Ok, this is just a blog to discuss my theory about the returning pair.

At first, I wasn't actually sure someone would return, and after that many episodes, my hopes for a returning pair went down. It was recently discovered that the "blonde duo" we were going to have are Dwayne and Junior, and I never considered the first one blonde, sso when Don reffered to Jacques and Josee "The King and Queen of the Ridonculous Comebacks!" I thought that aybe they fooled us with that sentence instead of a return. But then...

Little Bull on the Prairie 
Vegans Eliminated

Before this episode aired, I was completelly sure that the returning pair (if there was one) were going to be Laurie and Miles. It makes sense, and if you check the eliminations, you'll see they lave being the only ones with no happy ending... LARPers talk about having amazing memories, Tennis Rivals and Geniuses laugh about it, Fashion Bloggers talk about how strong is their friendship, Kelly finally follows an advice against her rotten daughter, the Adversity Twins are glad they beat so many expectations, the Rockers and Stepbros go to play and the Father and Son leave happy, having bonded, to watch TDPI. Vegans instead left complaining... maybe it's a sign.... I just don't know. And about the mention in next episode (which was really cruel) maybe also means something...

But now, my idea of the return is a bit diferent... 

Dwayne and Junior. I know some people hated this team for Dwayne's comments, and that he told Kelly what she was doing wrong also didn't helped (while I thought it made sense). Now they have bonded and left happily to go to their home, but there are three facts that make me think they could possibly return.

1. It was mentioned that Junior was going to have more than one crush, and we only saw the one on Carrie. That could maybe not mean anything at all, and he falls for Kitty or Taylor in an aftermath RR version, or whatever...

2. Don was happy to tell them something, and he was interruted. Thanks to cabbage pult 74, I relised it maybe meant that another team was penalized. Did Noah eat any beans at the end? And Geoff did? Maybe one of them got penalised because the All in became a Botch or Watch, and in that way, they would have completelly stood, unless he forgot what he was saying. Credit to cabbage for this idea.

3. And last, it is the one that made me think... In the interview that were given, there was none of Dwayne and Junior, but of the Pros and Bros instead, which made evryone think they spoiled us the final 7, and I agree on that. I saw all the other teams they announced have been eliminated, so due to the absence of the Father and Son, I have a thought that they didn't had one, ebcause they return and make it farther.

So, maybe this is a total nonsense. Tell me your thoughts :)

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