Hi everyone in this Christmas time! I'm The Not So Happy User, you can call me just Happy or "The guy with that gallery on his profile" and this is my first blog here! I was afraid of doing it, in fact, I'm afraid of doing anything here that I never did before, because I fear that it will cost me a ban.

Whatever, this blog is just to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and to say thanks to some users that helped me here, because I'm not very good with words and by the messages that I send, I don't know if they will get it. Just a warning before you start reading: If you find this too Zoey (too Cheesy) or too Topher (too g*y), you can go to Sugar's page and throw up there, it was done for that:

1st thanks: That one obiusly goes to our rollbacks! All of them in genereal, because they do an amazing work here, and basically they make this wiki speciall and as wonderfull as it is :)

Ok, now let's start with the special thanks:

2nd thanks: This one goes to Stryzzar (labeled The Son of the Wiki) because he was the first here who I talked with, and he helped me a lot. He is funny and one of the best editors here: Just look at the recent edits wall and you will always (ok, maybe not that much) find his name there. And he is not one of those jerks who do a lot of edits, but don't care about the other users; just look at his friend list, and you will find what he deserves for being that awesome as he is. I hope you spend a great Christmas and that if a zombie apocalypse happens, you survive and kick a lot of undead butts.

3rd thanks: This other one is to Rose, because she helped me a lot too, and gave me my signature. I had fun captioning pics on her or my wall, in the messages, and she gave me tips to my fanfic season, so i'm really thankfull with her. She is epic, everyone who writes on his/her page "my stupid opinions" is, and funny to the death. I hope you enjoy this winter time and you keep your awesomeness with you forever.

4th thanks: Hi, Mughees! This one is for you. Maybe you will find it really Topher, but I loved those giant messages you sent me, and when we discussed our opinions. I've got to say that I really miss waking up at morning and read what you sent, but like all the good things in the life, it went away. I'm sorry I didn't question you for tips with the fanfic, but I thought you were mad at me or something. Anyways, you are really great, and I hope you spend a good Christmas time too :)

5th thanks: TD23120, this is for you. I yesterday watched that I'm still forever alone in your friend list, and this is sad, because you are a great person, at least to me. It is funny to talk you and you were kind to me in the messages. The Trent and Gwen song isn't finished yet, but i will do it soon, so take it as a Christmas present!

6th thanks: ManiacBird, have a great Christmas! I proud to be your friend, (even if you are a Sugar fan) and you made me earn some smiles, so I'm gratefull to you too :P 

7th thanks: DipDap, because the party won't stop until you walk in! Or was it start? XD I feel like you are my friend, so you have a place here too, with you funny lines, your TD youtuber's hatred and your "totally opposed to mines" ranks! I got this idea for your Birthday blog (that I hope you spent Ok) and it's just left for me to say you Merry Christmas.

Haven't you throwed up, yet? Ok, because here I come with more: This ones are my fellow fanfic writers, so maybe you will not get what I say, but they are users here too, so let's start:

8th thanks: KF, and you were already expecting it! How could I forget to add you on this blog? You are great, awesome, funny and infinite other adjectives that describe how great you are. You are the best fanfic writer I ever met (I haven't met much of them, so maybe you can move to another rank :P) and you have made me laugh so much. You are a great thinker too, and I will never stop calling you my Italian Total Drama hilosopher Friend! I really hope you have a great Christmas and I want to read your finally!

9th thanks: Cabbage, and you knew it too! You are awesome, the only problem is that you don't know it or that you don't believe it. You are doing a great work on the TDEF wiki and I'm proud to be able to be considered your friend. Also, you are very funny at the chat roleplays, and your Sugar bash makes me like you even more! THUMBS UP FOR THIS WORLD'S SUGAR HATERS!

10th thanks: Berry, U insane psycho! You are funny till the death, and even if you write really weird things,and your brought a paintbrush to the cometition, I like to be the writer after you, because you will always surprise me! (sometimes I wish you surprise me less). You are great at the roleplays too, and I'm still thankfull to had find you that day on the chat! Without it, this amazing fanfic won't exist, and I would have never been a writer in an alternative way... So thanks, and have a magnific Christmas!

11th thanks: Tyler, I'm watching you. This one is for you, because you are an amazing person, and even when I feel disappointed by one of your episodes, you are there, and that is the best gift. (DON'T.KICK.DAVE.JUST.DON'T.DO.IT)You don't need to get depressed, *Ella sings* "Cause You've got a friend in me! I hope you have a merry Christmas and you spend a really good new year!

12th thanks: You're not a writer but you have been there, always wanting to write, since the very first start, so you deserve this like they four, Aqualad. I'm trying to let this guys get you in for the next season, and I think I will succeed. Hope that this new year goes really well to you!

Ok, this has been all of my fellow writer's thanks. If you don't know which resent to give me, I will be happy with a Dave vs. Dawn finally :P

Ok, before my last half thank-half wish, I want to apologize to some users here: First, Moneyballer, because I called your blog a "user clone blog". I was angered that day, and you payed it without reason, I'm really sorry :( Another goes to PhoenixDragonSamurai, because I feel like he hates me and all of what I do here. If I ever did or sayed somethignthat annoyed you, please, forgive me. And another to Gertrude and all the Sugar fans, If I ever said anything that really annoyed you.

And now, my last wish-thanks: This one goes to all of you! All the users of the wiki, but the trolls, because you all contribute into making this place better, from tall to small, from old to young, from editing beasts to just chatters or blog commenters. I WISH YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;)

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