Hello! You guys voted and with a score of 9 to 3, Prison Breakers was the movie fanfic winner! However if you did vote for Case of the Missing Bride, don't worry as I will get that done later down the line, but school will better starting for me soon and I want to get this done. But don't worry. Heck if this goes well, I will make more of these done the line, but now I am just rambling, let's get going!

Prison Breakers

(The scene cuts to a arrow being fired out of bow and hitting a tree. When it pulls back, it revealed that the arrow really hit a cruelly drawn picture of Chris)


SCOTT:(Laughs for a little) O.K let me shoot Chris with a bow!

DUNCAN:It's an arrow that you would be shooting, Butt Brain.


DUNCAN:Rex, go get the arrow for Scott

(Without hesitating, Duncan's dog,Rex runs over to the tree and grabs the arrow in it's mouth and brings it to Scott)

SCOTT:Does that dog do what ever you tell it?

DUNCAN:When you save a disease-ridden puppy from being run over by a truck, it will be pretty grateful. Also you have the arrow set up back-words.

SCOTT:Thanks for telling me. Man, stealing that watch was the best choice I ever made.

DUNCAN:Yea, you're alright dude.

(The boys laugh and Scott fires, he misses the tree but he hit something else as the boys hear swear words from the woods)

DUNCAN:You think you hit the real Chris?

SCOTT:(laughs) I hope, Jerk's had it coming

(The boys and Rex race of to see what they hit. When they find the arrow, they are surprised to see a army style truck that had a tire popped from the arrow)

SCOTT:You never told me their was an army base near by.

DUNCAN:There's not. Somethings wrong.

(A blonde man steps out of truck to see what was wrong)

BLONDE MAN:Rotten kids, why can't they just shoot at a target

(the man gets a wrench and tries to remove the popped tire)


DUNCAN:Easy boy, I got this.

(Duncan runs up and smacks the man cross the face when he looks up with the bow)

SCOTT:Whoa, you think he will be O.K

DUNCAN:Don't really care right now. I want to search this guy and the truck.

(Duncan and Rex check out the guy and and Scott heads to the back of the truck and starts looking inside)

SCOTT:Duncan, I think you may want to talk a look at this.

(Duncan and Rex heads to the back of the truck head to the back of the truck and finds something that scares them all)


DUNCAN:This is Geoff's surfboard! And that's DJ's picture of his mom.

SCOTT:What is Jo's whistle doing in here? And is that Zoey's Mike Necklace?

DUNCAN:Funny thing is before you called me, I going to get you as my dad knows this guy all to well.


DUNCAN:This guy is known as Jason Smith and he is one of the head cohorts to a man so evil, Mal would fear him.

SCOTT:That sounds bad.

DUNCAN:It is, lets bring him back to my house so my parents can have a "chat" with him.

(Later Duncan and Scott are sitting outside a room where Duncan father, Mr. Nelson is interrogating Jason)

DUNCAN:Man, it so weird not being in that room.

SCOTT:What do they do to you in there?

DUNCAN:They make threats at you to get you to talk.

REX:(Starts barking and runs to the window)

DUNCAN:Whats wrong, boy.

(The boys run to the window and find Gwen outside, listing in on the interrogation though the wal)

SCOTT:What is she doing here?

DUNCAN:I don't know but I want to find out.

(The boys head outside and find Gwen, however she does not see them)

DUNCAN:(To Gwen), You could just come in if you wanted to know what was going on.

GWEN:Ah! Oh, it you and dirtboy.


DUNCAN:How much did you hear?

GWEN:Mostly stuff about kidnapping the constestants from Total Drama and that new Race show.

SCOTT:I still don't know how Noah got a girl to like him.

DUNCAN:Well, if you want to come, Scott and I are going to find where this guy has set up shop to hold everyone. You in?

GWEN:Well, its not like I have anything better to do. Sure.

DUNCAN:Just meet us by the woods at my house later.

(Back at Duncan's house, the boys are standing by the woods with Rex as Gwen walks towards them)

DUNCAN:Nice to know that you still want to work with me.

GWEN:I don't. I am doing this because I have other friends in the casts.

SCOTT:Lets go already!

