With how good Prison Breakers was, I am making a second fanfic that some of you voted on and the winner was Case of the Missing Bride. Links to Prison Breakers and a shorter fanfic named Days of the Future can be found below.

Prison Breakers:

Days of the Future:

With that out of the way, lets get going!


(Grinning Mike pulled his car into the parking lot of a hotel, but not just any old hotel, this was the place where he and Zoey were set be married. Parking the car, he let the staff handle the rest after he, Duncan and Cameron had all climbed out.)

MIKE:Well, that was fun.

CAMERON:I never knew that parties could be so fun!

DUNCAN:Your mom never let you out much, did she?

CAMERON:No, why?

DUNCAN:That would explain your lack of knowledge of how fun a party could be.


MIKE:Hey Duncan, could you do something for me?


MIKE:Can you turn off Zoey's alarm clock in her room? I want to be the one that wakes her up on her big day.

DUNCAN:O.K, but Gwen is with her.

MIKE:I'm sure that Zoey will wake her up.

DUNCAN:O.K, I'm going to be in there later anyways.

CAMERON:I hate to interrup but when are your and Zoey parents coming?

MIKE:Not until tomorrow.

DUNCAN:See you guys in the morning.

MIKE:Same to you.


(Mike pulls himself awake, thrilled that the day is finally here.)

MIKE:(Quietly)Finally, the big day.

(Moving quietly to avoid waking Cameron up, Mike slowly crept out the door. However as he made his way to Zoey and Gwen's room, he tripped on something.)

MIKE:Ow! What was that?!

(Mike made his way to the lights and was horrified to find Duncan and Rex knocked out on the floor)


(Groaning, Duncan and Rex fought their way to consciousnesses)

DUNCAN:(Confused)Mike! What am I doing on the floor!

MIKE:Do you remember anything for things went black?

DUNCAN:I was going to take Rex for a walk around the block but then this person runs up to us and knocks us out.

MIKE:(Panicked)Did you see where they came from?!

DUNCAN:(Panicked as well)From down the hall and they had a bag on their back. But, before I went black, I remember that I saw red hair from inside that bag.

(Realizing that something was very wrong, the boys raced to Gwen and Zoey's room with Rex hot on their tails. But when they got there, they found what looked like room where a struggle had taken place with Gwen passed out with a rag on her face and Zoey nowhere to be found)


(Police cars covered the hotel parking lot as Mike stood outside, shifting his eyes back and forth as Duncan and Gwen ran up to him)

DUNCAN:Just spoke with my dad, he told Zoey's parents about-you know.

MIKE:Thanks, I told my parents the same thing. What else are the cops up too?

GWEN:They are searching the area for any trace of Zoey and moving the rest of the gang to a safe area until we learn if they wanted any other victims.

DUNCAN:Personally, I want to search the room and see if we find anything. Cameron should be on his way up there.

MIKE:I guess we should take a look.

(Scene cuts to Mike, Gwen, Duncan and Cameron looking around Gwen and Zoey's still messed room.)

DUNCAN:Well, I just found something

(Duncan holds up an empty bottle with the word "chloroform" on it)

MIKE:That would explain the rag on Gwen's face from earlier.

DUNCAN:Would also explain how they got Zoey out of the building in the first place.

CAMERON:Still only Total Drama competitors could get in the hotel.

MIKE:I know, that's what I told the night watch anyways. So that would mean that a former camper would be the kidnapper.

DUNCAN:Can we please go talk about this over breakfast, I'm starving.

(Wanting to avoid the hotel, Mike, Gwen, Duncan, Cameron chose to ate at a local diner)

GWEN:So how we know which person it was?

DUNCAN:I'm......not fully sure.

MIKE:(Upset)I just hope we find her soon.

CAMERON:Um, Mike? Are you O.K?


(Thinking quickly Duncan puts his hand on Mike's shoulder)

DUNCAN:Look Mike, I know your upset. But you are not the only one.


