Hi everyone. I've been recently creating my own version of Total Drama All-stars, mainly an elimination table, which includes a few different contestants compared to the real one. However, the three members of the love triangle, Courtney, Duncan and Gwen, remain in the competition. I want to know what you guys think could have been the best outcome for the love triangle. Some possible results could have been:

1. Gwen breaks up with Duncan, and the feud between her and courtney remains/ ceases and evolves into a friendship.

2. Duncan is eliminated quickly, allowing Gwen and Courtney's friendship to deteriorate more/ evolve into a friendship.

3. Gwen remains with Duncan, and Courtney continues her grudge against the two/ starts to forget about it.

4. Duncan somehow ends back together with Courtney

Feel free to list your own suggestion in the comment section below.

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