GWEN:I second that.

DUNCAN:Fine! Let's go.

(Duncan, Gwen, Scott and Rex run off into the woods, soon they come to clearing where they find a military style building)

GWEN:So, who is boss of all this.

DUNCAN:Have you ever heard of a man by the name of Tod Jackson?

GWEN:Whoa, that's bad news.

SCOTT:I'm dumb and I know about this guy.

DUNCAN:A criminal master happens to have made enemies with Chris and Don.

GWEN:Hey, it looks like a truck is pulling up to the place.

(the truck pulls up and four men come out)


(Scott, Gwen, and Duncan look on as they see Courtney, Mike, Izzy, and Sanders pulled out truck, gagged.)

SCOTT:(Gasp), Courtney!

GWEN:You still like her?

SCOTT:What is so wrong about liking someone who drew me as a rat?

(Gwen just looks dumbfounded)

DUNCAN:Well, I think we know where they are keeping everyone

SCOTT:Yea, in the building

GWEN:Let's head back before they see us.

(Later, Duncan, Gwen, and Scott are telling Duncan's parents about their findings)

MR.NELSON:I always knew that Jackson was not really reformed.

SCOTT:So, we just need to get the police over their and put him in jail.

MRS.NELSON:If only it was that easy.

DUNCAN:Why can't we just do what Scott said?

MR.NELSON:If you just go up to the police chief and say that, they will just think you guys want attention. You need proof!

GWEN:So how do we get the proof?

MR.NELSON:Did any off you see a back entrance to the building.

DUNCAN:I did. Out of the quarter of my eye, I saw a truck going behind the building. But how will we seek in without being spotted.

MRS.NELSON:On the news today, Tod said he was taking the Total Drama and Ridonculous Race contestants on a "Vacation"

GWEN:So that's why no one thinks the casts were kidnapped! They must think that they left to leave for the trip.

MR.NELSON:So later tonight, most of Tod's troops will have left to go to the airport.

DUNCAN:So how do we get the proof?

(Mr.Nelson holds up what looks like a flash-drive)

SCOTT:So what does that do?

MRS.NELSON:It will let us hack into the computer so we can see the security cameras.

DUNCAN:So we leave tonight.

SCOTT:Why don't we just save the casts and then get the police to arrest the guy.

MR.NELSON:We don't if anyone was injured so we can't do that yet.

DUNCAN:Sounds good, Gwen, meet us by the woods at eight tonight.


(Later that night, Duncan, Gwen and Scott are seen seeking into the building thought the back.)

DUNCAN:So we find the computer that controls the cameras, get the flash-drive in, get out. Got it?

GWEN:Got it.

SCOTT:Can we just go?

DUNCAN:O.K, but mostly likely the rest of the guards will be at were the contestants are being held.

GWEN:Can we go now?

DUNCAN:We're going.

(The scene cuts to the boys and Gwen finding the computer room)

DUNCAN:O.k, now we just need to find the computer that has-

SCOTT:I found it!

DUNCAN:This is weird.

(Duncan and Gwen run over to the computer Scott is staring at)

DUNCAN:This is.....the right computer! Great work Scott!

SCOTT:Thanks dude!

GWEN:Lets get the flash-drive to computer and get out of here!

(Duncan puts the flash-drive into the computer and the three run out the run but end up falling though a trapdoor, landing in a room full of warm-ankle water, filled with bones)

DUNCAN:I have a bad feeling about this.

???:As you should, Mister Duncan.

(Duncan, Gwen and Scott turn around to see Tod Jackson standing on a ledge)


TOD:Yes, I was hoping to put you in with your friends to get back at Chris and Don for what they put me thought.

(Cue flashback)

TOD:I was born into a proper British family living in Canada, rich and happy. However my life never was truly horrible until I was in College where I met the two soon-to-be hosts. They were the two kids I never wanted in the University of Toronto where I went. As a man who just wanted to study, think about how much I hated the boys who just threw parties as soon as they finish their work from class. And the worst part was they were the next room over. One night I decided to go to one of the parties to check them out and guess what happened. I was given names such as Nerd Boy and Book Boy for never coming to the parties and only studying. After graduating, I became a mastermind in many crimes such as robbery and drug dealing. However to the people I was a owner of the family's many banks. The police soon found out about what I was doing and were hot on my tail. So I came up with the idea to pretend to reformed and my first step was by coming clean on my actions and then using my money to do nice things. After giving tons of homeless people homes, I came up the idea to send you guys on a trip but in reality, I was going to torture you until you became little more then mindless adults with no personality other then being proper people.

