Hey guys! As you may have seen on my Hello blog, I am doing a series about some crazy things that happen to the casts. If you want to see the last episode the link is here:,_new_drama_episode_1

Anyway in order to make this more like an actual episode I am going to do one of the episode description that we have on the episode pages, So lets get started!

After a breakfast date ends with his girlfriend being kidnapped and him being to a fight he can't hope to win, a frail boy and his nerdy friend turn to a well known crook for help.

(Geoff, Brigette, Owen, Noah, Emma, Kitty, Tyler, and Lindsay are all sitting at a table in the dining area for restaurant in the hotel when it was active, while DJ is making pancakes for them.)

Owen:I am getting hunrgy here!

Noah:DJ, please have the pancakes ready in the next minute. I really don't feel like having Owen bite my arm.

Kitty:I thought you were joking about that! He really does it?

Lindsay:Yea, Katrina, Omar can get really hungry.

Emma:(to Noah) Does she always mess up names?

Noah:Most of the time.

(DJ comes out with six stacks of pancakes)

DJ:Sorry that took so long guys, Duncan and Scott wanted a plate to themselves and you know how much Owen eats.

Geoff:It's cool dude, but why did Duncan and Scott not eat down here?

DJ:They said it was classafied.

Brigette:Of course they did. Anyway, lets eat.

(The groups starts to eat)

Tyler:DJ, my man you've done it again.

Emma:OK, how do you make this taste so good?

DJ:I use this spice that can make anything taste amazing.

Kitty:Well, it sure works.

(Duncan and Scott come in)

Owen:There you guys are.

Scott:Sorry about being late, we were posting something on Duncan's Youtube channel.

Duncan:It was of me playing the song "Thought the Fire and the Flames" on Rock Hero without missing a note.

Noah:(Inrestied) Really? Can we see the video?

Duncan:I had a feeling I would asked that.( Pulls his phone and shows the group the video of him playing the game)

DJ:Wow Duncan, can you show us later live?

Duncan:Sure man but lets-

(Mike and Cameron brust into the room, sweating and out of breath)

Tyler:Why are you guys so out of breath, I thought you were out at Breakfast with Mike's Girlfirend

Duncan:Speaking of her, where is Zoey?

Mike:Thats why we ran all the way here, so we were walking back from the place and I guess there was funeral going on so we decide to take a shortcut though an alley.

Cameron:But after we got near the end, this bikers showed up and tied Zoey up and told Mike that they were going to take Zoey to their boss if Mike couldn't beat the lead biker in a fight.

Emma:Well, what time is the fight?

Mike:7:30 tomorrow night.

Geoff:Do you remember of the biker gang?

Mike:I think they were called the Scarlet Fever gang. Oh, and the Leader has only lost also once.

(DJ and Geoff begin to smirk)

DJ:Well I happen to know the person who was able to beat him.


Geoff:Yep and he happens to be in this room and has a mohawk.

(Mike and Cameron look at Duncan who is sitting with his feet on the table and smirking)

Cameron:You beat him?

Duncan:Yep and the fight lasted about a minute.

Mike:Can you help me?

Duncan:I've got nothing better to do, why not. Meet me in the gym area in ten.

(Scene cuts to Mike and Cameron walking to the gym)

Cameron:Mike this feels weird.

Mike:Why do you feel like that?

Cameron:Say Duncan and Zoey never became friends, do you still think he would have helped?

Mike:I think that may be true but he is our only chance at saving her.

(They walk into the gym to see Jo having Duncan pinned to the floor)

Jo:Give up Dumb-can! You can't beat me!

Duncan:I beg to differ.

(Duncan starts to tickle Jo's neck)

Jo:What are you do- Stop it, Ha,Ha,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA

Duncan:So you will let have the gym for the next two days

Jo:Yes, OK, just don't do that again.

(Jo leaves and Mike and Cameron enter)

Mike:How did you do that.

Duncan:It called Juvie style.It's the same thing I used to beat the biker leader.

Mike:I take it you are going to show that tickle trick you used.

Duncan:You got it dude. But I am also going to show you some other tricks I know.

Cameron:Sounds good,but can I go?

Mike:Sure, I'm the one who needs to learn how to fight.

Cameron:See you later tonight.

(Cameron leaves and Mike turns back to Duncan)

Mike:I don't know if you have other plans but could you should be the tickle thing first?

Duncan:I was going to, but I need you do something for me.

Mike:Which is?

Duncan:I need you to try to tap in the part of your brain were Mal's Skills are stored because I learned most of what I knew from watching him beat up the other kids who got in his way.

Mike:I'll try.

Duncan:Ok now get in the boxing ring, will you? We only have a few days.

Mike:Oh, right

(Mike and Duncan climb in the Boxing ring)

Duncan:Now,get on the floor

Mike:Ok, why do-

(Duncan tackles Mike and put his hands on Mike's Chest)

Duncan:Ok, now what do you think you need to do.

