Considering how my blogs have been latly I've decided to change things. Instead of a breif explanation of how people think about them I will tell you Their history on the show and how people felt about them. By the time of this Blogs release The Vegans and The Bloggers have already been eliminated.

Laurie and Miles -The Vegans

Since the Beginning of the show Laurie and Miles have captured the hearts of many Wiki members with their caring nature and love for animals. Overall the two had done a great job of development and have caused much sadness amongst the community when they got eliminated, and even more when we found out they have crashed on an island of cannibals. Basically Laurie and Miles have left apositive impact on the fans. However before the season premiered many fans complained that Laurie was racist for her dreadlocks and her rasta hat. But other than that they did good. Some funny moments were definitly her angry out burst at Dwayne and her beating up Don.

However their racing is a more complicated story. Overall... they were bad. In almost every episode they almost placed last place. The closest they got was in the mediterranian episode. But I will tell you that they were really dedicated to stay in the race. Even much so that they broke their code of veganism and ate meat to stay. Though bad they are at keeping in first place they are dedicated and carfree.

                                           "The Goddess of Karma will GET YOU FOR THIS''"-Laurie

Rating: 8.5/10

Tom and Jen -Fashion Bloggers
Tom and Jen 1

The Fashion Bloggers have been fan favorites since episode 1. With Tom's fashionista personality and Jen's over excitement the two are comedy gold. Many fans have loved them for they're humor and way of playing the game. However we all knew that they were fodder aas said by some users in the chat and we were all devestated to see their elimination in Transylvania. But hey at least they made the fez popular.

Race-wise the two were actually OK. They always managed to place ahead of other teams. Even in Paris when they got on a shopping spree. They were always in the middle. Even when they cared about their clothes they were always able to place ahead. However thanks to Carrie mentioning who started the blog they sabatoged themselves and ultiatly lost. However they at least made up. Why did they have to go. Why not the daters.

"Can you believe people actually pay for this?" Tom

Rating: 10/10

Well everybod that was definitly an improvement. Leave a comment on how you feel or tell me how I did. Until next time. See you and hope your fav team wins.

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