Hi everyone. In this blogpost, i will be listing every contestant that has appeared in Total Drama, from Island to Pahkitew, and discussing my thoughts on whether or not they could return to compete in the newly confirmed upcoming season of Total Drama. As a side note, I will not be discussing characters from Ridonculous Race as Im not confident in seeing them return, but I may make a separate post discussing those characters. Also, since this blog will take a while to make, I plan to update it regularly, adding info for each character.  Without further ado, lets get into this



.  Beth: Whilst I could see Beth returning as a possible contestant, I dont really believe that she has much left to offer in terms of character development. I think TDA gave her enough time in the spotlight, and allowed her character to be fleshed out more than in TDI. However, since she did make it into the finale for TDA, and was absent from TDWT, I could maybe see her returning, but if she does I doubt she will stick around for long.

Bridgette is a character that I believe still has some room for development in her. Despite her competing in all three of the first TD seasons, her time competing in TDA and TDWT were very short, although she later began co-hosting the Aftermath show with Geoff, which allowed for more screentime. However I think the problem with her character is that her relationship with Geoff seems to be holding her back. In the second season, she was too attached to him to make any major progress, both as a character and in the competition, and in WT, where we finally got to see her compete without Geoff, she struggles to make any significant progress due to her constantly talking about how she misses him, (although we did get a decent amount of character development for her during the Alejandro love arc and in the Aftermath show, for both seasons). Overall, I could definately see her returing with or without Geoff, most likely without though since Geoff already appeared in Ridonculous Race, and I think that was our last time with him. If she does return, I hope to see her take on a role similar to how Geoff performed in Ridonculous, by still acnowledging her relationship with Geoff, but keeping it out of the way for the sake of the competition, which will hopefully allow her character to develop further as the season progresses. I could even see her making it to the finale if her character is handled the right way.

 Cody is definately an enjoyable character to watch in the competition. His personality and humor is definately entertaining, especially when he is placed in funny situations and scenario's. Because of his overall likeability, I could definately see him returning in the next season of TD. The great thing about Cody is that, unlike Sierra, he could compete in a season without feeling like he is tied down due to the relationship that he has with another character, which has become an issue with a few characters over the seasons. Cody definately received allot of character development in WT, but I still feel like there is still room for further development and continued involvent in the season. However, I feel like this can only come well into play if Sierra is absent from the season, or for the majority of it, as the two have already been seen together enough onscreen, and we know what will happen if Cody is eliminated before Sierra ("cough, AllStars, cough"). Maybe the two even broke up over the break between seaons, which I could totally see happening, which I think would give Cody the best opportunity for his character to develop in a season, but I digress. Overall, Cody is a character that I could see returning as long as Sierra is absent, or eliminated quickly, but I could also see him not be included all together. However, if he does appear, I doubt he would make it far into the season, as we already got a fair amount of Cody in WT.

More coming soon! :)

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