(Mike thinks and begins to tickle Duncan)

Duncan:HA,HA,HA,HA OK STOP!(Mike stops) Well you got that right.

Mike:I did?

Duncan:Yep now for the second version. You get onto me

(Duncan lies on the floor and Mike get on top of him)

Duncan:Just do the same thing that you did before.

(Mike starts tickling him, but Duncan stops him after a few seconds)

Duncan:You are really good at this but lets practice those two moves for now and I will show you the rest later

(The two practice the two version of the tickle move so much that they don't check the time until it starts to get dark)

Mike:Wow, how long have we been doing this

Duncan:Lets how long we've been at this

(He takes out his phone and checks the time)

Duncan:Ok, it Six Thirty so we've been at this for eight hours!

Mike:Ok, how about we start back up tommorrow at nine?

Duncan:Sounds good to me. Come on, I'm so hungry that I think my stomach is eating its lining.

(The two run to the restaurtant were they find Scott, Cameron, Geoff, Brigette, and Gwen at a table, eating)

Duncan:Hey guys.

Gwen:Hey Duncan. Oh and you to Mike.

Mike:Hi Gwen, I think you know what happened to Zoey.

Gwen:Yep and I wish you the best of luck tomorrow.

Mike:Thanks, I will try to win back your roomate.

Gwen:If you don't I have plans to trick Izzy into fight the bikers while you, Duncan, and I free Zoey

Duncan:I know this is off topic but are there more ribs?

Brigette:DJ should be bringing more any mintue

(It is now daytime again and Mike and Duncan are back in the boxing ring)

Duncan:Ok, the other style that people like me use to gain an advantage is where we get the other guy to tenst up and do what we want from there.

Mike:How do you do that?

Duncan:Just keep throwing punches at the guy until you think they don't see another move coming like this

(Duncan beings to throw punches at Mike)

Mike:Well are you going-

(Duncan kicks Mike in the chest knocking him down)

Duncan:Do that? Yes, I was.

Mike:(Weakly)Funny now help me up.

(Duncan gives Mike a hand)


Duncan:Anyway we have a few hours before the big fight. How bout we train for a little with the move I just showed you.

Mike:Sure thing. Practice makes prefect.

(The two boys start sparing again)

Duncan:Ok, I think you need to go fight now.

Mike:Ok, but how am I going to get there.

Duncan:I could drive you, but you sit in the back, got it?

Mike:Yep, lets go.

(The boys are now were they need to be for Mike to have his fight)

Duncan:Ok, dude you ready?

Mike:Yep. Also, what's with the hat?

Duncan:It's so I can watch without drawing attention to myself because the bikers hate me.

Mike:Let's go.

(The two walk into an abandoned gym where they find the bikers waiting for them)

Lead biker:Hell.O wimpy I hope you came ready to lose because my boys have taken quite a likeing to your girl here.

(He gestures to two other bikers who are guarding Zoey, who is tied up and gagged)

Mike:You bet I'm ready.

Biker 1:Who's your friend here?

Duncan:I'm shocked you don't recognize me.

Lead Biker:Whatever, get in the ring.

(Mike and the lead biker get into the boxing ring that was in the gym)

Biker 2:You can start now.

(The Lead Biker tackles Mike)

Mike:You just made a big mistake.

(Mike starts to tickle the biker)

Mike:How's that feel?

Lead Biker:(Begins to laugh uncontrollably)

Biker 1:No, NO, NO!!! We are not losing like that again!

(The biker jumps into the ring but Duncan jumps onto him, knocking his hat off)

Biker 1:YOU AGAIN!!!!!!

Duncan:Miss me?

(Duncan and Mike both knock out their respective biker as two more bikers jump into the ring)

Mike:I think we made them mad.

Duncan:No duh in that.

(After a while Duncan and Mike have manged to knock out the whole gang)

Mike:Well, that was fun, I guess.

Duncan:I was just going say that. Anyways why don't we don't free Zoey.

Mike:Is that even a question?

(Mike pulls gag off Zoey while Duncan tries to undo the knots in the the ropes)

Zoey:Mike! I was so worried about you.

Mike:I felt the same way about you.

Duncan:I hate to interrupt this little love fest, but Zoey why are these so tight?

Zoey:Probably because I was pulling on them for the last two days.


(Duncan uses his knife to cut the ropes)

Zoey:That feels so much better, thanks guys.

Duncan:No prob. Also have you eaten anything in the last two days.

Zoey:No, I haven't.

Mike:Then let's head back to the hotel. I think DJ is sevring dinner late tonight.

Zoey:Then lets go! I'm so hungry I could eat my arm.

Duncan:Then let go home.

So what do guys think? You are free to post coments on what was good and bad.

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