SCOTT:You monster!

TOD:As it may, but you three chose to mess with me. Jason Smith was sent to kidnap the three of you. Shame he was arrested. However, you know too much, so I am afraid I will have to kill you. Where you are standing are part of my crocodile pit and they are very hungry and I think they three of you will be very tasty to them. I bid you ado!

(While walking out, Tod pulls a lever that causes door to slowly open as Duncan, Scott and Gwen arm themselves with bones)

SCOTT:Great, we're all gonna die!

DUNCAN:Wait look!

(Duncan point to a folded up ladder leading to window)

GWEN:That would be great, but its on the window ledge.

(Duncan picks up a small bone and throws it, hitting and lowering the ladder and the crocodiles were starting to come out fast.)

DUNCAN:Run for it!

(The run for the ladder as the crocs chase them. Soon Scott has made it out, but a croc manged to get a hold on Gwen's leg.

GWEN:Ah, let go, you overgrow gecko!


(Duncan is revealed to have jump off the ledge and landed on crocodile letting Gwen escape as he comes out soon after)

SCOTT:Can we please agree never to come back here unless we have the army with us.

DUNCAN:Agreed, now lets get out of her before someone finds out we are not dead yet.

(The three run back to where they met and agree to meet up the next morning.)


(The threesome are walking to a diner to get breakfast. Gwen is limping and has bandages around her legs.)

DUNCAN:You O.K, Gwen?

GWEN:My mom found out about what we did last night, but at least now it does not hurt as much as before.

SCOTT:Hey Duncan, did you're parents find anything we can use against Tod. 

DUNCAN:No, nothing but the casts sitting around in this giant cell thing.

GWEN:Wouldn't that be enough to bust him.

DUNCAN:No, the cops would just think we made that video. But, for some reason, I saw that Mike had a massive cut on his face.

GWEN:Let's check it after we eat.

(Duncan and Scott give a thumbs up. The scene cuts to threesome and Rex looking at a computer)

DUNCAN:O.K here is the cast.

(The computer shows a picture of the contestants, dirty and weak sitting in a cell, moaning. However soon Tod walks into the room, the casts run to the other end of the room, and Duncan hits a button that will record the screen)

GWEN:What is going on here?

SCOTT:Shhhhh! Look!

(Gwen turns to the screen to see that Jackson's men have brought in two barrel filled with water. Tod then says something and motions for his men to do something)

DUNCAN:(Said nervously)I think I know is going to happen.

(Suddenly two men grab Courtney and Zoey and drag them to the barrels, while two more guards hold down Mike, who trying to save Zoey)

GWEN:(Said horrified)Oh....My......God!

(Now that the girls have reached the barrel, Jackson tells the guards to do something)

SCOTT:(Said horrified)What are they going to do?

(Soon Duncan, Scott, Gwen and Rex look on horrified as Courtney and Zoey have their heads dunked in the barrels as Mike and Scott look on defeated)


(After a while the girls have past out and Mike now has the unconscious Zoey in his arms with Cameron trying to comfort him. Meanwhile Tod is laughing at Mike's pain and tells him something before he and the guards plan who to do next.)

DUNCAN:That was the most horrible thing I have ever seen.

SCOTT:S....Same here.

GWEN:At least something good came out of this.

DUNCAN:The fact that you were holding my hand.

GWEN:What?(Looks down and finds she is holding Duncan's hand. She swiftly pulls it away, however she blushes a little)

DUNCAN:If it wasn't that, when what came out of that horror that was good?

GWEN:We are starting to get the proof we need to show the police.

SCOTT:That's great and all but I don't he's done yet.

(The threesome turns back to screen as Tod makes a motion)

SCOTT:Looks like someone is going again.

