Hello people! So if you remember, back awhile ago I made a list of what I thought was the worst episode of every season in the fandom's eyes. Now, I am going to flip that around and do the best episode of every season. Also if you want to see the old list or some other blogs that I made here are the links:

The worst episode list:

A movie fanfic I made:

And finally a blog trying to get support for a new season of the show:!

Enough of shameless promotion, let's get started!

Island-I Triple Dog Dare You!

Island's best to many, it is not very hard to see why. The idea for the former campers coming up with dares was very clever. However thing we all remember this episode for was Heather's Downfall. It was perfect and lead to the first final 2 in TD history.

Action-Get a Cule

The main reason we all love this one is because of Lindsay. She had so many crowning moments of awesome in this one. Bonus points to Courtney for being really funny as well.

World Tour-Awwwwww, Drumheller!

Alejandro's plan in this one was great. But the real thing that cause this episode to be a fan favorite was the song. Love or Hate the song from TDWT, this one was easily one the best.

Revenge of the Island-Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon

We loved Heather in this episode. I blame Chris for what happened to Heather at the end WT so it was awesome to see her take revenge. Also Cameron backstabing Jo was cool.

All-Stars-Evil Dread

This is the only one from TDAS that does not get a lot of hate. Nuff said.

Pahkitew Island-Scarlett Fever

This was the best to send Scarlett off. Everyone was at their best here and this really felt like a movie. I, like many others was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Overall one the best episode.

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