DUNCAN:How do you think Cameron feels about losing one of his first friends? Or how do you think that her parents felt after hearing that their lone child is missing? How about Gwen losing a friend that she could very easily relate too? do you thnk I felt losing the one person that was nice to me in Total Drama All Stars.


DUNCAN:I promise you that we will find her.

(Smiling, Mike stood up to meet his friend's eyes and wrapped his arms around Duncan. After getting over his shock, Duncan soon began to hug back. Before either boy knew what was happening, Gwen and Cameron had joined in the hug)


MIKE:Ok, how has it been three days and we haven't found anything new.

GWEN:I know this is going to sound crazy but I think need to search all of the hotel instead of just one spot.


DUNCAN:Because I started to remember what happened before I went black and I saw Rex try and attack the kidnapper. So I think we should check to see what is at the spot where Rex and I were knocked out.

(Now standing out in the hallway with Rex, Duncan, Mike, Gwen, Cameron began searching for any new clues)

DUNCAN:Well, I just found how Rex and I where knocked out.

(He lifts up a crowbar)

CAMERON:Then how come you don't have ANY form of soreness?!

DUNCAN:(Smugly)I have prison to thank for that.

(Worried Cameron takes a few steps back but trips but after landing he sees something that the group missed)

CAMERON:I found something!

(As he pulls it out, the group reacts in shock, it was a clump of orange hair)

MIKE:No, she's in jail!

GWEN:(Worried)Maybe, she broke out.

DUNCAN:Well, I just found something that could help us out.

(He pulls a few pieces of red hair out of the hair ball)

CAMERON:That should help but we don't have anything that could track Zoey.

(Rex starts growling and jumps at Cameron, causing him to scream)

DUNCAN:It's O.K boy, Cameron just didn't know that you are just as good at smelling things as a K-9 police dog.


(Scene cuts to the group standing outside an old warehouse on the outskirts of the city)

DUNCAN:I know this place


DUNCAN:Mal used to rave about this place, it was like his little fort. He and his cronies would always hang here.

GWEN:Then how do you know about this place? I thought you never went near Mal.

DUNCAN:Some of my prison friends brought me here once for a party Mal threw, ended with the police showing up. I got out before anything got bad.

CAMERON:What happened?

DUNCAN:Mal brought beer and got a guy he didn't like drunk then dumped the stuff all over him and set him on fire. Dude lived, but he was very lucky.

GWEN:Mal was worse then we thought.

DUNCAN:While, I would love to tell you more, we don't know if Scarlett is here or not so we really should go in.

(Mike and Duncan open the doors and the group moves in. Much too their shock, the place has been redesigned to be like a prison)

DUNCAN:Mal never had it like this.

GWEN:Guys! Over here!

(Duncan, Mike, Cameron, and Rex run over to cell Gwen was standing at. Sure enough, Zoey was sleeping in inside)

DUNCAN:Well? Are we going to just look at her or are we going to try and free her?

MIKE:Your right but I think this is locked.

(Duncan quickly pulls a metal file out of his pocket and begins cutting away the bars.)

CAMERON:(Shocked) How did you-?

GWEN:(Deadpan)Don't question it.

(Duncan finished cutting away the last bar just as Zoey woke up.)


(Without saying another word, Zoey made her way up to Mike and threw her arms around him. As for Mike, he was thrilled to see his bride alive but he was horrified at her current condition. She looked starving. Cuts covered her arms, legs and face, looking like they had come from a knife. Zoey didn't look very healthy either. But Mike knew from the way she was moving that they had a much bigger problem. Her leg had been broken.)

DUNCAN:I hate to break you two up right now, but I would like to get out of here before "You-know-who" shows up.

(As soon as he says that, evil female laughter begins to fill the air. Zoey quickly moves behind Mike, terrified due too what had been done to her over the past few days. Duncan and Gwen quickly picked up bars in hopes of arming themselves. Rex started growling as Zoey's kidnapper walked into the room)


(Slowly Scarlett walked into the room, holding them at point blank with a pistol)

GWEN:No, you're in jail!

