Hello people of the wiki! As you may have seen, I am doing a new version of Total Drama All-Stars. Anyways I hope you like this new series.


CHRIS:Hello Total Drama fans! As you may have seen on the news, I had an "Incident" with the parents who told me that I need to be put behind bars but I stuck a deal with them.I can keep doing this job, but sadly I need to tone down the challenges. Anyways here is the cast of my new All-Stars season! From our very first cast, we have the Queen of Mean and the very first villain Heather!

(Scene cuts to Chef dropping Heather from a helicopter)


CHRIS:The only person on this show to blow up a building, Duncan

DUNCAN:Bring it on!!!!!

CHRIS:The aftermath host, Geoff!


CHRIS:The male Heather, Alejandro

ALEJANDRO:You are too kind Chris.

CHRIS:My biggest hater on the show, Gwen.

(Gwen is seen falling while giving Chris the finger)

CHRIS:O....K. Next is Owen and his little buddy Noah.

OWEN:Come on Chef, push harder!

(Chef gets Owen out and Noah jumps out)

CHRIS:Next up is the insane Izzy!

(Izzy gets dropped by Chef)


CHRIS:Loveable lamebrain, Lindsay


CHRIS:And the last one from the first cast is Tyler


CHRIS:Now from the second cast, we jockette Jo!

(Scene cuts to Jo being held by her leg about to be dropped by Chef)

JO:You are so dead chr-Ahhhhhh!

CHRIS:Our first ever cast member to have a mental problem, Mike.


CHRIS:Mike's soon to be bride, Zoey


CHRIS:Dumb dirt farmer, Scott and Bubble Man, Cameron

(Chef throws them out and both scream as the fall)

CHRIS:Supernatural animal lover, Dawn

(Dawn is quiet as she falls)

CHRIS:Last up is the fashion loving army man, Brick.

BRICK:To the end!

CHRIS:From the weirdest cast ever we have the zombie nut, Shawna and his outback dwelling girlfriend, Jasmine

(Both are quiet as they fall)

CHRIS:Evil wannabe, Max

MAX:I am no wannabe, I am the most evil mind ever!

CHRIS:O.k, next up is the only person to drive someone insane, Sky

SKY:It was his fau-ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

CHRIS:The person Sky made go insane, Dave


CHRIS:The worst singer ever, Sugar.

SUGAR:My singin' is amazin' Chris!

CHRIS:I know most fans wanted Scarlette to come back, but she is stuck in prison for trying to kill people. So here is mistreated twin sister Samey

(Samey is kicked out by Chef and screams as she falls)

CHRIS:I was going to end it there but after Don aired his show, I plan to one up him by using some of his contestants. So first up we have Courtney with heart, Emma and her selfie loving sister, Kitty

(Emma is holding on to Chef's leg and Kitty is holding on to her. Chef throws them both off and they scream as they fall)

CHRIS:Loveable bad cop, MacArthur


CHRIS:Geoff's main bro, Brody!


CHRIS:Lastly love sick besties, Carrie and Devin

(Both scream as they fall)

CHRIS:Now that everyone here, its time to start TOTAL.....DRAMA.....ALL-STARS:TAKE TWO!!!!!!

(Intro plays)

(Scene cuts to everyone on the beach, tired. Duncan pulls a crab off his hand, Geoff pulls seaweed of his hat and Jasmine does the same, while Zoey vomits up a fish.)

DUNCAN:(To Zoey) So I hear you and Mike are set to be married, that true?

ZOEY:Yes, it is!


ZOEY:About a month after All-Stars, Mike bought a ring and perposed to me! I think I am be the first person to say this but, thank you Chris for letting me meet Mike.


DUNCAN:Awww, look at the little lovebirds all together in the end. I know this will sound weird but I am happy for them. They were meant for each other.


GEOFF:It is so cool that some of the Ridonculous Race dudes could join us this time!

NOAH:The only one I care about is over there.(Looks at Emma who blows a kiss to him which he catches)

SUGAR:Boy and girl sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-(gets slapped by Noah) OWW!

EMMA:Girl's name is Emma and boy's name is Noah.

NOAH:(Laughs)Get over here you.

(Emma walks over and the two start making out)


DAVE:I looked around and I saw so much Lovey Dovey nonsense, it made me feel sick. I mean, Noah and Emma are making out as I speak, Mike and Zoey are engaged, Carrie and Devin are probably flirting, Shawn and Jasmine are Shawn and Jasmine and Tyler and Lindsay are kissing too. I plan to break them all up.

(Scene cuts to Lindsay and Tyler making out)

SCOTT:I hate to break up this little love fest, but didn't you too break up?


TYLER:There was a little problem with my Mom because Lindsay forgot my name in front of my parents, so my mom tried to break us up but my dad told her to let me be happy.


(Scene cuts to Max who is bothering Duncan, Jasmine, Shawn, Samey, Jo, and MacArthur)

MAX:You should weep at the meer sight of me, punk!

DUNCAN:If I cry at anything it will be what Geoff is about to do to you.

(Geoff walks up and gives Max a wegie while lifting him up and Duncan and MacArthur begin howling in laughter)

MAX:Put me down you party-loving loon!

(Instead Geoff hangs Max by a tree which gets the rest on the group laughing while Max struggles)

MACARTHUR:Not bad Duncan, Not bad

DUNCAN:That means so much coming from a cop.(Duncan playful punches her which she returns)

CHRIS:Now that you guys are done bonding it's time to get you into your teams. If I call your name, come stand near that big rock. Duncan, Shawn, Jasmine, Mike, Zoey, Noah, Emma, MacArthur, Geoff, and Gwen

(The group walks over to the rock)

CHRIS:From this moment forward, you guys are the Crazy Cobras and your team color is green.

(The team cheers)

CHRIS:The next ten go over and stand at the edge of the beach. Brick, Samey, Lindsay, Kitty, Owen, Alejandro, Heather, Jo, Brody, and Tyler.

(The group walks to the edge of the beach)

CHRIS:You guys are now the Brawling Bats and your team color is Blue

(The team starts talking)

CHRIS:Now those of you left, Izzy, Cameron, Scott, Dawn, Sugar, Sky, Dave, Max, Carrie and Devin. You guys are the Deadly Donkeys are your team color is Grey.

MAX:Donkeys aren't evil! I demand to be moved to the Cobras!'

CHRIS:No way Max! Join us next time for the wrap up of the first episode of TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS:TAKE TOO!!!!




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