Hello everyone! I was planning to do a list of the top 5 most overhated episodes, but after thinking about it, I thought this list would be better. What I mean by worst episode is the episode that just almost everyone thinks is a bad or mediocre episode of the show. Before we start I just have one rule, no RR episode as that is a different series. Anyways lets get going.

Island-Are we there, Yeti?!Edit

OK, this one is not as obvious as the next ones, but from what I see this episodes just seems to be the one that no one watches. I think the reason for this is because of two things: the repetitiveness and the elimination. The boys and girls just keep tricking each other and then stealing something from each other. It was funny at first, but it got old fast. And the 2nd reason is the worst to many people. Duncan is gone. Many people wish he was in the finale as he did more then Owen. Can't disagree with that. Over, to many this is one of Island's worst.

Action-Rock and RuleEdit

The worst of Action by many, this one is bad for many reasons. First, WHY IN THE WORLD IS OWEN BACK!!!!!!!!! He has his little plot of being a mole, but do they really need that? Another reason that most people hate this episode is because Lindsay is suddenly derailed into being dumb again. What happened to the Lindsay who outsmarted COURTNEY last time? And the final nail in the coffin, Lindsay VOTES HERSELF OFF! WTF!!!!!!! I fully get why many people hate this one.

World Tour-African Lying SafariEdit

This is one of the few bad thing about this amazing season to me. The main reason that it takes any chance it can to ruin zeke's character. Seeing him feral was not a great start either. This episode also uses Cody as a punching bag.

Revegne of the Island- The Treasure Island of Dr. McLeanEdit


Couldn't find a picture

Just take the last episode but replace Zeke with Dakota and Cody with Gwen and you have this episode in a nutshell.

All Stars-Sundae Muddy SundaeEdit

I don't need to explain this one.

Pahkitew Island-Hurl and Go SeekEdit

Dear lord, not this one! Being the episode that comes right before one of the greatest episodes ever, this one was a big flop. Also did Chris really think that nothing bad would happen to the cast if they ate expired food?! Also, Dave is the biggest crybaby ever! At least when any other person got dumped on the show, they took it better. Overall horrible episode!

So, what did you guys think? Also, just saying this was in the fandom's eyes, not just mine.