[Chris was shown on The Dock of Shame]

Chris: Welcome to the new season of Total Drama! This season will be pretty much exactly like the first season where the contestants will compete and show off their survival skills. The contestants of the season will be the same contestants of the first season in additon to someone else. They are Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Sadie, Courtney, Harold, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy, Geoff, Leshawna, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, and Owen in addition to TDWT's Alejandro. Now get ready for another action-packed season and don't miss anything here on Total Drama Reloaded!

[Intro plays. It is very similar to the Total Drama Island intro. The intro reached its end and finished playing. The scene cuts to Chris and the campers next to the cabins.]

Chris: Welcome to the reliving of season 1-

Duncan: I didn't agree to this.

Chris: Dude, chill, this was on your contract. Anyway, like season 1, you will be divided into cabins. The Screaming Gophers and The Killer Bass will be brought back with different or same members. Oh, there's also a volcano on the island and the bathrooms are now joint.

Geoff: But dude, we're like, an odd number...

Chris: Exactly. This means one member will be thrown out before you get divided.

Justin: And how are you gonna torture us into doing that?

Alejandro: Why don't you listen and find out, pretty boy?

Justin: Well at least I'm not a show-off.

[Everyone stares at Justin.]

Justin: Okay, I may have exxagerated but still-

Chris: Okay -_- What you're going to do is make me a meal.

Eva: We already did that on season 1.

Chris: I don't care, I'm hungry. Anyway, it's gonna a sandwich made individually.

Ezekiel: Eh, Chris, you forgot something, eh?

Chris: Oh yeah, Zeke's condition is cured. He's now a human again, at least biologically.

[Scenes of everyone making sandwiches in the kitchen popped up. Everyone was focused. A scene of Izzy popped up.]

Izzy: Secret recipe for sandwich made by Explosivo BOOM BOOM!

[Izzy put a dozen peppers in the sandwich. The scene shifts to Alejandro]

Alejandro: To make a good sandwich, I must put a gentle secret weapon.

[Alejandro massages the sandwich]

Alejando: A relaxed sandwich is a good sandwich.

[The scene shifts to Owen.]

Owen: Gee, I hope this works.

[Owen farted in the sandwich. The scene shifted to later, at the campfire, where all the campers were sitting]

Chris: Gotta say, the sandwiches were good, except for some of you. I don't have marshamallows today, but I gotta say, the last three are Owen, Alejandro, and Izzy. [Everyone looked at surprised because Owen didn't make it] Yeah, that's right, Owen didn't make a good sandwich. Why was that, dude?

Owen: I guess the recipe didn't match your taste bud.

Chris: What was the recipe? It was just tomatoes and turkey.

Owen: I added some fart.

[Chris vomits.]

Chris: Not cool, dude, not cool. But yours wasn't the worse, you're safe. That leaves us with super spicy Izzy and rotten Al.

Alejandro: DON'T CALL ME THAT.

Chris: Whatever, dude. The person who is walking the dock of shame is... [Everyone stares] Al.


Duncan: Apparently you, wimp.

Heather: See you later, Al.

Alejandro: Goodbye, Heather and jerks.

[Alejandro walks and leaves. Chris turns to the rest of team]

Chris: Meet me outside the cabins.

[The campers were outside the cabins]

Chris: Tyler, you're a Killer Bass, and Noah, you're a Screaming Gopher: Pick your teams wisely.

Leshawna: Why do those sassy know-it-all fake wimps do it?

Chris: Because I said so.

Tyler: My choice is obvious, I choose Lindsay.

Noah: Whatever, I choose Owen.

Tyler: DJ and Cody.

Noah: Katie and Sadie.

Tyler: Trent.

Noah: Geoff.

Tyler: Gwen.

Noah: Bridgette.

Tyler: Leshawna.

Noah: Duncan.

Tyler: Harold.

Noah: Justin.

Tyler: Beth and Heather.

Noah: Courtney and Eva.

Chris: And that means the Bass are stuck with Ezekiel! Stay tuned next time for our first challenge and for some drama, total drama that is, right here on Total Drama Reloaded!

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