Hello fellow users. As you may have seen from the title, I have a theory about the theme of the next season. Now I now what you may be thinking. "RR had a traveling theme, why in the world would they do two traveling season in a row" I know that two traveling seasons may mean that the second season will be a little bland, but think about it. Who is the host of Total Drama? It egotistical Chris.

ME:What does Chris love most? D:Himself duh

Just ask Duncan.

Anyways, I have a setup for this. Chris and Chef are going to the jemmies, however Duncan learned the Chris had rigged the jemmies against the the gen 1 cast to trick them into be on world tour while he was in jail. So he talked to his friends in the cast and plan to get even. However they manged to get the gen 2 and gen 3 casts on board with the plan. But instead of rigging the awards, they lock Chris out as one of the cast members learned that he did not win Best Reality Show Host. However when Chris sees that he lost the award to Don, who runs a traveling show, Chris plans a traveling season of his own show.

Tell me what you guys think of this. Also as some of you may have seen I started writing a new all star season so if you want to check that out, I will have the links below this message.

Episode 1:!

Episode 2 (Note this not done yet):!_Part_2

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