Hey guys this is just to kill some time, but I was think about some of the characters and realized that some of them get way too much they don't deserve. So here are, in my opinion, the top five most overhated on Total Drama and the Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

5:Noah (RR Only)


The reason Noah is on here

As you may know, Noah is one of the most popular characters on Total Drama. But, as RR aired, all of that love went away because Noah got a girlfriend in the form of Emma. Personally I thought it was very cute and gave Kitty and Owen more screen time. But the reason people hate it is because it made Noah OOC and it killed NoCo.I will go over both of those points because they are both ridiculous. In real life and even it this show sometimes people time to act different to impress their loved one. In fact acting like this is what put him on my top 3 favorites in the first place. It was nice to see this new side on Noah. The second point is worst because I don't think NoCo was supposed to even make Noah look gay. I think it was just as a joke. If it wasn't for the fact that he is really loved before he appeared on RR is what keeps him at number five.



Duncan after learning why people hate him

You all should have seen this coming. Duncan has been despised since World Tour and for bad reasons. First off, he cheated on Courtney. Personally I would have done the same thing as he did because, he told Courtney he was leaving her for Gwen, she still would have gone ballistic. At least maybe the secret would stayed safe. He bullied Harold. He tried to end the conflict in this episode. Blame Chris for keeping it going. He was OOC in All-Stars. Ok, he was but again, blame Chris and the writers for that. Overall, if you wanted to hate him, at least try to come for better reasons.



Gwen after seeing how hated she is outside of the wiki

I know Gwen is very loved here, but outside the wiki is she gets a lot of flack. Most, if not all the reasons she is hated is due other people aka Chris. He has brought her so much pain and suffering, I shocked she is still sane. In TDAS, I was expecting her to snap like Zoey did. Most of reasons people hate her are because of either Chris or someone else, like Courtney or Geoff. So, blame them not her. Overall, like Duncan if you want hate her, come up with better reasons.



Sky realized she would be screwed over by Dave

Sky, Sky, Sky....... Personally I think RBW caption for her in his rankings. It you haven't seen them the caption was; "She stood up for herself! We must hate her!" Because that what most people did. Because Dave is sooooooooooooo loved, it is totally not his fault that he went nuts for her. Dave went insane because he never let Sky finish her f***ing sentence. Dude, just let her talk. Overall, most of Sky's hate should go to Dave and Sky should at least be rated neutral.



Mike seeing what people say about him

Ok, I get why Zoey gets ripped on. But I never got the hate Mike gets. He's bland. No, he's not, his MPD was what made him a really cool character. His relationship with Zoey. I thought it was cute and one of the few good things about TDROTI. Anyways, the amount of reasons people come up with to hate this guy is more than enough to put him at the top.

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