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  • The not so happy user

    Ok, this is just a blog to discuss my theory about the returning pair.

    At first, I wasn't actually sure someone would return, and after that many episodes, my hopes for a returning pair went down. It was recently discovered that the "blonde duo" we were going to have are Dwayne and Junior, and I never considered the first one blonde, sso when Don reffered to Jacques and Josee "The King and Queen of the Ridonculous Comebacks!" I thought that aybe they fooled us with that sentence instead of a return. But then...

    Little Bull on the Prairie 

    Before this episode aired, I was completelly sure that the returning pair (if there was one) were going to be Laurie and Miles. It makes sense, and if you check the eliminations, you'll see they lave being t…

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  • The not so happy user

    Hi guys! It's Happy here. I was bored and I decided to do this blog, to make it a little different, not like a TDRR suggestion/spoiler one, not a TDAS' basher or not a Cast Prediction, so what could I make? This blog came to my mind, to talk about something else.

    Ah, TDI. Such a great season, and great start for this series too. But TDI has numerous issues, seen from backstage. This blog is just to focus on the weird eliminations that this season had. Yeah, I know that some of you may say that "it was the first season, the start, so it can be possible that there were weird eliminations" and yeah, you are right, but I want to know which are your suspects about who voted for who. This is trully just a discussion blog. So let's start:

    Yeah, tha…

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  • The not so happy user

    Hi everyone in this Christmas time! I'm The Not So Happy User, you can call me just Happy or "The guy with that gallery on his profile" and this is my first blog here! I was afraid of doing it, in fact, I'm afraid of doing anything here that I never did before, because I fear that it will cost me a ban.

    Whatever, this blog is just to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and to say thanks to some users that helped me here, because I'm not very good with words and by the messages that I send, I don't know if they will get it. Just a warning before you start reading: If you find this too Zoey (too Cheesy) or too Topher (too g*y), you can go to Sugar's page and throw up there, it was done for that:

    1st thanks: That one obiusly goes to our rollbacks!…

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