CHRIS:Last time on Total Drama, we brought the All-Stars back to Pahkitew Island for this exciting season. While everyone bonded we learned that Noah manged to find a girl that loved him, Mike and Zoey are engaged and Dave has started a vendetta against love. So after that snooze fest we sorted the group into three killer teams and they are about to start their first challenge. What is this challenge? Find out on TOTAL....DRAMA....ALL-STARS TAKE TWO!!!!!

Intro plays

CHRIS:Ok people, it is time for your challenge.

DUNCAN:Where's the burning cabin?

CHRIS:Easy tiger. Anyways like the first all-stars season we did we will be redoing challenges from past seasons. And before anyone asks, yes we will be doing Ridonculous Race challenges but they will mostly be add ons to other challenges.


EMMA:I guess I should be glad that Chris is using challenges from the race, but most of them will be add ons and based on what Noah told me, they will be made life threatening.


CHRIS:Your challenges today is a mix of the first challenges from season 1, season 5 and season 6. For the challenge players will need to jump of the cliff and find items at bottom of the lake which will help you add on your team's cabin.

MIKE:What kinds of things are down there?

CHRIS:Building supplies, pillows, blankets, gaming systems, and Fang, just too name a few. Don't worry about everything being wet. It is all in something that will keep it from getting wet.

GWEN:Your going soft Chris.

CHRIS:Trust me, this is only because of the stupid deal with your parents.

HEATHER:It's good for me so I am not going to question it.

LINDSAY:Whats good for everyone again?

(Alejandro rolls his eyes)

CHRIS:After all of the stuff is taken, you will begin phase two, which is where you will work on your cabin. Best one get a reward. Worst one sends someone home.

JO:Hey, Mclame how does this have anything to do with the All-Stars first challenge?

CHRIS:I was getting to that. Anything your team brings back from the water will be brought to your teams building area by the baby carriages. And stealing is legal, so don't whine about it. You have ten minutes to plan things out.

CARRIE:Are we allowed to have guards?

CHRIS:Sure, but you may need the jumpers, so its up to you if you want the guard. Now GO!

(Scene cuts to the cobras talking)

ZOEY:Ok, who should lead the team?

DUNCAN:I nominate Jasmine.

(The rest of the team stares at him)

GWEN:Are you dieing or something?

DUNCAN:I just happened to have watched Pahkitew Island and saw Jasmine's leadership skills. So are you happy?

GWEN:Thanks for clearing that up.

SHAWN:Back on topic with the whole Jasmine leader thing. I also want her as leader.

JASMINE:O.K, so I will be leader. Any problems with that?

(The rest of the team is silent)

JASMINE:It's decide then. Do we have any volunteers to guard the stuff we find?

NOAH:I'll do it.

EMMA:So will I.

MIKE:I think have two guards will be better seeing how many evil people are on the other teams.

GEOFF:Yea, Alejandro and Heather are bad news.

ZOEY:Not just them, Scott is a pretty big tricker when he wants to be.

SHAWN:Not metion Sugar.

(Unbeknown to the cobras, Jo overheard them)


JO:If you take about evil people on this show. I should be one of the first ones you think of! I wish I could teach the cobras a lesson but they have the two smartest people on their team guarding. Maybe I just need to show them I mean business.


JASMINE:Ok, so Emma and Noah will guard the stuff, Zoey and Gwen will push the carriages and Duncan, Shawn, Mike, Geoff, MacArthur and I will jump.

(Over by the bats)

JO:OK, so here is how things will work-

HEATHER:Who died and put you in charge?

JO:Me, now be quiet or I will have the team vote you out.

(Heather stop talking)


HEATHER:I could have kept talking, but if something goes wrong, I can always frame Jo.


JO:So here is the plan, Brick, Alejandro, Tyler, Brody, and I will be jumping, Kitty and Samey will be pushing and Lindsay, Owen and Heather will be guarding.

OWEN:Are you sure Lindsay guarding will be a smart move?

JO:It will be fine, all you and Heather need to do is make sure she does not give the other teams anything we find.

ALEJANDRO:Sounds good. Lets go get ready.

(Scene is now on the Donkeys talking)

SCOTT:OK, I am not jumping because F-f-ffang is down there.

CARRIE:OK, why don't you and Devin push the carriages, since he is scared of hights.

SCOTT:I will do anything to not need to jump off that cliff.

To be continued

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