SCARLETT:I was let go for not being old enough, unlike someone else in here.


SCARLETT:But I guess since I am going to kill all of you I should at least tell you why I am doing this.

ZOEY:(Angry)I would like to know seeing as started to torture and starve me for no reason!

SCARLETT:You see, I was often caught when trying to do my evil work. But I didn't mind, because I had fallen in love with someone who was there a lot.

(Duncan, Gwen, Mike, Cameron and Zoey burst out laughing)

MIKE:(Through laughs)How could you get anyone too like you?!

SCARLETT:(Annoyed) AS I was saying, I met this boy. We had very similar interests, so we were the most feared couple in juvie. This man's name was.......MAL!

(Cue gasp from everyone)

DUNCAN:I remember! Mal had this chick hanging on him at all times in juvie back was I younger.

SCARLETT:Yes, we loved each other very dearly. I don't think I will ever say those words again because YOU(points to Mike)KILLED HIM!

MIKE:So that still doesn't explain why you kidnapped my fiancee!

SCARLETT:I kidnapped your fiancee because you took away the love of my life! I was going to return the favor. But I don't like fast deaths, I like to watch the victim suffer. Shame you showed up, I wanted to keep that up but, I will just need to settle for a few quick deaths.

DUNCAN:(Very smugly and smiling now)I wouldn't count on it.

(As soon as he said that a group of police bust in and seize Scarlett, who tries to resist but is brought outside and thrown into the closest police car. As that's happening Duncan leads the group up to his parents, who where leading the squad.)

MIKE:Thanks for showing up, Mr. and Mrs.Nelson. But how did you know where to find us?

MR.NELSON:Why don't you show them, son?

(Grinning, Duncan pulled his phone out of his pocket, which had been in a call with his parents)

DUNCAN:They(points to his parents)always pick up the phone, so I put my phone on a call with them and I was planning to pick up to get us a ride to hospital for Zoey, but Scarlett showed up before I got the chance.

MRS.NELSON:After we heard Scarlett's voice, we were racing to the police with the phone on the whole time.

GWEN:That still doesn't explain how you found us.

MR.NELSON:Police are forced to get a program on their phone that lets them track where phone calls come from.

ZOEY:That's cool and all, but I am kind of in a lot of pain right now.

DUNCAN:Right.(Turns to his parents) You guys can drive us to the hospital right?


(Scene cuts to Zoey sitting a hospital bed, with Duncan, Mike, Gwen and Cameron sitting around her.)

DUNCAN:Did you parents show up yet?

ZOEY:Yes, they did, so you can stop asking!

CAMERON:Nice to see that you are getting better.

MIKE:It was really lucky that your bone was only bruised.

DUNCAN:You are so lucky that after the wedding you get to go on a honeymoon, I have to go to my parents's stupid college reunion.

(Smirking, Gwen pulls a picture of Duncan's pocket that shows him covered in streamers with 2 boys standing around him. The first one had black hair and was wearing a white T-shirt with a red spot on it and red stripes on the end on the of the sleeves. The second one had brown hair, large buck teeth, and was wearing a pink shirt and hat)

GWEN:You sure had fun last year at such a "stupid party,"

(Mike, Zoey and Cameron burst into laughter as Duncan grabs the picture back from Gwen)

DUNCAN:That was a private picture!


(The scene is now on Zoey and Mike, standing at the alter, waiting for their ordained minister, Sierra, to say the big words)

SIERRA:I now pronounce you, HUSBAND AND WIFE!

(Quickly Zoey grabs Mike and kisses him, which he returned quickly as the crowd burst into cheer. However, someone watching from the shadows is not happy about this. He had dark skin like Mike's, but had his black hair flipped down, covering part of his face. He was wearing black jeans and had a black hoodie on)

MAL:Enjoy your little wedding Mike, it will be one of the few happy places you will have soon.

(With that, Mal slunked back into the shadows)


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