Hi guys! It's Happy here. I was bored and I decided to do this blog, to make it a little different, not like a TDRR suggestion/spoiler one, not a TDAS' basher or not a Cast Prediction, so what could I make? This blog came to my mind, to talk about something else.

Tdi mysteries issue 1

Ah, TDI. Such a great season, and great start for this series too. But TDI has numerous issues, seen from backstage. This blog is just to focus on the weird eliminations that this season had. Yeah, I know that some of you may say that "it was the first season, the start, so it can be possible that there were weird eliminations" and yeah, you are right, but I want to know which are your suspects about who voted for who. This is trully just a discussion blog. So let's start:

Not So C.I.T.s Out - Part

Yeah, that elimination. I bet you all see Freakiel and Courtney on the bottom two, with that huge dramatic music and Chris with the first last marshmallow ever. But was it really destinated to Courtney? I don't think so, but I totally get that the show needed her in. Let's see the facts of the bottom two: 
Ezekiel Eliminated

We all saw that comming.

Ezekiel: He did a comment insulting the females, in general. Possible votes: Courtney, Sadie, Katie, Bridgette and Eva.

Courtney: She skipped the challenge due to a "medical condition"*cough, cough, Heroes vs. Villains , cough, cough*, bossed everyone around and was annoying to everyone. Possible votes: Ezekiel, Duncan (he still didn't showed any attraction sign on her, for now), Dj, Geoff, Harold and Tyler.

So, what do you think? Who voted for who?

Not Quite Fair

Well, I find that elimination one of the most rigged ever. Too much rigged. Here's why:

The Gophers were ten, and the votes are like:

Well, it's a tie, but you are useless, so you are out.

Justin: He maybe performed bad his talent, but however, Heather targeted him. Possible votes: Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Owen and Izzy. At least it's what Heather told.

Heather: She was EVIL. Possible votes: Justin (he maybe thought she was mean, after her diary performance), Gwen, Trent, Leshawna (all of them hate her) and Cody (he loves Gwen, so he probably voted Heather). 

So it's a tie! 5-5 But he was eliminated... What do you think that happened here?

Not So C.I.Ts Out - Part 2 (terror episode)

Another super ultra rigged one, just to leave Courtney saved, but to kick a Killer Bass. So, what is it about?

Possible Victims:

Bridgette: She was too scared to stay at the forest. Possible votes: I personally don't know, but she was at the bottom three.

Tyler: He was scared of chickens, are we supposed to laugh or something at the extremme cruelty of his departure? Possible votes: Duncan (he likes Courtney too much to vote for her), Geoff, Dj (they are Duncan's gang) and Courtney.

Courtney, do you realize that the writers save your butt to much times?

Courtney: Not only she didn't beat her fear, but she was rude and mean to her teammates, and lost the chance to win the challenge. Possible votes: Harold, Tyler, Bridgette, Sadie.

Hmmm. Mysterious enough. What are your predictions?

Bunny, R.I.P (a minute of silence, please)

Horrible episode, since a poor little creature was massacrated in it. It was NOT funny. NOT FUNNY. A poor rabbit that could have lived, died because of a partying empty headed guy. Ok, let's focus on the elimination...

I bet you all remember that quote.

Sadie: Eh, just one challenge that she performed bad. Not a big reason to be eliminated... Possible votes: Courtney (uh, what an offense, she threw apples at me!) and Duncan's gang.

Dj: He took of his blind thing. Sorry to unknow how is it called... Possible votes: Harold, Bridgette, Sadie.

Courtney: She stills mean as hell and as a devil. Possible votes: Bridgette, Dj (maybe), Harold, Sadie.

Geoff: He murdered BUNNY! that caused Dj to make them lose. Possible votes: Harold, Sadie, Dj.

Duncan: Why not? He was the one who ordered Dj to take his blind thing! Possible votes: Bridgette, Sadie, Harold.

And Harold, who just did a challenge and did it well, was at the bottom two instead... Wrong.

So, what do you think?

Hide and Bridge Elim


Yes guys, we all know that this elimination stinked.

We arrived to TD's most shocking elimination. However, we all knew that she was going to be eliminated there, but the mystery of who voted for who will always be in the minds of multiple generations of users here. The guys made an alliance, and they targetted Bridgette, only god knows why, but Geoff didn't wanted it, Heather and Lindsay gained Izzy, and wanted to eliminate Owen, but Izzy didn't wanted it, and the trio of Gwen, Leshawna and Bridgette wanted to vote for Duncan. Let's see:

Duncan: He is a threat, and a horrible person. Possible votes: Leshawna, Gwen and Bridgette.

Owen: The girls find him gross. Possible votes: Heather, Lindsay and maybe Izzy, but it's unclear.

Bridgette: Being a threat, but I don't think so, having Gwen, Leshawna and Heather in. Possible votes: Duncan, Owen and Dj for sure, maybe Geoff, unclear too.

And there could also be the possibility that Izzy and Geoff voted for another contestant, suspects on Gwen, Dj, Geoff, Izzy, Lindsay. So, does anyone think that he/she solved this mind-breaking elim?

Hook, Line and Dj

Duncan looks at dj during movie

"I'm going to be eliminated on this way?! Lalalalala, I can't hear you..."

Wow,we have arrived to this episode! I know that it is a really loved one, but have you ever understood the elimination? Not me. Retransmission: 

Chris: "The winner of the challenge it's officially Gwen, because she defeated the real psycho bla-bla-bla..." Since here, it's ok, but.... "and the loser is Dj, because he was afraid of bla-bla-bla" Everyone was afraid of the psycho! Not just him. Then, maybe it is that he was eliminated because he was eliminated wthout being scared by the psycho, but Heather. But that's not a reason to eliminate someone! It's like: "Duncan, you are eliminated because your hair is Green". How was that fair? No votes, no sudden-death elim. Nothing. Just eliminated for a dumb reason. I get that the dare was to eliminate him without votes, on a friendly way, but it could had been better than this.

So, how did you find it?

Wawanakwa gone Insane!

Let's go back to three episodes before: File:Izzy being voted off again.jpg

Heather: "... At least I'm safe"

Gwen: "For now! We will vote you off when we have a chance".

The chance is here, but she isn't even at the bottom two. Hello? Are you all dumb? Heather isn't inmune! That mean girl who has eliminated lots of you friends hasn't got invincibility! She is there! You can vote for her! Nah, now that we can, let's eliminate Gwen or Izzy. -_- D-U-M-B

Gwen: She won the challenge, so maybe she is a threat. Possible votes: I seriouslly don't get it.

Izzy: She shot Heather in the butt. Possible votes: Heather, Duncan (because they were in an alliance).

Logic not found. Izzy takes the bad girl down and her reward is getting eliminated? Wow, how grateful you are, guys!

This one is really weird, so what do you think that happened?

Trouble with the Three Pairs


What? Just what?!

Same as in last episode, Heather wasn't safe. You could have voted her. But why does Geoff leave? Aren't they supposed to be all friends but Heather? Let's see:

Gwen: She is pessimist. Possible votes: I don't know again, because she is now friends with Geoff.

Geoff: He is nice. Possible votes: Heather, Duncan.

So, as WGW, this is totally clueless elimination. What's you point of view?



So my elimination was fair?

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