the season right away. She and Brick hit it off very fast and end becoming boyfriend/girlfriend after a while. She she also makes friends with Zoey due to similar pasts.


Friends:Brick, Jasmine, Shawn, Zoey



The dirt boy is back and ready to attack! Between seasons, he and Courtney cleared things up and started dating again. He and Duncan become friends after they realized they are very similar.


Friends:Duncan, Courtney

Enemies:Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Dawn


Shawn crouch transparent
Jasmine's zombie nut boyfriend is back to win again! After seeing Duncan's skills in the first changlle, he becomes friends with bad boy. Much like his girlfriend, he also befriends Samey's new boyfriend.


Friends:Jasmine, Samey, Duncan, Brick



SkyRunning TDPI Ep01
After fixing thing with Dave, Sky becomes more determined to win the game. She and Zoey also become friends. However she knows she is a target to due to her skills


Friends:Zoey, Dave

Enemies:Jo, Sugar


Tyler 3
RBW favorite jock is back for the cash. After having an issue with his parents about him and Lindsay dating, Tyler plans to impress them by winning TDAS:TT. After the season starts he and Lindsay plan to go all the way this year!


Friends:Owen, Noah, Lindsay


Zoey psoe 1
After being engaged to Mike, Zoey returns to the show in hopes of winning the money for her and Mike's future. After reuniting with Duncan, she makes friends with Sky and Samey due to reasons.

Relationship:Mike (engaged)

Friends:Mike, Cameron, Duncan, Sky, Samey

Enemies:Jo, Scott

So what do you guys think of the cast? Let me know in the coments.

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