(The screen now shows Noah and Kitty are being dragging to the barrels as guard hold down a struggling Emma, who is sobbing as she struggling to free herself)

DUNCAN:(Said petrified) This is going way to far.

(Soon Noah and Kitty have suffered the same fate as Zoey and Courtney and have passed out. Emma has them both in her arms as she sobs with Carrie trying to calm her down. However before Tod can pick a new set of victims, the constants get mad and try to attack him as he leaves in fear with the guards.)


SCOTT:What the dog said.

DUNCAN:I guess I will start to make the video and ask my parents to set up for a meeting with the other police.

GWEN:I think I am going to head home. See you guys tomorrow.

DUNCAN:(Said dejected)Bye.

(Gwen leaves)

DUNCAN:I guess I should get to work on this.

(It is now the next morning and Gwen arrives at Duncan's house, only to find him outside)

GWEN:Duncan, what are you doing?

DUNCAN:Look at the tree.

(Gwen turns around to find the tree where the Chris drawing was only to find a picture of Tod instead as Duncan fires)

GWEN:(said while trying not laugh) Why did you ditch the Chris drawing. Also where is Scott.

DUNCAN:I need more motivation to beat Tod into the ground. Also Scott is still sleeping, but think he is still a little upset by what he saw happen to Courtney, he still really likes her.

GWEN:I think you may be right. Also I never got a chance to do this so, thank you for saving me from the crocodiles.

DUNCAN:You're........welcome. Come help me wake Scott up. We need to leave soon.

(The scene cuts to Duncan, Gwen, Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson standing in front of a large group of cops)

POLICE OFFICER 1:Mr.Duncan, don't you know that Tod Jackson is reformed?!

DUNCAN:No, because I witness first hand how evil this man really is.

POLICE OFFICER 2:Then prove it!

(After hearing that, Gwen hits a button on the camera which begins playing the videos of Tod dunking Courtney, Zoey, Noah and Kitty in the water while he is smiling, as the cops look on horrified)

POLICE CHIEF:Is there anything we can do to help you stop that man?

GWEN:Yes there is.

(The police are now lined up outside the building where Tod lives, ready to strike on Duncan's orders)

POLICE CHIEF:(Into a walkie-talkie)Give the word when you're ready, Ms.Gwen.

GWEN:We'll let you know when to go.

(The camera pulls back to show Duncan, Gwen, Scott and Rex standing in the middle of a makeshift camp, with about 15 tens to house the casts after they were saved)

GWEN:Shall we go?

DUNCAN:Give the word

(Gwen shouts into the walkie-talkie and soon the police have all of Tod' forces distracted)

DUNCAN:Rex, wait here and as for you two, lets go be heroes!

(Now Duncan, Scott and Gwen have found the casts, who are very happy to see them)

OWEN:Duncan! Gwen! You guys are here!(Hugs both of them)

COURTNEY:(Weakly) for me!

SCOTT:I need to bossed around, I feel-Mmmmmmph

(Before Scott can finish, Courtney grabs his shirt and pulls him into a big kiss)


DUCAN:(Still being hugged) Owen could you let go?

OWEN:Sorry(Lets Duncan and Gwen go)

DUNCAN:OK, first off how many of you are injured or can't walk?

(A large group of people raise their hands)

DUNCAN:O.k as you may have heard, Tod's guards are busy right so we are going to move you guys to a camp in the woods we set up and we are going to need some extra hands.

RYAN:I could help.

OWEN:My fatness kept me in good shape. Count me in!

JASMINE:I'm from the Outback, I can handle anything!

MIKE:(Trying to get to his feet) I can help.

GWEN:Are you sure? You can't even get to your feet.

MIKE:I know, but if anyone gets Zoey back to safety, its going to be me.

(Mike points to Zoey who is still unconscious)

DUNCAN:The other 3 woke up.......

MIKE:I know, after the barrel thing, Tod came back and smacked Zoey over the head with a.......metal rod, right when she was starting to wake up.

DUNCAN:(Putting his hand on Mike shoulder) You're a great boyfriend. But if you help us you need to stop once you to get Zoey back to camp.


