Hello people of the wiki! As some of you may know, my first Movie Fanfic, Prison Breakers was very well-received. So I am going to do it again only this time, I am going to live you a small part of each story to show the what the stories are all about. Also links to Prison Breakers and a future/What If fanfic named Days of the future can be found below. So without further ado, lets get going! Also sorry about giving the web page links and not just linking words, have not figured out how to do that yet.

Prison Breakers:

Days of the Future:

First up: Case of the Missing Bride

MIKE:Finally! The big day.

(Mike hopped out of bed and headed for Zoey's hotel room, having asked Duncan to turn her alarm off so he could wake his bride up on her wedding day. As he walked to the room, he suddenly tripped on something)

MIKE:Ow! What is that?

(Slowly walking to the lights, Mike flipped on the lights and was horrified to find a unconscious Duncan and Rex on the floor.)


(Realizing that something was very wrong, the boys rushed to Zoey and Gwen's room with Rex hot on their tails. When they got their, all they found was Gwen sprawled out on the floor with a rag draped across her face and Zoey gone.)

Now for a new one named Total Drama Strike Force!

(A white truck speeds down a empty highway. Most people would not think that much of that unless they knew what was going on right now in Canada. The country was at war against a mad man named Chris McLean. Some of his followers were the one driving the truck. Thankfully they were losing. Some people also wouldn't think twice about a motorcycle that was now driving along side it. However on the cycle where former Total Drama competitors Duncan and Gwen. After learning about who started the war, the army offered all former TD and RR campers/racers a spot on a strike force that would preform hit and run missions. Almost everyone took the deal and those that did not chose to help with other things such as giving out food and helping make weapons. But soon, the Total Drama Strike Force was born.

Now which one do you guys want? Also feel free to say why in the comments.

Make your pick

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Also I am only voting if their is a tie by the end of the week.

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