My fellow TD fans I blog to you to clear up and help a character that was greatly damaged in reputation. I am talking about Dwayne from RR. As DipDap has already stated the comment Dwayne said in episode 2 was very offensive and I agree. However that one comment is not enough to have us make a decision on what type of person Dwayne is. Now obviously I respect people and how they live their lives and hold no predjudice against those people.

First off let's look at the positive traits of Dwayne. For one thing he is a friendly person to other competitors like when he apologized to the Ice Dancers for hitting them with a trash can. He also cares greatly for his son Junior being the father he is. He is also shown to do what he can to help his son like in Morocco when he swallowed the spicy soup in one gulp.

Now wheter or not Dwayne has sexist views I do not know. I'm not going to continually pester every member of this community to like him. I'm just asking that you not think of one thing that he said out of context. I ask that you judge him based on his character and how he acts in the show. Personally I just think of him as a great Father that tries to connect with his son. Definitley not some heted sexist man. Thank you for reading and please leave a comment.


"Think of the whole pie not just one slice"

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