(Gwen helps Mike get to his feet as they begin to move Zoey)

DUNCAN:OK here is how we are going to do this. We are going to bring the more injured people first and people who can still stand will be moved later on.

(As he says this, Duncan helps Geoff get to his feet and Scott moves to help Courtney, carrying her in his arms)

SCOTT:You don't mind this, right?

COURTNEY:(Dreamily)Not at all.

(Owen is now shown having Noah, Kitty and Emma slung on his shoulders, Ryan has Stephanie riding on his shoulders while holding Carrie and Devin in his arms and Jasmine has helped Shawn to his feet and has Samey on her back as the start to move people to the camp)

GWEN:(To Duncan as they run back to the prison)How is everyone doing?

DUNCAN:Really well, we have doctors who are helping with casts and I think we only have a few more to go.

(Unbeknownst to Duncan and Gwen, Tod is watching hem through a screen in a hidden room)

TOD:(Angry)I should have known! They are not only alive, but now they are messing up my plans!(Now Smiling) But I will put an end to you are your little games soon enough.

(Tod walks over to a table in the back of the room and grabs a syringe with a green goo inside)

TOD:My greatest weapon, the DR-7A. This will turn me into a super human who will rid the world those little scumbags!

(Laughing, Tod drives the syringe into his neck as the screen goes black, however soon two red eyes can me seen.)

(Back to the casts, Duncan, Gwen, Scott have returned with the final people as the casts are now ready to welcome them as are the police)

DUNCAN:Did you miss us or something?

DAKOTA:No, we just wanted tell you how thankful we are.


JUNIOR:You guys rock!

(As Duncan, Gwen, and Scott are getting thanked, Duncan's parents step out of the crowd and walk up to their son)

MR.NELSON:Son, there is something we need to tell you.

MRS.NELSON:For all times we yell at you and tell you off, we really do love you and are proud of you.

MR.NELSON:Nothing shows that more then today.

(At a loss of words, Duncan runs up to his parents and wraps them in a big hug, which his parents soon return.)


(Smiling, Mike starts to go back to the tent to check up on Zoey but as he turns he sees a nasty surprise)

MIKE:(Terrified)What is that!

(Everyone turns to where Mike is pointing to see a man-like being shuffling towards them. Long shaggy hair formed a beard and mane. Claws were where fingers should have been. Skin was now black and the only form of clothes still on him was ripped up dress pants. His glowing red eyes were staring the casts down.)

TOD:The line ends here, DUNCAN!


HEATHER:How did.....?

TOD:DR-7A, baby. But now, you will die!

(With a growl, he grabs Duncan and Mike and lobs them into a nearby tent)

DUNCAN:Ow. Mike, you good?

MIKE:(Groaning)yes, although now my leg hurts again even with the boot.

DUNCAN:Can you still stand? Because I think I see how we can win this.

(Mike turned to where Duncan looking to find a scalpel on the table)

MIKE:Let's do this.

(Duncan grabs the scalpel and runs out with Mike to find that Tod was not facing them as he was too busy attacking Gwen)

MIKE:Duncan, now!

(Duncan runs up to behind Tod and rams the scalpel into his heart, as Tod turns around in shock and then collapses as Duncan sticks his hand out to help Gwen up)

DUNCAN:Need a hand, pasty?

(Gwen takes his hand, but instead of getting up, she pulls Duncan into a kiss. Duncan starts shocked but soon closes his eyes)

GWEN:I thought you would like that.

DUNCAN:That was best reward I ever could have gotten.

(Duncan looks around, soon seeing Mike sighing)

DUNCAN:(Walking up to him)Don't look so down dude, here comes your reward!

(Mike turns around and sees a confused Zoey walking out of the tent. Mike walks over to her and wraps her in a massive hug.)

ZOEY:(Confused)Ummm....what is this from?

MIKE:Just the fact that you are OK!

(Now understanding why Mike was overjoyed to see her, Zoey returns the hug as the scene goes back to cuts back to Duncan who has Scott and Gwen wrapped in his arms with Rex by his owner's feet.)

DUNCAN:I guess we all got a happy ending.

GWEN:I guess so.

(The both kiss)


So what did you guys think? Let me now.

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