Hello people! Now with Prison Breakers finally done, I can move on to other fanfics. I do that Case of the Missing Bride is next but, I wanted to do this to please Zoke haters and those that liked my other fic. So I got the idea for this from reading a fanfic know as Legacy. The idea of the fanfic is that Heather and Duncan have returned to camp ten years later to pay respects to Gwen, who died on the night of Hook, Line and Screamer. After meeting up, the two talked about their lives, as well as the other campers. So I came up with the idea to do this as well but with another girl from and different gen and someone else died at a different time, however this still ten years after TP and RR with a few things changed. This is more of a what if fic and is NOT canon. Let's get started!

Driving home after picking up grocery's, Zoey saw a sign that peeked her interests, Pahkitew Island,1/2 km. Curious to find the island still around, Zoey drove in the diction the sign said, knowing Mike would not be home for awhile. After a while she arrived and found the island standing due to it now being a graveyard. Remembering something that took place that day, Zoey walked over to a grave only to find a man already there, who she didn't recognize. However once the man got up, she found she did know him, he just changed.


Zoey saw that Duncan replaced his skull shirt with a solid black one with and a brown coat over it. He wore jeans that wore cut off at the knee. His hair was now all black with the exception of some green hanging over the front. While Zoey could tell who Duncan was, he had no clue who the brown haired woman standing in front of him was.

DUNCAN:(Confused)Do I know you, miss?

ZOEY:Duncan, its me! Zoey!

Realizing who the woman was, Duncan took the moment to look at his old friend. Her hair had gotten much longer and was hung over one shoulder in a ponytail, as well as being brown now. She had on a red blouse along with the same pants from ten years back only they were longer. She also now wore sneakers instead of the sandals.

ZOEY:So why are you here?

DUNCAN:Same as you.

Duncan points to the grave he was by and Zoey look at it, shuddering as she remembers the day that left the cast with nightmares for the rest of the game.

ZOEY:I can't believe it has been ten years.

DUNCAN:I know, may his spirit rest in peace

ZOEY:That isn't what I meant, but yeah, Poor Chris.

DUNCAN:The weird thing is that I never thought I would be sad to him go.

The two think back to Total Drama All stars and the time when Zeke kidnapped Chris. The All Stars where sent to find him. No one made it in time, Chef, Gwen and Cameron made just in time to see Zeke cutting the rope himself and sending him into the acid pit he had layed out for the host. Both shudder at the thought. Zeke was tried for his crimes, given a life sentence.

DUNCAN:O.k, this is too scary, how are you and Mike doing?

ZOEY:Good, Mike is a therapist for kids with mental disorders.Oh and we are married.

DUNCAN:How about you? Have a job yet?

ZOEY:Oh,me? I work as a tailor. How about you?

DUNCAN:I work in a tattoo parlor. Me and Gwen also patched things up when I was in jail. Not married yet but, I think I may be getting close to popping the question.

ZOEY:She's been telling me about that, I hope you two stay together this time. So know what happen to anyone else?

DUNCAN:Almost the whole cast and chef. You wanna know what happened?

ZOEY:Please tell me. I haven't heard from many people since the show ended.

DUNCAN:Zeke's in jail but you know that. Eva moved to the U.S. I heard that she has major success in track and field. She also got her temper under control. Heather and Alejandro moved to Spain, where Ale is a major bullfighter and Heather is his trophy wife. Geoff and Bridgette live out in Hawaii as surf teachers. Lindsay and Tyler both got smarter and both live in Los Angles as an actor and contortionist. Gwen is now an artist. Noah is an author and married that chick he met on RR. Harold somehow got LeShawna into him and they are married and make a living off of Harold's beatboxing. Beth married Brady and she is one of those people that dig up fossils. Trent is a guitarist with Cody as his manger. Also the latter is married to his old stalker. Courtney is making her living as a lawyer and I think her and Scott are dating. Owen is now a food tester for the government. Izzy has gone missing and Owen has never forgotten her. I think he's got a detective looking for her. DJ works for an animal shelter with his very loyal wife, Katie. Sadie is now dating Justin and both are now models. Finally Chef is now the new host of the show.

ZOEY:What about Blaineley?

DUNCAN:I am not really sure. I haven't heard anyone bring her up. How about your cast? I don't really know anything about the other two.

ZOEY:Well, you know about me and Mike. Lightning plays for the Green Bay Packers now. Jo has her own gym and I think her and Brick are dating. Speaking of him, he owns a chain of clothing stores. Dawn and B are married, but don't really know what they do for a job. Anne Maria is a model now. Staci works as store clerk. She has her lieing under control now also. Scott is Courtney's partner when she needs to find evidence for cases. Dakota has a talk show that she makes a lot of from with Sam as the camera man. That is all I know.

(The two friends just sit there stareing and the grave)

DUNCAN:You know something weird?


DUNCAN:Life was never the same without Chris.

ZOEY:I guess you're right.


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