Hello everyone, as you can see we have gotten no new news on a TD/RR season in almost a year! Due to the fact we don't have a cast yet, I am making this blog to show possible plots that may be used in the near future if the show is renewed.And, hey if it good enough I might make a second But lets get going!

10:Zoey and Sky

This is by far one of, if not the most wanted contestant interaction for a new season. that would also be the reason it is so low on this list. This one will most like have them being friends. Both are pretty, athletic girls who have had boy problems at some point in past. I can also see Zoey trying to help Sky get back together with Dave, but with mental boy trying to kill her, I don't think that will go too well. If Zoey competes without Mike, I can also see to two forming an alliance. But like I said their really isn't that much to say since you here it come up a lot.

9:Jo and Eva

To be honest, I see three ways this can go. The first way is that they are enemies, kind of like Jo and Lightning. They both want to prove who is better between the two of them. The second way is that Jo uses Eva to get herself farther in the game and then dumps her later on it the game. The third way I can see it going that Jo and Eva share the main villain slot. The third option would be the coolest as we have seen how strong two villains together can be with the Ice Dancers but i think these two who be even strong.

8:Justin and Alejandro

These two would be enemies no doubt about. The way I could see it working is that Justin is very jealous of Alejandro for being way better then him and Alejandro would use this to his advantage. Working Justin up and the getting him voted off. There is not much to say her as it would really only have one way to go

7:Kitty and Lindsay

Now we move to and TD contestant interacting with a RR contestant, in this case, Kitty and Lindsay. Same VAs aside, these two will end up as friends as they both have very similar personalities. Kitty however will need to put up Lindsay smarts(or lack there of) I can also see them both taking the same side to a conflict later on the list.

6:Duncan and MacArthur

Yes, I know that Duncan is my favorite character and I have an interaction with him, I biased. Blah, Blah, Blah! Well, I do really think that this could be a very funny friendship. Think about it, MacArthur showed that she is more then willing break same rules and is a bit headstrong, much like Duncan. If they wanted too, they could even have Sanders being very annoyed by their friendship seeing as Duncan is a criminal.

5:Emma and Courtney

Yea! Something that can go more then one way! They can be friends, seeing as they are both lawyers and perfectionist. However, they can also be enemies. Seeing as Emma is very kind(and somewhat clingy) to her boyfriends compared to Courtney who be very controlling. Also Courtney is a villain and Emma can feel the role of a hero when push comes to shove

4:Max and Duncan

I just want to see Max face a real criminal. That's it.

3:The sisters and Amy/Sammy

This could go something like this, Emma and Kitty see the way Sammy gets treated by Amy. Emma along with Jasmine give Sammy the older sister she needs and Kitty acts like a friend. Meanwhile Amy begins to see the error of her ways and slowly becomes more friendly to Sammy

2:Max and Heather

This was be really funny if it does happen. Seeing as Max thinks he is evil, Heather's reaction would be along the lines of "This guy is such a loser," I can also picture Heather being the reason Max would get the boot after he tried to make Heather his sidekick

1:Don and Chris

Please happen! Think about both of them are O.K with putting the contestants in harm's harms way. However Don cares about them and doesn't put them in the elimination methods that could kill them, which could cause Chris to think Don is weak when it comes to the challenges. On the other hand, Chris is perfect with trying the contestants causing Don to be disgusted with him. AS such the two begin a fight to see who is better

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